Australia Facebook blocks Indigenous health groups, regional media as COVID vaccine rollout nears

07:42  18 february  2021
07:42  18 february  2021 Source:   abc.net.au

Scientists, including Fauci, are facing off over whether to delay 2nd vaccine doses. Here's why the risk of more mutations from delaying shots may ultimately be worth it.

  Scientists, including Fauci, are facing off over whether to delay 2nd vaccine doses. Here's why the risk of more mutations from delaying shots may ultimately be worth it. Experts are split on whether to delay the second dose of COVID-19 vaccines to get more people immunized. Prioritising first doses means that more vulnerable people get some protection against coronavirus, which could save lives. The risk of more coronavirus mutations could be the price we have to pay. Visit the Business section of Insider for more stories. Experts are split on whether governments should delay the second doses of coronavirus vaccines to ensure more people get a first shot.

Health officials are still studying how long immunity lasts after an individual has recovered from COVID -19, or after an individual has received a vaccine . Until more information is known, the general public is still required to follow public health orders – such as physical distancing, wearing a mask Fraser Health and Vancouver Coastal Health are now reaching out to those healthcare workers and care home residents individually to schedule vaccine appointments. Others who are in the first priority group include: • Indigenous people living in rural or remote communities where access to healthcare

This indicates the vaccine is performing just as well in a larger population as it did in the clinical trials. It is proving highly effective at preventing illness and severe disease among all age groups , according to public health doctor Prof Hagai Levine. "High vaccination coverage of the most susceptible groups " was key, he Prof Eran Segal, who is analysing data for the Israeli Ministry of Health , suggested Israel had to vaccinate 80% of its over-60s before learning of its effect on Covid -19 cases. Israel is the first country in the world to see the impact of its vaccination programme, but it took significant population

graphical user interface, text: Indigenous media organisations like NITV, Ngaarda Media and IndigenousX and legal services agency NATSILS have been caught up in Facebook's restrictions. (Supplied) © Provided by ABC Health Indigenous media organisations like NITV, Ngaarda Media and IndigenousX and legal services agency NATSILS have been caught up in Facebook's restrictions. (Supplied)

Indigenous health and media groups fear Facebook's shutdown of community pages could have a dangerous impact on regional communities during the rollout of COVID-19 vaccines.

Crucial sources of information have been lost as small media outlets, community noticeboards and health services been caught up in Facebook's sweeping shutdown of Australian news.

Facebook has blocked the feeds of Australian news companies on its site and is preventing users from sharing Australian news content.

Australia’s coronavirus vaccine rollout set to begin next week: Here’s what SMEs need to know

  Australia’s coronavirus vaccine rollout set to begin next week: Here’s what SMEs need to know Australia's coronavirus vaccine rollout is set to begin next week, after 142,000 doses of the Pfizer vaccine landed in the country yesterday.The medical regulator also approved the Oxford University-AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine on Tuesday, making it the second vaccine that has been given a rubber stamp for use Down Under. This vaccine has been approved for people aged over 18 years.

The first stage of the U.S. rollout fell short of federal projections as vaccinations proceeded unevenly across the states. After focusing first on hospitals and other institutional health -care settings, the next phase of vaccinations will draw more on pharmacies and health clinics—places where vaccines Current vaccines require two doses for full protection. Data are from Bloomberg’s Covid -19 Vaccine Tracker. In an effort to speed up vaccinations after the rocky start, the U.S. government on Jan. 12 began encouraging states to start immunizing all residents 65 and older, along with those ages 16 and

The rollout of the Oxford vaccine is part of the NHS's biggest-ever effort and aims to offer jabs to 13 million by mid-February - including all over-80s. But Health Secretary Matt Hancock admitted vaccine supply was a "rate-limiting" factor. Birmingham's NHS said there are enough supplies with more to come as politicians warned doses may run out . Some hospitals in England are at risk of becoming Covid -only sites, with rising admissions for the virus forcing trusts to cut back on other services. And hospital leaders have warned medics are becoming increasingly stretched with "untrained staff" used

The tech giant is pushing back against the federal government's plans to make it and Google pay for publishing Australian news content — a world-leading initiative the companies have fiercely resisted.

