Australia De Belin says sex proposal elicited wink

12:10  27 april  2021
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Jack De Belin wearing a suit and tie talking on a cell phone: NRL player Jack de Belin's pre-recorded evidence has been played to the jury in his retrial. © Dan Himbrechts/AAP PHOTOS NRL player Jack de Belin's pre-recorded evidence has been played to the jury in his retrial.

"I can keep a secret if you can," State of Origin star Jack de Belin says he told an unknown woman on a dancefloor after proposing a threesome with another friend. 

"She then winked," he said. 

The St George Illawarra forward had noticed the then 19-year-old's "real flirty" behaviour at Mr Crown bar in Wollongong as her "dramatic" dancing was very "attention-seeking" and "over-the-top".

He had first met her moments before when she approached him for a cuddle. 

"I said something along the lines of aren't you a little cutie," to which she giggled, he said. 

Witness accused of lying in de Belin trial

  Witness accused of lying in de Belin trial A witness in Jack de Belin's rape trial has been accused of lying to the court after describing a conversation with the football star's accuser.The controversial piece of evidence centres around a conversation he first told police he had downstairs at Wollongong's Mr Crown bar when the acquaintance from school sat down to chat.

Callan Sinclair, 23, and de Belin, 30, have pleaded not guilty to multiple charges of aggravated sexual assault that allegedly took place at a North Wollongong unit in December 2018.

De Belin's pre-recorded evidence was played before a jury on Tuesday after their first trial could not be concluded. 

After telling his friend "I think we're on here," he approached the woman and said "Me, you and Cal?"

Shortly after she indicated an "oral sex" sign in their direction, he said. 

The complainant says she believed the trio were then headed to Fever Nightclub but instead travelled in a tuk-tuk to a unit where the non-consensual encounter occurred. 

But de Belin maintains she was clearly enjoying herself, "uttering yes," and willingly changing positions with both men multiple times.

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At one point the pair both jumped up and moved to the desk, he said. 

The woman earlier testified that she repeated "no" and "stop" and that de Belin forced himself on her. 

The group then caught an Uber to the nightclub where the woman left them standing in a line. 

Phone call intercepts were also played in Sydney's Downing Centre District Court where de Belin agreed with the comment "the worst part is your missus hearing about it".

"She knows I made an error and cheated on her but I haven't done anything criminally wrong," he said. 

Both men can be heard in total disbelief following the accusations. 

In another intercept Sinclair tells his mother the woman was "hanging around like a bad smell," at the bar and was laughing and joking around after the sexual activity. 

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"If you were just raped by someone you wouldn't go back out with them would ya," he can be heard saying. 

"The only time was at the end of it she got a bit weird and said 'you've got a girlfriend'," de Belin tells his sister.

In another phone call, both men tell each other all they need to do is "tell the truth" while de Belin adds "it's not like we're trying to get our stories straight".

"Best case scenario they realise she is lying and doesn't have much of a case," de Belin says.

Earlier de Belin's lawyer grilled the lead detective investigating the case for lying under oath after looking through privileged files. 

Detective Senior Constable Shawn Adams had taken the Dragons NRL player's mobile for examination and accessed a record that contained messages with his lawyer preparing for his upcoming trial. 

"You well knew it was forbidden fruits," de Belin's lawyer David Campbell SC said on Tuesday. 

"That it was material you were not entitled to access."

"Yes," Mr Adams said. 

Mr Adams had said he believed the information related to "Dragons business" but later admitted this was a lie. 

The trial continues. 

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