Australia Time is money: How spatial technology is revolutionising planning, construction and development

14:17  26 november  2020
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Awards honour the best architecture, interiors and designs of 2020

  Awards honour the best architecture, interiors and designs of 2020 The Dezeen Awards 2020 identify 'the world's best architecture, interiors and design', as well as the studios, architects and designers producing 'the most outstanding work'.The prestigious Dezeen Awards 2020, run by architecture and design website Dezeen and now in its third year, took place in a series of online ceremonies this week.

For investigation regarding the impact of planning policy on spatial planning implementation, International Submission are expected from multidisciplinary viewpoints encompassing land-use patterns, housing development , transportation, green design, and agricultural and ecological systems.

Construction Reconstructed in All Its Phases. Technological advances are now revolutionizing almost all points in the life cycle of a built asset During the actual construction phase, drones survey and inspect the construction site. Three-dimensional printers prefabricate many of the building

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Every long-standing homeowner has had the experience of waiting for tradesmen to appear on time for a measure and quote.

Well, what if in the future, you could take a video with your phone and tradesmen could accurately design and cost a solution in 3D without stepping a foot onto your property?

To go with DJI’s recent LiDAR carrying drone, the latest iPhone 12 now includes a depth-scanning LiDAR sensor. This puts into everyday hands the ability to capture an accurate and measurable 3D model of what stands before you.

You may have seen Apple’s keynote, but imagine you could capture the rooms in your home as simply as capturing a video. In full 3D.

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Discover how the construction industry has forged a unique partnership with technological developments . In this video we’ll be showing some examples of the

PDF | Construction planning methods may or may not explicitly model space as a resource. Both are iterative design methods for planning and controlling construction work, both focus on creating a balanced production schedule with a predictable timing of work while also preventing spatial

Since the LiDAR-equipped iPads and iPhones have debuted, a handful of apps have emerged offering 3D scanning and augmented reality that can blend meshed-out maps of spaces with virtual objects — which can be useful for home design and renovation.

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Accurate 3D models from the palm of your hand.

Occipital’s Canvas app on the iPhone 12 Pro can scan an ordinary room in 3D so accurately that it can be converted to workable CAD models.

It is not just revolutionary for indoor home trades and renovation. The wider urban construction industry is estimated to waste more than $1 billion per year in travel time in Australia alone. This is before counting the costs of regional and remote area management, plus ancillary expenses on vehicles and fuel.

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New technology has provided new tools for effective spatial planning . Through the example of locating suitable sites for urban development in Ulaanbaatar, this paper illustrates how multicriteria decision analysis and geographical information systems can be used for more effective urban planning .

Today the technologies of both manufacturing and construction have changed, but not nearly to the same degree. These developments will capitalize on advances already apparent in other sectors. They will be global in origin and in scope, with applications driven by both continued technological

We are also beginning to see wider community benefits for government planning bodies and climate change, with the mapping of large-scale changes in natural resources, such as water bodies and native vegetation, and even handling remote infrastructure, such as road decay and other utilities.

Only recently, with widespread damage from the recent bushfires in Australia, LiDAR aerial imagery provided a pivotal leapfrog moment in government efforts to assess the scale of destruction and environmental impact remotely. It would otherwise have taken years to carry out physical assessments with huge margins of error and an inability to target help and resources for where it is needed most.

The concept of LiDAR has been around since the 1960s, in the era when it seemed that all futuristic tech came out of either the military or NASA space programs. It was pushed along as part of the Apollo 15 mission to map the surface of the moon.

Renovating your home is one way to keep busy during Covid-19

  Renovating your home is one way to keep busy during Covid-19 The government initially allocated $688million for the program, but has now decided to add an extra $212million.   © Provided by Daily Mail Renovators will have more time to access thousands of dollars in grants as the federal government has extended its HomeBuilder program by three months © Provided by Daily Mail Home builders will be able to access $900 million worth of grants to build a new home or renovate their existing one until March 31, 2021 The value of the grants will also be decreased from $25,000 to $15,000 from January 1.

We have observed that these themes arouse great interest in the architects, students, and architecture lovers who visit our site every day. Concrete, another traditional construction material that has been used in primitive forms since Roman times , remains highly appreciated by architects, whether natural

Planning - is one of the most complex and difficult types of brain activity specific to humans. The difficulty is that the administration - a practical activity, and how and what to do, to be determined when to act.

In short, the scanner works by firing out laser beams, which times how quickly they bounce off objects and return, which enables a 3D environment to be mapped.

With LiDAR now finding its way into everyday devices, and large swathes of aerial imagery already accessible from providers such as Nearmap and Metromap, the technology cost is coming down and on its way to commoditisation.

We are only at the tip of the innovation cycle.

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Aerial imagery and LiDAR is already heavily used by many within the planning, property development and construction industries, but we are only on the cusp of commoditisation of the space.

Real transformation of business practices today is picking up pace as other industries discover new use-cases.

I heard of one recently whereby aerial imagery and measurement was included in an events planning platform.

After speaking this year with many planning, construction, development and ACE technology professionals, I’ve learnt high definition imagery and measurement data have unearthed dozens of time-saving applications that can reduce countless site visits and otherwise un-economic efforts to measure, count or visit.

Building owner frustrated as ACT Government agrees to some industry changes, but rejects new watchdog

  Building owner frustrated as ACT Government agrees to some industry changes, but rejects new watchdog A Canberra man who says he has lost sleep for two years due to flaws in his apartment building is among those calling for the ACT Government to do more in reforming the territory's construction sector.Within months, the new life he had acquired for his young family had turned into a waking nightmare.

We can take a single piece of urban sprawl-affected land, and track it through the development to homeowner lifecycle over 10 years. From initial government planning policy through to home renovations, there are more than 25 time-saving use-cases, with more than 100 different applications.

“The quality and accuracy allows remote design which significantly reduces field surveying requirements during feasibility and concept design project phases,” said James Paull, the geospatial team leader at Jacobs.

It could be something as simple as landscapers quoting on design and construct, or property developers using AI overlays to identify appropriate blocks of land for acquisition.

Construction managers can plan from their desks to work out if a crane to be brought on-site has sufficient swing room. Developers may resolve disputes with sub-contractors by using the historical overlays to show when work began.

The AI has now improved to the point where automatic identification and measurement at scale is occurring: pools, solar panels, trees, road impacts. Even the novelty of general new construction areas to inform roaming food and coffee vans.

The technology has recently spread further downs the property lifecycle, with leading international real estate firm, JLL, launching a ‘3D Virtual Leasing Map’.

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This experience gives prospective office tenants a virtual alternative to an initial physical inspection, speeding up the time it takes to shortlist potential premises.

“Our Sydney leasing team has been using virtual inspection technology to cater for a growing online audience as part of the shortlisting process for occupiers. All it takes is booking in a video call with a prospective tenant, and you are able to follow a similar journey to the in-person experience, all within a 15-minute meeting,” said JLL’s head of Sydney CBD leasing Will Hamilton.

So whether it is home renovation or larger-scale space-scanning, spatial technology is rapidly changing the way we do business, the way we plan and manage our communities, our cities and our natural resources.

Well beyond the normal headlines of creating virtual twins for gaming purposes!

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