Australia Rapid Covid tests SHUNNED by Dan Andrews has condemned snowfields

16:51  19 june  2021
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Victorian ski fields face another bleak winter thanks to a pig-headed Labor government that refuses to take its foot off the throat of its tired citizens.

On Wednesday, Melburnians were told they would require proof that they had received a negative polymerase chain reaction Covid test within the past 72 hours before they would be allowed onto a Victorian ski field.

The decree by Premier Daniel Andrews' government will mean children as young as three will need to be tested before being allowed to glide down a snowy hill on a toboggan.

The requirement has all but destroyed the weekend for countless Melburnians who had planned a trip to the snowfields after being released from their 25km Covid compliant cages.

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But many who had ideas of visiting the mountains over the coming weeks and months are already thinking twice about enduring the rigmarole of having to get their whole family tested.

Ski field operators reported mass cancellations of bookings upon Acting Premier Daniel Merlino's announcement this week and fear any plans to extend the requirements throughout the upcoming school holidays will ruin them.

From Friday, Melburnians will be allowed to travel across regional Victoria, masks will no longer be required outdoors, two adults and their dependants will be able to visit homes, and community sport can resume.

Victoria recorded no new local Covid cases overnight, with a strong turnout of more than 25,600 people tested on Wednesday.

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews to return to work after back injury

  Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews to return to work after back injury The Victorian Premier announces he has been given the all-clear by doctors to return to work at the end of June.Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has announced he has been given the all-clear by doctors to return to work on June 28 after suffering spinal injuries in March.

Dismiss people who hit the slopes as 'toffs' if you will, but that would be neither true or to the point.

Just across the New South Wales border, Thredbo and Perisher are able to operate as normal despite that state recording two new cases overnight.

Thousands of ordinary Melburnians had accessed Victoria's alpine resorts each winter up until last year when Mr Andrews' Covid blunders shut them all down.

It was his useless quarantine hotel scheme that destroyed the ski season and ended the lives of hundreds of elderly Victorians.

With Victoria smashed by freezing weather in recent weeks, struggling alpine businesses were desperate for a bumper ski season.


In October and November, Slovakia tested a large percentage of its population in several rounds of mass rapid antigen testing.

Dan Andrews gets his Covid jab as he reveals when he's back at work

  Dan Andrews gets his Covid jab as he reveals when he's back at work Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has received his coronavirus jab as he prepares to finally return to work after breaking his back and six ribs in March.Mr Andrews got his first jab of the Pfizer vaccine at The Alfred Hospital in Melbourne on Wednesday.

Determined not to enter another lockdown, two rounds of rapid mass testing saw the prevalence of Covid drop by more than half.

While the approach may not work everywhere, the findings supported population-wide rapid testing, when combined with other measures, as an important tool for combatting the pandemic.

Victorian chief health officer Brett Sutton justified the decision by stating the snow resorts posed a 'high-risk environment'.

Video: Daniel Andrews to return to work on June 28 (Sky News Australia)

'The industry has to be ­protected,' he said.  'A single case infectious on the mountain would be a potential superspreader event.'

Few Melburnians will forget that Covid came to town last year in the Balenciaga purses of Aspen skiing snobs.

But that was more than a year ago and those within the Andrews Government have proven to be slow learners.

An alternative to slow and intrusive PCR tests continues to be ignored by not only the Andrews Government, but those advising governments across the country.

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Experts claim by running rapid antigen and rapid antibody tests in parallel with PCR tests, patients understand after 15 minutes with a high degree of accuracy whether they have or have had the virus.

Such tests, which can be bought over the counter in the United States and United Kingdom, can quickly identify potential carriers.

While diagnostic companies have received approval to use the tests in Australia, health authorities refuse to grant approval outside of the workplace.

John Kelly, managing director at Atomo Diagnostics, told Daily Mail Australia on Thursday that the use of rapid antigen tests would save Victoria's ski season.

