Australia Super laws could unleash 'animal spirits'

08:05  08 april  2021
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RSPCA want Qld animal cruelty law overhaul

  RSPCA want Qld animal cruelty law overhaul The RSPCA says Queensland's animal cruelty laws need a major overhaul to ensure the most heinous crimes are punished accordingly.The animal welfare group wants maximum jail terms for two offences bumped up to ensure the worst offenders don't get off lightly.

Bitcoin mania is back and with it, the return of sky-high predictions from celebrity crypto fund managers to Wall Street stalwarts of where it can go next. The world’s largest digital currency is in the midst of an exuberant rally that this week saw it cross above ,800 for the first time in almost three years. Still, crypto fans are citing plenty of reasons for why it can continue its run this time around. Famed billionaire investor Mike Novogratz says he sees “tons of new buyers” amid “little supply.” Novogratz, who is the founder of Galaxy Digital, hasn’t been shy about his views on Bitcoin and this week said he sees it

Animal spirits is the term John Maynard Keynes used in his 1936 book The General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money to describe the instincts, proclivities and emotions that ostensibly influence and guide human behavior, and which can be measured in terms of, for example

Superannuation laws before parliament could encourage funds to chase "asset bubbles" instead of being a stabilising influence on financial markets.

Proposed superannuation laws could push funds to chase © Alan Porritt/AAP PHOTOS Proposed superannuation laws could push funds to chase "asset bubbles", parliament has been told.

McKell Institute spokesman James Pawluk warns the legislative changes could also make it harder to deal with unpredictable "black swan" events as the bill is drafted for perfectly behaved markets.

"The proposed performance benchmarks will make it less viable for funds to adopt a strategy of steering clear of an asset bubble as it's forming, unless they are convinced it will burst or dissipate before the current performance period ends," Mr Pawluk told a parliamentary hearing on Thursday.

Chimpanzee named Mogli may have been murdered by another primate

  Chimpanzee named Mogli may have been murdered by another primate The ten-year-old chimp was found dead in a moat outside its enclosure at Sydney Zoo on Friday morning after initial fears he escaped from his enclosure sparked panic.The 10-year-old chimp was found dead in a moat outside his enclosure at Sydney Zoo on Friday morning after initial reports falsely claimed he escaped from the pen.

Sweeping changes made to sexual harassment laws which could change the Australian workplace forever and see staffers fired for unwanted compliments - here's what it means for your office. Scott Morrison will move to toughen up sexual harassment laws with a series of changes that will make it easier to fire offenders. The government will change the workplace laws to catagorise harassment as serious misconduct, meaning an employee can be terminated for offences such as making unwanted sexual advances.

Bloomberg Law /BNA. Nov 21 2020, 6:30 PMNov 21 2020, 7:43 PMNovember 21 2020, 6:30 PMNovember 21 2020, 7:43 PM. (Bloomberg) -- Bitcoin mania is back and with it, the return of sky-high predictions from celebrity crypto fund managers to Wall Street stalwarts of where it can go next.

He said if funds don't chase the bubble and match their peers they could be named and shamed for poor performance and be cut off from members.

"The only rational strategy would be to pile in on the bubble, aiming to pull out just before it bursts or hug the index for good or bad," he said.

"These reforms will cause superannuation funds to behave more like retail investors, taking on their animal spirits, rather than acting as sophisticated long-term investors that provide a stabilising influence."

Justin Arter, chief executive of building and construction industry super fund Cbus, supported the objective of preventing multiple default accounts and making sure funds meet performance benchmarks.

He joined a growing coalition of think tanks, industry, professional, business groups and other funds who warn the legislation must not be passed in its current form.

Warning over new superannuation laws designed to protect consumers

  Warning over new superannuation laws designed to protect consumers Martin Fahy, chief executive of the Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia, wants the introduction of the laws delayed until July 2022. He also wants the proposed performance test watered down into a two-year 'trial run'. © Provided by Daily Mail Superannuation laws due to take effect in less than 90 days are a $3trillion concern for the superannuation industry and consumer advocates (stock image) Super Consumers Australia director Xavier O'Halloran agrees the proposed bill needs work but warns delay will hurt consumers.

