Australia Australian berry and citrus farms most at risk of having slave-like working conditions, Woolworths modern slavery report finds

21:45  25 november  2020
21:45  25 november  2020 Source:   abc.net.au

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While modern slavery clearly occurs within Australia , the realities of global trade and business make it inevitable that Australia , like many other countries globally, will also be exposed to the risk of modern slavery through the products it imports. Policy-makers, businesses, and consumers must become

6 Countries Where Slavery Still Exists. Thought slavery had ended? Not for everyone. But it isn’t, as much as we would like it to be. Slavery is still a grim reality, one that millions of Female immigrants who are in the country illegally and reach out to others for help are especially at risk of being secretly

a hand holding a fruit: Grape producers have been identified as having a high risk of illegal labour. (Caddie Brain) © Provided by ABC NEWS Grape producers have been identified as having a high risk of illegal labour. (Caddie Brain)

Woolworths has identified 332 Australian fruit and vegetable suppliers within its supply chain where workers are at risk of slave-like conditions, as part of its first-ever review under new modern slavery laws.

And Coles has conceded farms that harvest produce then send it to a packhouse not covered by its ethical sourcing program.

The Modern Slavery Act was introduced in 2018 to require companies to review their supply chains and check if workers face human trafficking, servitude, forced labour, deceptive recruiting or other poor conditions.

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Australian police have confirmed that a mango was sold with a small needle in it, prompting fresh fears over the country's fruit crisis. Woolworths has also suspended sales of needles online, though they were still available on the website of Coles, its major competitor.

According to slavery expert Siddharth Kara, modern slave traders now earn up to 30 times more than their 18th and 19th century counterparts would An increase in violent conflict worldwide over the past 30 years has also inflated the number of people at risk of slavery , according to the United Nations

The companies' first statements under the law have been released ahead of the December 31 deadline.

Joanna Howe, Associate Professor in Law at the University of Adelaide, said the first reports were a "highly significant moment" for migrant workers but more needed to be done.

"In order for this not to be merely window dressing, the statements that they make need to be capable of investigation," Dr Howe said.

"Self-reporting is public relations for these large companies unless there is accountability on the claims that they make in their statements."

Woolworths has reviewed its direct suppliers and the suppliers that supply to them, known as indirect suppliers.

It found stone fruit and berry farms were more likely to rely on labour-hire firms, which have been linked to labour transgressions in the past.

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Slavery itself was never widespread in the North, though many of the region’s businessmen grew rich on the slave trade and investments in southern plantations. Most lived on large plantations or small farms ; many masters owned fewer than 50 enslaved people.

Most previously estimated slave counts have thus tended to be in the thousands, or at most in the tens of thousands. Davis said another reason that Mediterranean slavery has been ignored or minimized has been that there have not been good estimates of the total number of people enslaved.

Berries and citrus had the most sites classed "at risk" of slavery, though grapes had a large number relative to the number of suppliers.

The 332 "at-risk" sites include some that have not completed their risk profile or still have not met Woolworths' requirements.

Woolworths pledges to do 'the right thing'

A spokesperson for Woolworths said "we're committed to identifying and resolving modern slavery risks in our supply chains and will always do the right thing in the interest of workers when potential issues are identified".

They noted Woolworths provides a confidential reporting service in eight languages and sets "clear expectations" for suppliers through its responsible-sourcing policy.

A Coles spokesperson said the company "opposes slavery and worker exploitation in all forms" and understood suppliers often required significant numbers of temporary workers during the harvest period.

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"We require suppliers to ensure that labour-hire providers meet all legal and ethical obligations, including being licensed where this is a requirement."

The Coles modern slavery statement noted some farms at the start of the supply chain were not covered by their ethical sourcing program. The company's spokesperson pledged Coles would "expand and improve" it.

Australian Workers Union national secretary Dan Walton said the fruit and vegetable sector was the "petri dish" for worker exploitation in Australia but said big companies were slowly realising their reputations were at stake.

"We're starting to see some nice and fluffy words coming out of corporate Australia, but actions speak louder than words," he said.

He praised Coles for participating in a program with the union that is holding events to enable workers to share stories and identify dodgy farms. But he added Woolworths "has still got the blinkers on".

The Woolworths spokesperson said transparency was the "core" of its approach and "we know there is more to do, and remain focused on working closely with our suppliers, regulators, industry bodies and unions to drive further improvement in this space".

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Long-running horticulture problems

Dr Howe said there had been many major investigations in 2020 into unpaid wages, sexual harassment and other labour issues.

"These statements are a step in the right direction, but we need investigation, monitoring, scrutiny and enforcement to drive cultural change."

A 2018 report from the Fair Work Ombudsman found over half of 638 horticulture businesses investigated breached workplace laws.

The inquiry that led to the report interviewed people working at supermarkets.

One interviewee claimed consumers found price to be more important than ethical sourcing when choosing what to buy.

"Ethical sourcing isn't consumer-driven, it's more about the brand's fear of being exposed for buying from sub-standard farms."

The pandemic has led to a shortfall of farm workers due to border closures.

The National Agricultural Workforce Strategy, which aims to ensure farmers have access to a fit-for-purpose workforce, is due to be released shortly.

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