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19:55  09 march  2021
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Fischer promises Luthe comeback

 Fischer promises Luthe comeback First goalkeeper Andreas Luthe missed three games recently at 1. FC Union. In the away game in Bielefeld, the 33-year-old could now return to goal, even if coach Urs Fischer Luthe's representative Loris Karius gave a good report card. © imago images Next number 1: Andreas Luthe.

72701-21-1.jpg 1/1 PICTURES © ZDF and Bojan Ritan 72701-21-1.jpg The 20th season of the is currently on ZDF popular investigator series "The Rosenheim Cops". For a long time, the TV investigators deserved a break. Anton Stadler has been traveling with his wife since February 2nd and Miriam Stockl also went on a well-deserved vacation in the middle of the same month. Meanwhile, Sabine Hintermeier (Annabel Faber, 37) holds the position in the Bavarian office. Sven Hansen (played by Igor Jeftić, 49), on the other hand, is supported by Commissioner Kilian Kaya (Baran Hêvî, 34).

Kaya is an old friend

The breaks of the actors: inside, is also related to the current pandemic . "This is due to the Corona situation. Due to the postponements, the shooting collided with other important dates. Our scriptwriters then thought up for me that Miriam Stockl would investigate in three or four episodes from the hotel - which of course made me incredibly happy "says actor Fischer. So Ms. Stockl also interferes from vacation. And Stadler? In an interview with TVSpielfilm.de, actor Fischer talks about letting go and his new colleague:

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Does Anton Stadler still look critically at the fingers of his young representative, or can he, unlike Ms. Stockl, let go?

Dieter Fischer : "I think Stadler has enough to do with Hilde and is a very good user of leisure time. When he's free, he's free. He knows his colleague Kaya from Passau and he knows that he is from is well represented to him. " By the way,

Young Commissioner Kilian Kaya is played by Baran Hêvî. The actor had shared experiences from the shoot on Instagram: "straight out of the box".

And what does Dieter Fischer say to his colleague?

"We met exactly twice. Once we were allowed to play together and I really liked what I saw. Of course I heard a lot of positive things from the colleagues who were allowed to play with him a lot, and I liked it too liked it very much. "

Ex- "Storm of Love" star Florian Stadler: New job! He now plays on "Dahoam is dahoam" with

 Ex- © BR / Nadya Jakobs Ex- ”Storm of Love” star Florian Stadler: New job! He now plays in “Dahoam is dahoam” with actor Florian Stadler (47) knows the fans of the series "Storm of Love" very well. The 47-year-old played the role of the popular fitness trainer Nils Heinemann from 2008 to 2018, who found happiness with Desirée Bramigk (played by Louisa von Spies, 37).

Stadler should stay

Would you like a permanent new colleague in the team after Josef Hannesschläger's death?

Of course! No one can do it alone. For about 15 years, the two commissioner posts have been filled at least twice. I always thought that was good and right.

How much has Corona influenced your everyday work?

The security measures are of course omnipresent, but not disturbing for me because of their necessity. You get used to it quickly and everything is the same when you play. In any case, it is a gift if you can work in our profession during this time.

You have been in a leading role with the Rosenheim Cops for 10 years now. Do you want to make the 20 full?

If you had asked me at the beginning if I was going to fill the 10, I would not have been able to answer you. Now of course I can't either. It was a super good and beautiful years and there is of course great hope that we will all be together for a very long time.

Dieter Bohlen: TV sensation: Pop-Titan gets out of DSDS!

 Dieter Bohlen: TV sensation: Pop-Titan gets out of DSDS! After almost 20 years, Dieter Bohlen (67) joins the jury of "Deutschland sucht den Superstar". This was announced by RTL on Thursday afternoon. The final of the current season on April 3rd will be Bohlens last time on the jury chair of DSDS .

What do you wish for your role in the future?

That our dear loyal audience will continue to be so kind to us and that Anton Stadler will still be able to solve a lot of cases.

Mr. Fischer, thank you for the interview and look forward to seeing you back on the screen.

Dieter Fischer will solve his next case as Anton Stadler on March 30th, , the penultimate episode of the current season.

"The Rosenheim Cops" run on ZDF on Tuesdays at 7:25 pm.

This article first appeared on TVSPIELFILM.de .

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