Australia Plans to open Australia's borders in chaos after latest vaccine poll

05:18  19 may  2021
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Will you need a vaccine passport to travel overseas?

  Will you need a vaccine passport to travel overseas? Vaccine passports enabling Australians to travel overseas are not a matter of 'if' but 'when', leading industry experts say. © Nine OnePassport stores, manages and monitors immunisations for individuals and organisations. As the country's coronavirus vaccine rollout ramps up to more than two million doses, the door to international travel edges a little closer to reopening. With countries and continents like Europe, UK and Canada flagging their intention to introduce a digital vaccine passport system, experts say Australia is not far from doing the same.

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The delay in opening Australia's borders could stretch into 2023 because of the large number of Aussies saying they won't get a Covid vaccine - either because of health fears or the fact they have no interest in leaving the country.

A new poll has shown that almost a third of Australians do not intend to get the vaccine, some due to alarming reports of rare resultant blood clots and other side effects, and others seeing no incentive so long as the government bans international travel even to those who have had a jab.

In the Budget last week, the government forecast international travel could get back to normal in the second half of 2022, but that was based on just about all adult Australians being vaccinated by the end of this year.

Beers, doughnuts, and discounts: The growing list of vaccine freebies

  Beers, doughnuts, and discounts: The growing list of vaccine freebies Half of American adults have received one vaccine dose. Could incentives close the gap?Major corporations began announcing initiatives that “strongly encouraged” employee vaccination as early as February, with some offering extra pay and bonuses. As of late, however, such messaging has been geared toward the general public. In May, the White House announced a nationwide partnership with Uber and Lyft to offer free rides to and from vaccination sites from May 24 until July 4; it will also work with national grocery chains, retailers, and sports leagues to offer discounts and promotions for those who have been vaccinated.

The new poll suggests that will not happen, and the goal of having five out of six adults fully jabbed could be more than a year away.

According to the new Resolve Strategic poll, 15 per cent of adults surveyed said they were 'not at all likely' and 14 per cent 'not very likely' to be vaccinated.

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Concerns about side effects are the biggest reason behind the reluctance, while Australia's closed borders are also a factor in not being rush to join the vaccination queue - both because you can't travel even if you have had a jab, and because infected people aren't coming into the country.

'The problem is partly the practical access to vaccines, partly a nervousness about side effects and partly a risk judgement about whether they need to be vaccinated given the low risk right now,' Resolve director Jim Reed told the Sydney Morning Herald.

America Is Already on the Vaccine Honor System

  America Is Already on the Vaccine Honor System Vaccination requirements in stores, offices, and schools can offer peace of mind. But they’re rarely going to prove that anyone is vaccinated.Just kidding, it’s a piece of cardstock. On the flimsy rectangle that all Americans get with their shots, doctors and pharmacists record dates of administration, vaccine type, and lot number. Some scrawl the information by hand with a pen; others apply a preprinted sticker. The cards offer no special marker to prove their authenticity, no scannable code to connect to a digital record. At three by four inches, they’re even too awkwardly sized to fit in a wallet.

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About 14 per cent of Australian surveyed said they were 'extremely likely' to get the jabbed with another 13 per cent 'fairly likely' while eight per cent are 'very likely.'

Australia must dramatically ramp up its vaccination program if it wants to reach its target of five in six adults fully vaccinated by the end of this year.

Nurse gives out just ONE Covid vaccine in eight hours at Victoria hub

  Nurse gives out just ONE Covid vaccine in eight hours at Victoria hub Working at a Victorian hub, the nurse said she was angry over the slow pace of the vaccine rollout and the seemingly relaxed attitude of Australians compared to other countries. 'During one eight-hour shift I gave just one vaccine ... It's slow, it's frustrating for the nurses,' the medical worker told Guardian Australia.

At the current rate of vaccination, that target will not be met until November next year, according to the Blueprint ­Institute.

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Australia has delivered 3.1 million vaccine shots, representing a rate of 12,000 per 100,000 people.

That is dwarfed by other comparable nations - the UK has done 84,000 per 100,000 people, the United States 82,000 and Israel 122,000 as most have had one jab and are awaiting a second.

With so much secrecy and mixed messaging, it’s no wonder Australians are vaccine hesitant

  With so much secrecy and mixed messaging, it’s no wonder Australians are vaccine hesitant Australia's vaccine hesitancy is threatening to indefinitely delay the country's reopening. But there's a reason why people are nervous.It’s a major concern, with experts flagging that Australia might not achieve herd immunity at the current rates of vaccination, pushing back Australia’s return to normality.

'For us to fully vaccinate five in six adults by the end of the year, we'd need to match that pace by the second week of August,' Blueprint ­Institute policy and economics researcher Luke Heeney told The Australian.

'If we wait until the final quarter to do so, the rollout will blow into 2022, finishing in February at the earliest. Given this, a closed border until mid-2022 is not a crazy proposition.'

The think tank's chief economist Steven ­Hamilton described the current rate of Australia's program as very slow and believes it won't rapidly ramp up until later in the year due to vaccine supplies.

'We need to prepare for a massive influx of doses later in the year. The big unknown that we don't know about yet is how many Australians are going to be vaccine hesitant,' Mr Hamilton said.

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Million-dollar cash prizes and free eggs offered to encourage COVID-19 vaccinations .
As winter creeps closer, Australia's top doctor is urging more people to roll up their sleeves and get vaccinated against coronavirus — and he isn't ruling out offering incentives to get people in.About 3.6 million vaccine doses have been distributed Australia-wide — well behind the 286 million doses in the United States and the more than 60 million doses in the United Kingdom.

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