Australia Victorian government plans to dramatically boost the sale of electric cars by 2030

10:30  01 may  2021
10:30  01 may  2021 Source:   abc.net.au

electricity for electric cars is made to the billions of electromobility

 electricity for electric cars is made to the billions of electromobility the breakthrough of electromobility this decade is growing rapidly with e-cars after a study by the Boston Consulting Group (BCG). "It creates a billion market with attractive growth opportunities," said BCG partner Christian Wagener at the study published on Wednesday. Currently, the energy consumption of the E-cars on German roads on a terawatt hour. This will make sales of around 300 to 500 million euros.

The government has previously consulted on plans to bring forward the deadline on sales of new polluting vehicles from 2040 to 2035. It is now expected to take a more ambitious stance following assurances that the UK’s infrastructure will be ready to cope with the shift to electric cars . Graeme Cooper, the director in charge of National Grid’s electric vehicle project, told the Guardian that fears over the UK electricity grid’s ability to cope with a boom in electric vehicle charging were unfounded. He said the grid operator was “confident that a faster transition is possible” and that it is “suitably

Lyft (LYFT) has announced an aggressive plan to only allow electric vehicles on its platform by 2030 . The news, which the company announced on Wednesday, calls for everything from ride-sharing cars and trucks and Lyft Express Drive to Lyft rentals and self-driving vehicles to be completely electric The idea is that with the investments, green energy offerings will become more readily available, and lead to a reduction in emissions over time. But Lyft says its own efforts will eliminate its emissions entirely, and result in dramatically lower greenhouse gas production than using an offset program.

The state government wants half of all new cars sold in Victoria by 2030 to be zero-emission vehicles, and is offering subsidies of up to $3,000 to help kickstart ownership.

The Andrews government will provide 20,000 subsidies of up to $3,000 for new electric vehicle purchases under $69,000, as part of a $100-million plan to encourage electric vehicle use.

The first 4,000 subsidies will be available from Sunday.

"When people get an EV (electric vehicle) they are starting to save significant dollars off their bills," Climate Change Minister Lily D 'Ambrosio told the ABC.

"It's almost up to $1,600 that is saved off fuel and maintenance costs, each and every year, so we want to make it easier for Victorians.''

Put brakes on electric car tax, Vic urged

  Put brakes on electric car tax, Vic urged An alliance including car manufacturers and environment groups have teamed up to campaign against the Victorian government's proposed electric car tax.An alliance of 25 companies and organisations have inked a letter to Victoria's parliament urging MPs to vote against the plan, which the state government wants to start from July.

Electric vehicles : Phasing out sales of new petrol and diesel cars and vans by 2030 to accelerate the transition to electric vehicles and investing in grants to help buy cars and charge point infrastructure. image captionThe prime minister wants his green plan to be powered by wind farms like this one in Redcar, Teesside. The government wants to breathe new life into de-industrialised areas by teaming hydrogen production with the manufacture of wind turbines, and with four clusters of firms using carbon capture and storage.

Battery electric vehicle registrations in the U.K. grew to 37,850 in 2019, according to recent figures from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders. This represents an increase of 144% compared to 2018, when 15,510 were registered. While this growth is encouraging for advocates of low and At the start of January, the Irish government announced plans to ban the sale of "fossil fuel cars " by the year 2030 , while Denmark has also proposed a phaseout of new diesel and petrol car sales in 2030 . Reacting to the Tuesday's announcement, Friends of the Earth's Head of Policy, Mike Childs, said the

As part of the package, the state will also spend $19 million on new charging stations and $10 million to expand the government EV fleet by 400 cars over the next two years.

The government will establish an expert advisory panel to advise it on the policies and infrastructure needed to meet the 50 per cent target by 2030.

"This is very, very ambitious but [a plan] we are absolutely committed to achieving,'' Ms D'Ambrosio said.

There are fewer than 7,000 electric vehicles registered in Victoria and only 20,000 on Australian roads.

The 2030 target and subsidies are part of the Andrews government's strategy for Victoria to have net zero emissions by 2050, with interim targets for 2025 and 2030 to be announced on Sunday.

Subsidies make EV cars a 'viable alternative'

Last year, the government failed to meet its own deadlines to set the interim emission reduction targets for 2025 and 2030.

5 things to know about the brand new US climate commitment

  5 things to know about the brand new US climate commitment It’s the most ambitious target to date, but it still may not be big enough to atone for our outsize emissions.The announcement came at the White House’s Earth Day summit on Thursday, where 40 world leaders met virtually to discuss and announce their new ambitions for curbing greenhouse gases.

In these regions, full electric vehicles will inevitably dominate all significant segments by 2030 , based on lower sticker cost, much lower running costs, lower maintenance costs, and inherently superior driving characteristics. We will be keeping an eye out for the official announcement in the coming days. Although the organic growth of electric vehicles will make the timeline fairly moot, having an official date will help to focus the industry towards the transition, and encourage other countries and regions to firm up their own plans . Appreciate CleanTechnica’s originality? Consider becoming a CleanTechnica

Less than two years ago, the UK announced its intentions to make its transportation fully electric by 2040, banning the sale of new diesel and petrol cars by that time. But government advisers will reportedly recommend moving that deadline up, possibly as much as a decade. Multiple UK news outlets are reporting the recommended acceleration of the deadline, which is soon to be unveiled by the UK’s Committee on Climate Change .

