Australia Adelaide man loses Supreme Court bid to get out of a speeding fine he claims was caused by 'bigger tyres and rims'

06:17  01 march  2021
06:17  01 march  2021 Source:   abc.net.au

The Supreme Court hands two final defeats to Trump

  The Supreme Court hands two final defeats to Trump Trump’s effort to overturn the 2020 election is dead, but a terrible legal argument seeking to upend American democracy is still alive.Additionally, the Court announced that it will not prevent Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance, Jr. from obtaining Trump’s tax records, as part of a longstanding criminal investigation into Trump’s businesses.

She claimed her Mini Cooper could have been moved. The Supreme Court refused to overturn the earlier ruling. Esther Stern decided to fight a parking infringement notice she received for parking in front of a fire hydrant in the City of Adelaide in June 2019. During the trial in the Adelaide Magistrates Court , the council inspector who issued the fine said he waited for someone to return to the car as "it was just an odd, odd occurrence where the car was ". " He referred to two visible yellow lines marking the location of the fire hydrant and parking signs either side of the hydrant indicating where cars could

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a parking meter: David Scylla was issued a speeding fine in Golden Grove in 2019. (ABC News) © Provided by ABC NEWS David Scylla was issued a speeding fine in Golden Grove in 2019. (ABC News)

An Adelaide man has lost a Supreme Court bid to get out of a speeding ticket by claiming that his car had "bigger-than-standard tyres and rims" which impacted the speedometer.

In March 2019, David Scylla was caught speeding at 68 kph in a 60 zone on The Grove Way, at Golden Grove, by a speed camera.

He elected to be prosecuted and pleaded guilty to the traffic offence in August 2020, but asked Magistrate Derek Sprod if he could keep two demerit points.

Magistrate Sprod refused, docking him of the points, before Scylla appealed that decision to the South Australian Supreme Court.

Supreme Court forces Trump to make public his tax returns

 Supreme Court forces Trump to make public his tax returns © Cheriss May Donald Trump in Washington, December 12. "The work continues." Solicited by lawyers for Donald Trump, the Supreme Court refused to overturn the decision of a federal judge who had ordered the delivery of eight years of tax and banking returns to the Manhattan prosecutor, Cyrus Vance, who has been asking for them for month.

The Supreme Court held that there is a community caretaking exception to the Fourth Amendment’s warrant requirement because police perform “community caretaking functions, totally divorced from the detection, investigation, or acquisition of evidence relating to the violation of a criminal statute." The Court has just announced that it will hear arguments next month in a case that presents this issue: Caniglia v. Strom. In this case, Mr. Caniglia was arguing with his wife and melodramatically put an unloaded gun on the table and said “shoot me now and get it over with.”

Eight years after carving the heart out of a landmark voting rights law, the Supreme Court is looking at putting new limits on efforts to combat racial discrimination in voting. The justices are taking up a case about Arizona restrictions on ballot collection and another policy that penalizes voters who cast ballots in the wrong precinct. The high court 's consideration comes as Republican officials in the state and around the country have proposed more than 150 measures, following last year’s elections, to restrict voting access that civil rights groups say would disproportionately affect Black and Hispanic voters.

The Supreme Court was told that between December 2016 and August 2020, Scylla had elected for 12 speeding offences to go to court — and in 10 of those cases, he had successfully argued to have his demerit point loss reduced.

Scylla told the court that his car — a Mitsubishi Magna — was originally fitted with 15-inch rims, but he replaced them with 16-inch rims and a "higher profile tyre" about six months after purchasing it in 2014 or 2015.

Driver claimed rim size impacted speedo

"He opined that that change meant that the car was, from then on, travelling faster than the speedometer indicated," Supreme Court Justice David Peek said.

He said Scylla tendered photographs comparing tyre sizes, along with printouts of information he had found on the internet, during his case in the Magistrates Court.

United States: The Supreme Court inflicts a scathing setback on Trump on his tax returns

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"He said that he had performed some ad hoc testing, using different rims and tyres and one or more GPS devices of unproven accuracy," Justice Peek said.

Justice Peek said the Magistrate rejected Scylla's application on the grounds he was not "appropriately qualified to give expert advice".

During his appeal, Scylla told the Supreme Court that he put "new rims on from a factory".

"I put factory alloys so I can get better tyres, and that threw out the speedo a bit, and I said ‘OK, I was speeding’, like, you know, you can see here one wheel is quite a lot larger than the other," he told the court.

Scylla told the Supreme Court that Magistrate Sprod stated that was "not evidence".

"I run the wheel on the left, that makes the speedo — he said it's not evidence, [but] I said Pythagoras and physics, a small circle spins faster than a big circle, what evidence do I need, it's mathematics," Scylla told the court.

Driver pleads not guilty to driving dangerously before crash that killed Sophia Naismith

  Driver pleads not guilty to driving dangerously before crash that killed Sophia Naismith The driver of a Lamborghini that hit and killed teenager Sophia Naismith outside an Adelaide restaurant in June 2019 pleads not guilty to dangerous driving. Alexander Campbell was driving the Lamborghini Huracan when he struck the 15-year-old and her friend Jordan Callea.He was charged with causing death and serious injury by dangerous driving. The two girls were hit on the footpath in front of the House of Tien restaurant at Glengowrie on June 22, 2019.

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"I don't have evidence that Amelia Earhart is dead, but I just presume we all know she is, you know what I mean?

"I didn't get it off the internet, I'm not some jerk that gets everything off the internet, it's physics, big circles and small circles."

Justice Peek asked Scylla why he did not come to court with an expert witness that could give evidence about the tyre and rim sizes.

He responded: "I'm not going to pay eight grand (sic) for an expert to come.

"I've got a long driving record of not running over anyone or cutting people off — I'm actually a courteous driver.

"My record indicates I do sit above the speed a fair bit now and again and get busted for it. But there's so much bad driving out there that doesn't get picked up. I'm a good driver."

Scylla asked the court to 'cut me a break'

He asked the court to "cut me a break as a blue-collar guy not on welfare".

"I'm not some crackpot in town intimidating people … I'm a guy that drives around in a V6 aerodynamic car, I pop over the speed limit now and again, granted," he said.

"I actually consider myself a bit of a Steve McQueen when I'm going in the hills if the road is open, but I drive safely."

But Justice Peek found the speeding offence was "of an ordinary type and not atypical".

"The offence was not of a trifling nature … and there is no proper cause to reduce Scylla’s demerit points for the subject offence," he found.

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