But the effect of Facebook's ploy has extended well beyond major media companies.

Several Aboriginal community-controlled health services have had their posts blocked.

They include organisations such as the Aboriginal Medical Services Alliance NT, Central Australian Aboriginal Congress (CAAC) and Danila Dilba Health Service.

CAAC, a community-controlled primary health care provider, vented its frustration on Twitter at the timing of Facebook's move, given the impending COVID-19 vaccine rollout to Indigenous communities.

Delivery of Over A Million COVID Vaccines Shots Delayed by U.S. Winter Storm

  Delivery of Over A Million COVID Vaccines Shots Delayed by U.S. Winter Storm Vaccine shipment delays were reported in several southern and Midwestern states, including Texas, Florida, Georgia and Michigan.The delivery of over a million COVID-19 vaccine doses have been impacted so far, including 407,000 first doses and 333,650 second doses in Texas, 200,000 total doses in Florida and 133,000 in Colorado.

Covid -19 vaccines were “approved” long before the FDA “approved” them. 60 minutes aired footage of the prepared vials rolling down the assembly line in Baltimore. Each vial contains five to ten doses. "Big Tech and mainstream media are constantly trying to silence the independent voices that dare to bring you the truth about toxic food ingredients, dangerous medications and the failed, fraudulent science of the profit-driven medical establishment. Email is one of the best ways to make sure you stay informed , without the censorship of the tech giants (Google, Apple, Facebook , Twitter, YouTube, etc.).

Vaccines are a technology that humanity has often relied on in the past to bring down the death toll of infectious diseases. Within less than 12 months after the beginning of the COVID -19 pandemic, several research teams rose to the challenge and developed vaccines that protect from SARS-CoV-2, the virus that License: All the material produced by Our World in Data, including interactive visualizations and code, are completely open access under the Creative Commons BY license. You have the permission to use, distribute, and reproduce these in any medium , provided the source and authors are credited.

"A primary vehicle for health promotion, disabled at a crucial time," it tweeted.

First Nations Media Australia, the peak body for Indigenous not-for-profit media, estimates half of its members have been affected.

"We are outraged that access to First Nations voices has been limited in this way," chair Dot West said.

"Never has our media been more vital than during a global pandemic, especially on the cusp of vaccination rollouts."

'Potentially pretty dangerous'

Australia's Phase 1a vaccine rollout begins next week and older Indigenous Australians are among those first scheduled to receive vaccines.

Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt said Facebook's actions could lead to misinformation from non-verified sources being further amplified, and called on the social media giant to reverse its course.

Acting managing director at NITV Digital, Birpai-Thungutti man Jack Latimore, said the importance of Indigenous media and community pages during the pandemic and ahead of the vaccine rollout could not be overstated.

Victoria coronavirus vaccine rollout: Who is getting it first, and where will it be delivered?

  Victoria coronavirus vaccine rollout: Who is getting it first, and where will it be delivered? The Victorian government has confirmed more details about how the first stage of the coronavirus vaccine rollout will work. Here's what we know.The PfizerBioNTech vaccine, which was the first COVID-19 vaccine to get regulatory approval in Australia, will be rolled out to priority groups across Australia from Monday.

The specific and significant COVID -19 risk of ADE should have been and should be prominently and independently disclosed to research subjects currently in vaccine trials, as well as those being recruited for the trials and future patients after vaccine approval, in order to meet the medical ethics standard of patient comprehension for informed consent.” To determine how MERS affects the immune system, the researchers infected white rabbits with the virus. The rabbits got sick and developed antibodies, but those antibodies were not the neutralizing kind, meaning the kind of antibodies that block infection.

Public health experts reassure Malaysians that the government’s decision to obtain credible and well-researched COVID -19 vaccines from various sources is the right one if the country is to achieve herd immunity in good time. For respiratory specialist Dr Helmy Haja Mydin, the multiple sources of procurement mean everyone will receive their jabs within a reasonable time frame, which in turn ensures the overall goal of herd protection is reached.

"There's a lot of apprehension around vaccines based on mistrust due to past policies and efforts that involved Aboriginal people. There is an almost anti-vaccine sentiment and lots of paranoia," he told the ABC.