Part of the interim targets policy are "sector pledges": policies and payments to help industries — including agriculture and transport — move towards net zero emissions.

The new electric car subsidy is part of the transport sector pledge. Transport is the second-largest emitter behind energy.

The take-up of electric vehicles in Australia has been slow compared to other developed nations, according to the Electric Vehicle Council, which said Australia lacked the type of incentives, including subsidies, available around the world.

The cheapest electric vehicle on the market is still more than $44,000.

In some countries, subsidies of up to $15,000 are available.

The council also said Australia was well behind other nations by not having tough fuel efficiency standards for cars.

Wodonga retiree Rod Clutterbuck has been looking to buy an electric vehicle for some time, to do his bit to "save the planet".

With Australia’s climate criminal status on global display, what fate awaits?

  With Australia’s climate criminal status on global display, what fate awaits? With the world waking up to Australia's climate criminality, work is underway to ensure our free-riding on climate action doesn't cost jobs elsewhere.Australia’s already woefully inadequate 26-28% emissions reduction target from 2005 levels by 2030 — set by arch-climate denialist Tony Abbott — now looks irrelevant at best and misleading at worst, regardless of how often Morrison and his ministers say that we will “meet and beat it”.

We are going to make electric vehicles self-sufficient… The idea is that by 2030 , not a single petrol or diesel car should be sold in the country,” Goyal said. Though he believes the electric car industry will be able to stand on its own without any impetus from the Government and grow strongly, he feels that, the industry might require some push for the first two three years to get the wheels rotating. Also, to ensure an increase in the adoption rate of electric cars and to to boost the electric vehicles sales , the Government should provide some sort of incentives to both the manufacturers and customers.

Just days ago climate experts told Express.co.uk how the UK government should ban the sale of traditional cars by 2030 . The dramatic shift would be the third target set in just one week after two government officials confirmed different details. Prime Minister Boris Johnson said the government would like to SMMT data shows electric car sales were dramatically boosted last year with a 144 percent rise. However, EV machines currently make up just under two percent of the UK car market due to expensive upfront costs and concerns over the range. Surveys have revealed this “range anxiety”

He said subsidies would help others view electric vehicles as a viable alternative.

"We've been wondering why we haven't had one [subsidy] in Australia. Now it sounds like we might be on the march to a better system,'' Mr Clutterbuck said.

Victoria slammed for new road tax

The announcement of the Victorian subsidy followed a coalition of car companies and environment groups slamming the Andrews government for having "the worst electric vehicle policy in the world" because of a new road tax on electric vehicles.

The new charge is 2.5 cent/km charge for electric and other zero-emission vehicles, including hydrogen vehicles, and a 2.0 cent/km for plug-in hybrid-electric vehicles.

The state argues the tax is an electric vehicle user's contribution to the road network, which is paid by other motorists through fuel excise.

Ben Warren, national manager of electrification and mobility for Nissan, said the subsidy and 2030 targets were a good "first step" to encouraging people to make the switch to electric vehicles.

"The challenge with a road user charge is, in isolation, it seems like a penalty to electric vehicle owners and drivers, " Mr Warren said.

Lebanon launches first electric car despite crisis

  Lebanon launches first electric car despite crisis A Lebanon-made electric car made its debut Saturday, the first time the Mediterranean country has manufactured an automobile, despite struggling amid a dire economic crisis with frequent power cuts. The red sports car -- named "Quds Rise", using the Arabic name of Jerusalem -- is the project of Lebanese-born Palestinian businessman Jihad Mohammad. It's the "first automobile to be made locally," Mohammad told reporters, at the unveiling in a parking lot south of Beirut.

"But when you offset that with incentives and different measures it will at least get back to a neutral starting point.''

Opposition MP Georgie Crozier accused the government of coming up with incosistent policies on the spot.

"They're taxing you on one hand and providing a rebate on the other," she said.

"It just demonstrates that the government has really misjudged this policy again. It's another demonstration of policy on the run."

Treasurer Tim Pallas has previously said the revenue raised from the new charge would be "more than offset" by measures to encourage electric car use, such as creating new charging stations.

The road users charge was expected to raise about $30 million per year, with $45 million set aside for electric vehicle incentives in the state budget.

Mr Pallas said the subsidy would "encourage more drivers to consider purchasing a zero-emissions vehicle – and ensure Victoria leads the nation in zero-emissions vehicle uptake."

This Is Not a Review of Ford’s New Electric Mustang .
The Ford Mustang Mach-E is an important car—to the automaker, the country, maybe even the planet.The Ford Mustang Mach-E is, at first glance, what a new car is supposed to be in 2021. On the outside, it borrows iconic Mustang styling for a family-friendly but sporty crossover, the fastest-growing car segment in the United States. On the inside, it takes after Tesla’s Model 3, with a full-body moonroof and a glowing screen, larger than an iPad, mounted in the dashboard. And underneath, it’s all electric, offering 480 horsepower, 305 miles of EPA-estimated range, and zero greenhouse-gas emissions.

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