The term, animal spirits , was used by economist John Maynard Keynes in “The General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money,” the 1936 masterpiece that reshaped the field of economics. In it, Keynes describes animal spirits as “a spontaneous urge to action rather than inaction, and not as the outcome of a Meanwhile, when it comes to confidence, those indexes don’t really capture the willingness to follow through on rising sentiment. And what remains to be seen, said Richard McGuire, rates strategist at Rabobank, is whether this apparent rise in spirits can become self-sustaining.

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Video: China's lack of transparency over COVID 'undermined' WHO report (Sky News Australia)

Mr Arter warned "stapling" to be brought in under the bill may see workers tied to a fund when entering the workforce that does not provide insurance tailored to the risk of their present job or next job.

"In the case of many workers in hazardous occupations, it will leave many workers worse off," Mr Arter said.

CBus manages over $59 billion for 771,000 members and is a top-performing fund in Australia's $3 trillion pool of superannuation savings.

Maurice Blackburn Lawyers' personal injury specialist Kim Shaw gave evidence of the high rate of suicide in construction and said industry funds - unlike retail funds - made sure specific risk profiles were covered.

She was also concerned about workers being caught out by insurance policy exclusions when struck down by an injury or fatality.

Karen Pack was praised as an 'excellent and committed educator', but sacked by her employer Morling College for being gay

  Karen Pack was praised as an 'excellent and committed educator', but sacked by her employer Morling College for being gay Karen Pack was the target of existing religious discrimination laws which allowed her employer, the Baptist Church's Morling College, to sack her because she is openly gay.   (ABC News: Jerry Rickard) Karen Pack was excited about getting married to long-time partner Bronte Scott.The 46-year-old told her work colleagues last year — and then lost her job.Ms Pack told 7.30 she was sacked – legally, under current laws — because she is openly gay and worked at Morling College, a Baptist education institution in Sydney.

In a power law distribution, low achievers are at the top of a downward ski slope-shaped curve and high achievers are at the bottom tail end. For example, Apple, Google and Amazon hire, develop and fast-track top talent into positions where employees champion new products and services early on in their careers. How did this come about? Japan’s postwar manufacturers offered lifetime jobs to fill assembly line positions in an era when factory laborers were limited in their capacity to overachieve. Perhaps a top factory worker could produce 30 percent at best more output than an average performer.

If you can quench your thirst with cold, still water on a hot day in Indiana, you should have bought it from a criminal. According to local laws , water should be sold only carbonated and only warm. Otherwise, the seller may be imprisoned for six months. Don't pop the ice cream in the back pocket of your Alabama pants. The fact is that in ancient times, if you did this, someone else’s horse could get along with you, and then no one would prove that your fault. So residents had to introduce this law .

The legislation would also put the onus on the trustee of the superannuation fund to show why any payment is justified, and face new penalties.

Ms Shaw described it as "an extraordinary intervention in the free market" by the Morrison government.

CPA Australia and Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand said this change was a narrowing of the current best interests duty that protects account holders.

Australian Institute of Superannuation Trustees spokesman David Haynes identified 14 areas where there were "holes" in the legislation and 10 big policy issues where witnesses giving evidence to the hearing said the Morrison government needed a rethink.

The committee must report back to parliament by April 22 and the draft bill is scheduled to take effect on July 1.

The legislation is yet to clear the lower house or the Senate.

Democrats Are Short on Votes and Long on Irony .
The party’s signature election-reform bill faces long odds in Congress, in part because of the problems it seeks to address.The challenge of the bill is that, aside from advancing the vague concept of democratic reforms, it doesn’t present a single theory of how to reform the electoral system, but is instead a palimpsest of Democratic freak-outs, with more recent ones piled atop older ones. At the top are measures that would push back on the voter-suppression laws currently in consideration or newly enacted by states with Republican legislatures, the most acute worry among progressives today.

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