Australia Australia has ‘won the peace’ but is in danger of ‘losing the war’ against pandemic

19:02  17 may  2021
19:02  17 may  2021 Source:   skynews.com.au

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly About Cold-War America

  The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly About Cold-War America The conclusion of World War II brought with it unprecedented economic power for America. It was in this respect a golden age for the United States—a time that still fascinates us when we think of our diminished international role today. By the end of the 1940s, the United States, with just 7 percent of the world’s population, commanded 42 percent of the world’s income. As most of the industrialized world struggled to recover from World War II, America, which had gone through the war with its mainland free from bombing and invasion, was producing 57 percent of the world’s steel, 43 percent of its electricity, and 82 percent of its cars.

Businessman Mark Rigotti says Australia is in danger of “losing the war” against the pandemic as there doesn’t seem to be a plan to “build back that open generous society”.

Mr Rigotti is part of a Sydney University taskforce, the Open Society and Common Purpose Taskforce, designed to review Australia’s pandemic recovery.

He said the taskforce wants Australia to “safely re-open and re-engage with the world” and rebuild an open society.

“We have won the peace but we are in danger of losing the war because there doesn’t seem to be a plan to build back that open generous society we had, let alone rebuild our borders,” he told Sky News.

The Lost Month That Haunts the World

  The Lost Month That Haunts the World And points to how we prevent the next pandemic.I often think about that segment now and wonder how I could have been so unimaginative. I was so focused on the desperate scenes in China that I failed to consider that similar scenes could soon transpire around the world.

Mr Rigotti said the taskforce suggested Australia “open up while vaccinating,” not necessarily after everyone’s vaccinated.

“But we’d supplement that with several things; we’d supplement it with rapid testing at the border, with some certification for people coming in and out of the country, and frankly to do some pilots around some sectors and places that could really benefit from being in front of the curve.”

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Israel Warns Iran Allies Are Learning How to Fight IDF in Widening Conflict .
"I think that all the countries and different terror organizations, of course led by Iran, that surround us, they look at this conflict, and they want to learn," an Israel Defense Forces official told Newsweek.Israel has rolled out land, air and sea capabilities in its ongoing battle with Gaza-based movements such as Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad, which continue to fire thousands of rockets despite the bombardment. The worst conflict in years has wrought devastation and drawn international attention, some of it unwanted from the perspective of Israel, a country with an existential history of fighting multi-front wars.

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