Australia How volunteer firefighters learn to save houses from fires — and what you can do too

04:23  25 july  2021
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heat, drought, lightning and therefore fires: the American West expects the worst

 heat, drought, lightning and therefore fires: the American West expects the worst of lightning, wind, a high mercury and an alarming drought: the American West already ravaged by the fires prepared at worst Friday Faced with a meteorological forecast cocktail conducive to the emergence of new fires this weekend. It is in the state of Oregon, just north of California, that the situation is the most disturbing. The Bootleg Fire, a fire already bigger than the city of New York, keeps fat.

Becoming a volunteer firefighter requires extensive training, hard work and dedication to the community. Smaller communities, towns and cities rely on volunteer firefighters to respond quickly to emergencies, to perform firefighting duties and to provide assistance and support to career firefighters . Be aware that volunteer firefighting can be a dangerous job that requires facing life or death situations. You should be able to stay calm, cool and collected in the heat of the moment. If you think you can handle the heat and would make a good volunteer firefighter , read the next page to

Studies show the volunteer firefighters save tax payers billion in the USA. 70% of the USA by area is served by volunteer departments. Another benefit is the camaraderie you will feel with your fellow volunteers . Fire departments can feel like a family. All of these answers are good answers, but for me, the biggest benefit is seeing if I want to become a firefighter . What I mean when I say that is not all jobs are for everyone. Becoming a volunteer gives you a chance to see if thats what you want to do without committing years to learning how to be something and then realizing you aren’t cut out

Big bushfires have devastated large swathes of the country, destroying homes and taking hundreds of lives, but it is house fires that are the most insidious killer.

On average, there are 64 house fire-related deaths per year in Australia, which equates to more than one death per week, or a Black Saturday bushfire every three years.

The ABC has been given exclusive access to the South Australian Country Fire Service's training facilities to get a first-hand look at what a house fire is like from the inside, and how volunteer firefighters are trained to combat them.

How long do you have to escape a house fire?

It is probably a lot less time than you think.

fires: Western Canada declares the state of emergency, thousands of inhabitants sorted to evacuate

 fires: Western Canada declares the state of emergency, thousands of inhabitants sorted to evacuate the province of Western Canada decreed the state of emergency Tuesday due to fire growth Who should still grow in the coming days because of heat and winds. "We have reached a critical point," Mike Farnworth announced, the British Columbia Minister of Public Safety at a press point. "On the basis of the advice of the managers of emergency management and forest fires, and the deterioration of weather conditions, I declare the state of provincial emergency," he added.

firefighters put out fire 's .but that's not all they do . they get cats out of tree's, go to car accidents and clean up the ground .they raise money ,to flood zones, rescue people from buildings houses and burning trash. firefighters have a busy day .they got maps of cities , parks ,raods,buildings, houses ,feilds,and schools.so if you want. they help save people from fires , help put out fires , and they go to sites where something bad happens.. like car accidents, fires ,heart attacks, strokes, and other events that might need attendance by firefighters .

While volunteer firefighters are entitled to compensation if they're injured while on the ground, they otherwise receive very little assistance. Now there are calls for a better deal for exhausted crews who have spent weeks fighting fires across the country. For weeks, exhausted volunteer fire crews have been crucial in the fight against unprecedented bushfires burning across the country. Their efforts have sparked widespread calls for compensation. But just what exactly would — or could — that look like? What entitlements do volunteer firefighters currently get?

Modern homes can be quickly engulfed, due to the fact that furnishings are often filled with synthetic products.

SA Country Fire Service training team leader Garth Hogarth said modern carpeting, couches and curtains burned very quickly.

"Forty years ago, when furniture was solid timber, wool and natural fibres, fire progression was 20 to 30 minutes before it became very dangerous for a person inside," Mr Hogarth said.

"Today, you're looking anywhere around that four-minute mark where it becomes very dangerous for people inside the building."

Safely fighting a house fire

Country Fire Service volunteers are first taught how to safely move through a hot, smoky building and rescue anyone trapped.

"It is very, very challenging for them but it's a safe and controlled environment where they're able to take home a lot of skills to help their brigade and their community," Mr Hogarth said.

California's Dixie Fire rages as temperatures expected to rise across US

  California's Dixie Fire rages as temperatures expected to rise across US California's Dixie Fire, the largest wildfire burning in the western state, has jumped to 167,430 acres. The fire, which is just 18% contained, was started 10 days ago, though the cause is still under investigation by Cal Fire. As firefighters worked to battle the Dixie Fire's flames in Butte and Plumas counties, Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom declared a state of emergency on Friday for Plumas, Butte, Lassen and Alpine counties -- where fires have collectively destroyed homes, forced evacuations and damaged critical infrastructure.

News and issues affecting firefighters and fire departments. All members of this department MUST Just waiting on Bad Call #3 since Friday we had a fatal Car wreck and today a fatal house fire . If you think that you can duplicate the same experience and training in a volunteer capacity while working Certs don’t mean jack shit dude. You learn way more out riding the truck, training at the station, and

Every fire station is different on how it handles training. Many in the USA don't involve volunteers at all. For those that do - some require attendance to an academy they run in the evenings, some require you to take off for several days to go somewhere else. Can you put yourself into another person’s shoes, quickly understand why, and what that persons reasoning was that put them into a certain position that they needed to call us? Can you get them out of that situation without embarrassment to any person involved?

