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16:00  28 april  2021
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Man Who Threw Elderly Jewish Woman Off Balcony Avoids Trial Due to Weed Use

  Man Who Threw Elderly Jewish Woman Off Balcony Avoids Trial Due to Weed Use After the 2017 death of an Orthodox Jewish woman, courts have decided against going forward with a trial and questioned the frame of mind the suspect was in at the time of the crime.The Court of Cassation in France decreed on Wednesday that Kobili Traoré, who is accused of pushing his elderly Jewish neighbor Sarah Halimi off of her apartment balcony in 2017, would not be charged. According to a report from Jewish News, the ruling was consistent with the decisions of other lower courts.

You want to prepare your balcony for the warm spring and summer months and create a little place? These three things can be sorted out immediately

3 Dinge, die Sie sofort von Ihrem Balkon aussortieren können istockphoto © iStockphoto 3 Things that can be sorted out immediately from your balcony iStockphoto

If in spring the first warm sunbeams at the outdoors, the best time comes to bring the balcony to the front man and in To transform a green, blooming oasis where we feel the warm months about all around. But where do you start and creates the first place? How about it e.g. With these three things:

1. entered or dried plants

Whether with or without a green thumb: It can always happen that plants take on the balcony. Often they are exposed to a lot of sun or to cold temperatures, dries through too little pouring or are drowned by too much water. Hanging your plants flowering and lifeless in the flowerpot or are only a dried up, you should replace them and replace them through new, fresh plants that are suitable for the warm season.

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Balcony Plant: The best tips and ideas

2. broken fairy lights

fairy lights are an enrichment for every balcony. Because they provide not only in the evening for a pleasant, warm light, but depending on the design, even visually make a lot ago. However, if you find that some lights of the fairy light are no longer working, the plug or solar field are defective and the fairy light is no longer fully functional, you should sort it out and replace it through a new one.

3. Weathered and broken flowerpots

Frost and moisture not only put plants, but also flowerpots pretty much too. Thus, by the wet and cold weather, depending on the material can form uninterested cracks or rust stains, the painting off and even break the pot in the worst case. Determine that one or more flowerpots did not survive the winter without prejudice, they can either be freshly painted and glazed or replace them through new pots.

Tip For more space on the balcony

you should have a lot of flower pots (or decoration) occasionally on the balcony and want more space, you can also arrange them on a beautiful plant staircase or in a plant shelf. So they create the plants away from the ground and have more space, at the same time they have to separate from any of their green darlings.

Forgotten history of the Titanic's Chinese survivors told in new documentary The Six .
More than a hundred years ago, eight Chinese men left their homes and families to take up work in the US's thriving shipping industry. Little did they know they'd go on to become footnotes in history, surviving the world's most famous maritime disaster: the sinking of the Titanic. The ship, heralded as "unsinkable" at the time, collided with an iceberg in 1912 and sank, killing 1,500 passengers on board. Now a new documentary called The Six has uncovered what really happened to the six Chinese survivors of the shipwreck, and why their stories remained hidden for so many years.

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