"There are a lot of important community health messages that are done through black media organisations. That messaging is needed to get through to vulnerable communities.

"They are not going to believe News Corp messaging. You can't overestimate the strength of ties to these black organisations."

NITV's Facebook account was today blocked from reaching its almost 350,000 followers.

Mr Latimore said the impact on people finding NITV's content would be immediate and damaging, but the effects would be greater for smaller Indigenous media organisations.

"It's important to know that in remote communities, Facebook is pretty much the platform of choice. Unfortunately, for a lot of Aboriginal community organisations and important outlets as well, their content is completely absent," he said.

"Whether they be community organisations that are releasing news onto the community pages on Facebook, or whether it be actual black news media organisations ... it's potentially devastating.

Victoria administers first COVID-19 jab

  Victoria administers first COVID-19 jab Victoria has given its first COVID-19 vaccine this morning, becoming the first state to officially begin the vaccination rollout. © Nine Monash Health's Professor Rhonda Stuart has become the first person in Victoria to receive the COVID-19 jab. Head of infection prevention at Monash Health, Professor Rhonda Stuart, was the first Victorian recipient of the Pfizer vaccine, getting the jab about 7.30am.About 100 healthcare workers are expected to be vaccinated in the first Monash Health clinic today.

"Important messaging that we and other black media news outlets or just community help and emergency service announcements, they're not getting those. And that is potentially pretty dangerous."

Facebook cuts off regional news

A raft of rural and regional media outlets are among those hurt by Facebook's restrictions.

ABC Rural has been cut off from its 250,000 followers on the platform, while many smaller regional news outlets have also been left reeling.

Shepparton News chief correspondent Darren Linton said he was frustrated by the move.

"There's a strong flow from the links on Facebook, and more so Facebook is part of having an ongoing conversation with audiences."

While it had been "a convenience for readers", Mr Linton was confident the paper's readers would learn to come directly to its website.

"We haven't gone anywhere. We're still here," he said.

"There's nothing to say this will have a significant impact on us in the long term."

Country Press Australia, which represents 160 news media businesses in Australia, accused Facebook of acting like a "monopoly".

"They have too much power and it's about time somebody reined them in," president Bruce Allen said.

"I think it demonstrates to the whole world, and the Australian public, why the Australian government's actions are so necessary."

The growing evidence that the Covid-19 vaccines can reduce transmission, explained

  The growing evidence that the Covid-19 vaccines can reduce transmission, explained Here’s what we know about how the vaccines protect against spread of the virus.Despite that fact, public health officials and media outlets have been warning that vaccinated people need to behave largely how they did before they were vaccinated. That’s because we don’t know as much about the vaccines’ effectiveness at preventing transmission to others.

People in regions dependent on social media

Regional Australians depend more on social media for news than people living in cities, according to a recent study by the University of Technology Sydney.

The review found two-thirds of news consumers in regional Australia turned to social media at least once a week, and two in five at least once a day.

"Facebook and Facebook Messenger are more popular social media platforms for news in regional areas than in cities," the study found.

"The higher use of Facebook is partly a reflection of the ageing population.

"While all generations tend to use Facebook, of all of the social media platforms, Facebook is the one older Australians are the most likely to use for finding or sharing news."

Agricultural businesses blocked

Major agribusinesses such as Fonterra and Nutrien have also had their Facebook feeds blocked, as have industry groups including Beef Australia and Grain Growers Ltd.

Even local councils have been caught up in Facebook's actions, though it appears to be inconsistently applied.

The main Facebook page for the City of Greater Bendigo was briefly shut down, to the surprise of the council, before being reinstated.

Are White 'Vaccine Chasers' the Reason People of Color Aren't Getting Their COVID-19 Shots? .
Black and brown Los Angeles, California, residents—who are most likely to die from the coronavirus—are being vaccinated at low rates despite efforts to reach them.Veronica Sance was irate. For days, she'd been monitoring the sidewalk in front of a prime South Los Angeles COVID-19 vaccination site, Kedren Community Health Center. And she did not like what she was seeing.

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