Then comes the unique opportunity for volunteers to train with live fire.

It is this specialised training that gives volunteers an opportunity to experience what a structure fire is like and how fire behaves in a confined space.

SA Country Fire Service training officer Darren Chapman said the structure firefighting training was about simulating a fire inside a room, like a lounge room.

"Inside that lounge room, we'd expect standard furniture: couches, coffee tables, TVs, and what we're simulating is that those furnishings are now on fire and our volunteers need to go in there and suppress that fire," he said.

"The idea of this training is to give them the ability to do that safely and read those fire conditions, so that they can suppress that fire as quickly as possible."

He said the training was about observing and understanding fire behaviour so firefighters knew what to look for in a live fire situation.

Forest fires in Turkey and Greece, houses threatened

 Forest fires in Turkey and Greece, houses threatened Firefighters fight against fires that declared themselves on Wednesday afternoon in southern Turkey, near the tourist area of ​​Antalya, and in Greece, in Peloponnese. View on Euronews © Arif Kaplan / IHA police officers and inhabitants observing the advance of a fire near Manavgat, Antalya, Turkey, July 28, 2021 The south of Turkey has been prey to the flames since yesterday.

firefighters put out fires and save peoples lives This depends on the location of the firefighters . Many small volunteer departments respond to very few events, and may save several lives in a year. Firefighters save houses by trying to restrict a fire to a small area and then put it out, often using water pumped to save people from fire and put out a fire and find solutions to emergencys s.

A TED talk by Mark Bezos called A life lesson from a volunteer firefighter .He tells a story about a time he went to heal at a fight. "iSLCollective Interactive Video Quizzes are highly engaging and motivating multimodal texts for English language students to learn vocabulary and improve their listening skills.

"What they're looking for is the changing in particular conditions, the amount of flame being produced, the density of that smoke, how quickly the smoke is making its way to the floor," Mr Chapman said.

"Fire is a very complex beast."

What does it feel like inside a burning compartment?

It is mentally challenging, hot and arduous.

As the fire begins to burn, it only takes a few minutes before smoke covers the container's ceiling and firefighters can feel the radiant heat on their arms.

The personal protective clothing firefighters wear helps to protect them from the radiant heat, which is important as temperatures reach about 70 degrees Celsius where they're kneeling and about 300C at the fire's source.

As the fire progresses, something remarkable happens: some of the unburnt particles in the smoke catch fire.

Firefighters are taught how to pulse water to cool the super-heated gasses overhead, to create a safe pathway to the source of the fire, which can then be extinguished.

What is it like to see a fire developing in your home?

Adelaide resident Anne Williams knows just how quickly things can change.

Lebanon battles wildfires for third straight day

  Lebanon battles wildfires for third straight day Lebanon battled rapidly spreading wildfires for a third straight day Friday after they destroyed pine forests and threatened homes in northern areas. The blaze that started Wednesday in Lebanon's remote Akkar region "is spreading quickly over large areas," Agriculture Minister Abbas Mortada told AFP. "It's spreading in all directions" fanned by high winds, Mortada said, adding that it had reached neighbouring Syria. The blaze, which has killed aThe blaze that started Wednesday in Lebanon's remote Akkar region "is spreading quickly over large areas," Agriculture Minister Abbas Mortada told AFP.

Ms Williams thought she had turned her stove off before going for a walk with her family.

"We could hear the smoke alarm walking down the street and I thought, 'no, I turned the hot plate off'," she said.

"In my haste, I had actually turned it to maximum, so it had gone from low to maximum and it stopped before it got to off."

Thankfully, Ms Williams arrived home in time to stop her kitchen from catching fire.

"There was smoke all down the passage," she said

"You couldn't see much at all — the whole place was full of this thick black, smelly smoke — it was putrid.

"It just went into everything: all the carpets, curtains, soft furnishings, everything.

"I think the thing that was very scary was the fact it could have easily been a huge fire and we could have come back to no house."

What can I do to prepare my home and protect myself?

While it is only firefighters receiving this specialised training, there are things you can do to prepare for a house fire.

Smoke alarms, a fire blanket and an extinguisher will help but so does a plan.

"Home fire safety is one of those things — if you've got children and elderly, so vulnerable people, have a plan, work out how I'm going to get out of my house in the event of a fire," Mr Chapman said.

"Be prepared, just like a bushfire — make sure your home is set up so you can get out freely."

The data shows those preventable deaths occur most commonly in winter at night, particularly from midnight to 4:00am.

Keeping the door shut when you go to sleep at night is another way to protect yourself.

"If you have a door closed, the chances of surviving a fire is elevated," Mr Chapman said.

"If the door is open and the fire is able to spread into your room that you happen to be in, your chance of survival can be reduced."

Fires multiply in Turkey, Greece and Sicily .
Fire Turkey: Fires multiply in Turkey, Greece and Sicily © Reuters / Umit Bektas Fires multiply in Turkey, Greece and Sicily Istanbul ( Reuters) - Firefighters continued to fight Sunday to master the forest fires that still rage in Turkey in the seaside resorts of Manavgat and Marmaris, tourists having been evacuated from Bodrum, on the Aegean coast. Most of the dozens of fires that broke out in Turkey in the last five days have been controlled, according to the authorities.

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