Australia Schools freed from COVID clamps, but easing hits wrong note for some

06:15  26 november  2020
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  NSW Budget 2020 Winners and Losers NSW Government revenues have been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic — but investment continues with a budget centred around job security, creation and growth.The NSW Government has used the 2020 budget to splash cash in a bid to stimulate the state's coronavirus-hit economy. Here are some of the winners and losers.

4. Any Covid -19 codes that are wrong should not be fixed in any circumstances. For example, a few days ago, a new story hit the headlines in the UK, warning of hundreds of thousands of deaths What is now happening is extremely disturbing. Covid -19 has certainly been a serious disease, but the flu

The COVID -19 pandemic has affected educational systems worldwide, leading to the near-total closures of schools , universities and colleges.

Schools have been unshackled from most remaining coronavirus restrictions, clearing the way for a long list of previously banned activities including parental visits, inter-school sports and large indoor graduation ceremonies with families attending.

a man and a woman walking down a street: COVID-19. Corona Virus. Students at St Brendan's Primary School in Flemington return to school. Photo by Jason South. 12th October 2020 © Jason South COVID-19. Corona Virus. Students at St Brendan's Primary School in Flemington return to school. Photo by Jason South. 12th October 2020

Even children with mild symptoms will be allowed to attend school under the new rules, provided they have had a negative COVID test.

But strict restrictions on music lessons have been kept in place, frustrating teachers who say the restrictions make music classes all but impossible.

Why restaurants are open and schools are closed

  Why restaurants are open and schools are closed Money.

Maintaining safe school operations or reopening schools after a closure requires many considerations but, if done well, can promote public health. COVID -19 is a new virus and we are still learning about how it affects children. We know it is possible for people of any age to be infected with the virus, but

But COVID -19 poses its greatest threat to the elderly and those with pre-existing health conditions. If we accept higher transmission rates of COVID -19, the more vulnerable, let's say, a teacher with severe asthma, may not be able to enjoy the same freedoms as others

The union for state school principals also warned that lifting the restrictions so late in the school year, when plans have been locked in place, could cause chaos and anxiety.

The Department of Education released new guidelines on Wednesday night informing schools they had reached "the last step" on the road map to reopening.

"The shift back to standard delivery for so many school operations is a significant outcome that highlights how far Victoria has come on the path towards COVID Normal," deputy secretary David Howes wrote.

Students in Melbourne missed months of face-to-face learning this year, as Melbourne went into lockdown to curb the spread of coronavirus, and have missed out on many milestones such as graduation ceremonies and camps.

Are New York's Private Schools Open? Closures Rule Explained As COVID Cases Rise

  Are New York's Private Schools Open? Closures Rule Explained As COVID Cases Rise All public schools in New York City will cease in-person teaching for at least two weeks—but the restrictions don't apply to charter, private or religious schools.Public schools are closing because the figure for positive tests in the city has hit 3 percent using a seven-day rolling average. School buildings must close and students must transition to full-time remote learning for a minimum of two weeks.

I put Covid -19 on a couple of certificates, and not on a couple of others. Based on how the person seemed to die. It matters greatly for two main reasons. First, if we vastly overestimate deaths from Covid -19, we will greatly underestimate the harm caused by the lockdown.

COVID -19. Explore the latest strategic trends, research and analysis. Some school districts are forming unique partnerships, like the one between The Los Angeles Unified School District and PBS SoCal/KCET to offer local educational broadcasts, with separate channels focused on different ages

The relaxation of restrictions means young children in grades prep to 2 with persistent mild symptoms, who have tested negative to COVID-19, can return to school even if not entirely free of symptoms such as a cough or runny nose.

Similar easing of restrictions on attendance have been applied to all students who suffer underlying conditions such as asthma and hay fever, although parents are encouraged to get a medical certificate for their child.

Face masks are no longer mandatory for students when outdoors, except where social distancing is impossible, but must be worn indoors.

"This means that secondary school students aged 12 years and over and school staff should wear a face mask while indoors at schools and while travelling on public transport," the guidelines state.

Elsewhere, parents are once more free to enter school grounds for drop-off and pick-up, and to attend graduation ceremonies of up to 150 indoors or 300 outdoors.

UK rules to be eased over Christmas - but England's tier system will be strengthened after lockdown

  UK rules to be eased over Christmas - but England's tier system will be strengthened after lockdown Boris Johnson is poised to announce up to a week of freedom from COVID-19 restrictions at Christmas - but tough rules will remain in force in England after the national lockdown ends on 2 December. The aim - subject to agreement from the governments of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland - is for a UK-wide relaxation of rules, reportedly from 22 to 28 December, so that several families can join in one "bubble".It is also likely that, under the "four nations" plan, families will be allowed to attend Christmas church services and that pubs and restaurants may be able to open for a limited period over the holiday period.

The declaration was co -written by Professor Sunetra Gupta of the University of Oxford, whose level-minded and wise counsel on Covid I have been plugging for months. The other two authors are American: the illustrious Dr Jay Bhattacharya of Stanford and Dr Martin Kulldorff of Harvard.

If COVID -19 is spreading in your community, stay safe by taking some simple precautions, such as physical distancing, wearing a mask, keeping rooms well ventilated, avoiding crowds, cleaning your hands, and coughing into a bent elbow or tissue. Check local advice where you live and work.

Public events such as fetes, indoor inter-school sports, contact sports, inter-school events such as debating, and classes such as languages where students from multiple schools come together, are free to resume.

Restrictions on kindergarten-to-school and year 6-to-year 7 transition activities have been eased, with group sizes increased to 20 indoors and 50 outdoors.

Australian Principals' Federation president Julie Podbury said many principals were distressed at the thought of meeting the new guidelines and predicted that, with just a few weeks of the school year left, many would ignore them.

"This is a set of guidelines for what you can do; it's not a set of instructions for what you must do," Ms Podbury said.

"It looks as though many schools are going to hold with the arrangements they already had in place."

Many schools have already committed to graduation ceremonies that involve streaming the event to families, as was required under the old guidelines.

The updated guidelines come as the state records 27 days in a row without a positive COVID case, putting it just one day shy of having eliminated community transmission.

But curbs remain on the use of woodwind and brass instruments, and on singing.

"Use of woodwind instruments and singing and voice projection does entail risk of potential spread of aerosols and droplets," the guidelines state.

"As such only individual tuition and small ensemble groups (five or fewer participants indoors; no limits outdoors) can be conducted, with physical distancing and other hygiene measures where possible."

James Le Fevre, a VCE music teacher at a government school in Melbourne, said he was planning to hold a choir lesson outside on Friday, but cancelled when he saw the 33-degree forecast.

"It's unworkable," Mr Le Fevre said. He questioned why schools were subject to restrictions on indoor singing while karaoke venues can host up to 120 people now.

An alliance of music teachers is pushing for a full return of music education in Victoria.

Formals are also still off-limits.

The pandemic is changing college. Let’s reconsider GPAs while we’re at it. .
American higher education, with its focus on grades and metrics, often trains students for a lifetime of capitalist service — whether they want it or not.“In HS I studied 24/7, never did anything fun, was in a million clubs, and took all APs,” she captions the beginning of her video. The camera transitions to a friend flipping off the camera. “This mf had beef w every teacher and dropped his only club and had fun. We both ended up at the same college. Don’t be me. Go have fun.

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