Australia Number of female tradies in Canberra halves in past 12 months, possibly due to pandemic pain

00:45  28 may  2021
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Tuggeranong residents say they're being left behind as Canberra's population and infrastructure investment head north

  Tuggeranong residents say they're being left behind as Canberra's population and infrastructure investment head north Two decades ago, Tuggeranong was Canberra's most populous district. Affectionately known as "nappy valley", its age profile skewed younger and its facilities were shiny and new. Today, Tuggeranong is ageing and residents say they're being left behind."1,600 people come and play on these courts on a Saturday … and in addition, we have the parents and supporters here," Jonathan Toze, president of the Tuggeranong Netball Association, said.

Construction experts say the pandemic has contributed to a drop in female tradies in Canberra — but that's not the only reason the number has halved . Master Builders ACT is now calling on the territory government to inject more money into apprenticeships to address the "staggering" drop in the number of women in Canberra 's construction industry. And, while the exact reason for the decline in female participation has left the industry body stumped, its chief executive Michael Hopkins theorised the COVID-19 pandemic was partially to blame.

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Maree Harman began working in Canberra's building and construction industry more than two decades ago and says she has never looked back.

"I started out in the industry as a valuer doing residential development valuations," Ms Harman said.

"I loved the valuation, doing the big civil jobs and also apartments, but then coming in to work for a developer on the other side of things."

In her new role as a development analyst at Village Building Co. in Canberra, Ms Harman said she felt employment for women like her had been stable, despite the challenges presented by the COVID-19.

"Every day's different, it's a journey from the start of the project to the end – you realise what a small role my previous role had in a whole project."

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But at the coal face of the ACT's construction industry — where hammer meets nail — it appears the pandemic's impacts on women were felt more acutely.

Number of women in the industry has halved

New data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics shows there has been a huge drop in the number of female workers in the sector in the past 12 months.

In February last year, there were about 2,300 women in the ACT's construction sector — now there are 1,200.

And, when excluding managers, engineers and service providers, the drop was even more dramatic from 1,600 to about 300 over the same period.

Master Builders ACT is now calling on the territory government to inject more money into apprenticeships to address the "staggering" drop in the number of women in Canberra's construction industry.

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Despite early fears that Omicron could prolong the pandemic due to its increased level of infection, Ms Krause said it actually could spell the end of the pandemic . According to the study: 'Omicron is here to stay, and it will provide some massive spread of infection in the coming month . But while infection numbers in countries with the variant are soaring, the expert said that the highly infectious Omicron appears milder than the Delta variant, and therefore more people will be infected without having serious symptoms. As a result, she said, this will provide a good level of immunity in the population.

And, while the exact reason for the decline in female participation has left the industry body stumped, its chief executive Michael Hopkins theorised the COVID-19 pandemic was partially to blame.

Women have been disproportionately impacted by the pandemic, shouldering the majority of the household and family load during lockdowns and faring worse when it comes to the economic impact.

"We do know that 2020 was a disruptive year for everybody in the ACT – it has been one of the most disruptive years for our industry in particular," Mr Hopkins said.

"A lot of those jobs have now come back, but such is the demand in the building industry at the moment that we need more skilled trades across the board.

"One of the areas we can certainly improve on is female participation in the industry."

ACT behind national average

The ACT government is attempting to build its way out of the debt caused by the coronavirus pandemic, but Mr Hopkins said when it came to female tradies, the ACT's numbers were well behind the national average.

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"Nationally there are about 14 per cent females working in our industry but disappointingly only 7 per cent here in the ACT," he said.

"We need to do a much better job in getting more people, more females into our industry to keep that economic growth happening."

Mr Hopkins said a submission to the ACT Government ahead of the territory's next budget has called for increases in subsidy funding for all apprenticeships listed on the ACT Skills Needs List.

ACT workforce 'seasonal'

In a statement, an ACT government spokesperson said the ACT’s workforce was seasonal with "sharp increases to workforce numbers occurring during the construction of major infrastructure and residential projects“.

"Importantly, construction work in the ACT has increased 3.6 per cent (seasonally adjusted) in the March quarter 2021," the spokesperson said.

"Access to skilled workers in construction sector is a problem faced around Australia, particularly at this time of record investments by all governments.

"The ACT government is working to address this and ensure that the construction workforce has the skilled pipeline it needs to deliver our record $14 billion infrastructure plan."

The ACT government the number of female apprenticeships had increased since 2018.

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