'There is no reason why these tests could not be deployed in a ski resort as people arrive and within 15 minutes you have screened everybody and they pick up nine out of 10 active infections,' he said.

'If someone is positive there is a high likelihood that it will be detected through this program.'

Mr Kelly said the tests returned results on the spot without the need for a laboratory.

'There is no reason why they couldn't be done in Australia other than a public health policy that is resistant to rapid testing,' he said.

Virus test to 'protect' Vic snow resorts

  Virus test to 'protect' Vic snow resorts Melbourne residents travelling up to Victoria's snowfields must show proof of a negative test as part of a new measure to keep resorts COVID-free.Acting Premier James Merlino confirmed the ban on travel to regional Victoria would be scrapped from 11.59pm on Thursday, paving the way for Melbourne residents to return to snow resorts.

Earlier this month, Daily Mail Australia was ignored by the premier's office as to why it would not consider using rapid antigen tests in combination with its preferred use of PCR tests.

The Victorian health department and the premier's office ignored questions again on Thursday.

The cost to the Australian taxpayer and Medicare of rapid tests would be between $15 and $20 per test rather than $180 per PCR test.

Mr Kelly said the rapid tests had been reviewed by the Therapeutic Goods Administration and listed on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods for use in Australia.

'So from a regulatory perspective, they can be used. There is no reason that they can't be used,' he said.

In the UK, the rapid tests are used to screen people attending rock concerts while in Australia they have been utilised by Opera Australia to screen production workers.

'You can't test 10,000 people by PCR up on a ski field because you don't have a lab nearby and you don't get the results until the weekend is finished, so it's completely useless,' Mr Kelly said.

'We've never said use rapid testing instead of PCR, what we're saying is use rapid testing in areas where PCR isn't practical and this is one obvious example.'

Yet Professor Sutton continues to bleat on about 'protecting Victorians'.

Last week Victorians along trendy Chapel Street begged the premier and his health goons to pay them a visit to see how their protection was treating them.

Many pharmacies want to return Corona test offering

 Many pharmacies want to return Corona test offering Due to decreasing demand for Corona tests, Germany's pharmacies want to limit their offer. Because the number of completely vaccinated increases and infectious rules were loosened, the need for tests take off, said a spokesman for the pharmacist association ABDA in Berlin. © Oliver Berg / DPA A woman fills a form for a Covid 19 test in front of a pharmacy in Bonn. He also pointed out that the federal government less pay as before.

Like most of regional Victoria, their businesses, families and outlook for the future has been destroyed by medical advice and decisions that cannot be challenged or explained.

This weekend, as Victoria's ski fields cater to a hand full of die hard locals, it surely can't be just the 'snobs' asking for an end to this madness.


Rapid tests have been extremely effective globally as a mechanism for testing and managing COVID.

By running rapid antigen and rapid antibody tests in parallel, patients understand after 15 minutes with a high degree of accuracy whether they have or have had the virus.

Australian governments continue to oppose any other form of testing and maintain sole reliance on PCR testing as the only mechanism and tool to determine whether someone has Covid.

PCR tests can take between 18 and 36 hours to return from the lab depending on the capacity and workload of the facility.

Experts claim the slow time lag for PCR results renders them unsuitable for the logistics of travel, entering large venues for sports/live music events, visiting relatives in aged care facilities and for mass ground transport.

'Rapid antigen tests have a validated sensitivity of 97 percent, comparable to the “gold standard” PCR test in the low to mid 90 percent range,' an expert in the diagnostics field told Daily Mail Australia on Friday.

'Depending on the number of cycles the PCR tests are conducted over, they will detect not just active infection but remnants of COVID fragments from possible past infection, hence the large number of false positives seen with PCR testing around the world.'

The rapid antigen tests were used at Howard Springs quarantine facility in the Northern Territory up until only a few weeks ago when they were dumped exclusively for PCR tests.

The facility's medical director, Di Stephens, claimed the rapid tests did not have the sensitivity and specificity to pick up the people that had Covid and also had returned false positives.

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