Australia Organised criminals are ‘trusted insiders' in some of Australia's biggest freight firms

01:45  28 july  2021
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Confusion as Sydney wakes to harsh new lockdown restrictions

  Confusion as Sydney wakes to harsh new lockdown restrictions Sydney has woken to its harshest COVID-19 restrictions since the pandemic began after 111 cases were recorded yesterday. Construction has been halted and only certain essential retail stores remain open in tough new COVID-19 rules that have been put in place until at least July 30.In the Fairfield, Canterbury-Bankstown and Liverpool local government areas it is now only emergency service and healthcare workers who can leave their home for work.Fairfield Mayor Frank Carbone said there was widespread confusion over the new rules for locals in south west Sydney.

Crime agencies believe Qantas has been infiltrated by bikies and other organised crime groups to facilitate drug importation and other activities that pose a risk to national security. But Project Brunello found in its July 2020 report that “ trusted insiders ” at Australia ’ s biggest airline have links to organised crime and were able to “cause significant harm” to the Australian community by facilitating smuggling across borders. The official sources briefed on the report said the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission inquiry had found some Qantas staff were creating “vulnerabilities in the

In the view of these agencies, the particular criminal organisations use membership of the relevant ethnic group as a key factor in determining who is allowed to participate, especially at the more senior levels or in taking the major roles in particular crimes . 3.6 However, by omitting consideration of Russian organised crime from this discussion paper, the Committee is not taking issue with the view that Australian agencies must remain alert to the real possibility that Russian-based criminal groups may target Australia .

chart, treemap chart: MELBOURNE,AUSTRALIA 2 JULY 2017: Craig Rowley, CEO of LeadWest, western suburbs lobby group poses for a photo outside a shipping container depot in Brooklyn on Saturday 1 July 2017. THE AGE /LUIS ENRIQUE ASCUI © Luis Enrique Ascui MELBOURNE,AUSTRALIA 2 JULY 2017: Craig Rowley, CEO of LeadWest, western suburbs lobby group poses for a photo outside a shipping container depot in Brooklyn on Saturday 1 July 2017. THE AGE /LUIS ENRIQUE ASCUI

Intelligence gathered in multiple policing probes has found leading Australian freight, logistics and transport firms are being infiltrated by organised crime groups and bikies to import drugs and illegal tobacco then distribute them around Australia.

The information comes as Australian Federal Police Commissioner Reece Kershaw will on Wednesday reveal that the cracking of the encrypted An0m app used by criminals has led to the arrest of 29 "trusted insiders", including people working in "freight forwarding and logistics companies, couriers, trucking firms" and at "ports, airports and mail centres".

Queen Elizabeth takes measures to protect family against cyber criminals

  Queen Elizabeth takes measures to protect family against cyber criminals Queen Elizabeth is said to have taken steps to protect the royal family against cyber criminals after being warned of increasing threats. Sir Michael Stevens, Keeper of the Privy Purse, which is the British Sovereign's private income, has reportedly sent a report to Her Majesty outlining the possible threats posed to the royal family if cyber criminals targeted them. Sir Stevens warned against "reputational damage, penalties and/or legal action against the Household or members of staff", according to The Daily Star. © Getty The Queen was advised to improve cyber security.

The national character of Australia has a pragmatic streak born of the necessities of life in colonial times and perpetuated by a stream of immigrants who were mostly self-selected as valuing practical concerns over teh passionate attachments of their home countries. They are joking, or at least I hope they are , though some of the people commenting there seem to have a chip on their shoulder about Aussies and are being downright nasty about it. The evidence that ‘ criminal behaviour’ is genetic is sparse to to say the least. There are genes that affect neurotransmitter levels that have been vaguely linked to violent behaviour, but

Coal is Australia ' s third-largest export to China. But the percentage of coal exports to China has been shrinking over the years, according to analysts who say Australian exporters have found additional buyers in places like South Korea, Vietnam and Japan. "Nearly half of all Australia ' s exports to China are iron ore. Goods subject to tariffs or other restrictions make up a small share of overall GDP, though importantly will have important sector specific and regional impacts," the analysts said in a Dec.

Dozens of law enforcement probes over the past decade - several of which The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald have reviewed in court or been briefed on by official sources - have gathered evidence and intelligence suggesting logistics firms such as NNR Global, stevedoring company Patrick Terminals, airport services firm Dnata and freight giants Toll, TNT and Linfox all have employees identified as suspects or people closely linked to organised crime groups.

In June, The Age and Herald also revealed a police intelligence operation codenamed Brunello had warned that dozens of Qantas employees had links to organised crime.

Finding enough direct evidence to charge such employees is usually difficult.

But the AFP's infiltration over three years of the An0m encrypted phone system, known as Operation Ironside, has uncovered direct messages between crime bosses and trusted employees, paving the way for 29 arrests.

Police crack down on truck drivers from COVID-19 hotspots crossing Queensland border

  Police crack down on truck drivers from COVID-19 hotspots crossing Queensland border Police are cracking down on truck drivers crossing the border after two infectious removalists travelled through South Australia via Melbourne, sparking a statewide lockdown in Victoria.The state recorded no new locally acquired coronavirus cases today, but authorities have toughened up border checks for truck drivers at the weekend.

Is it Australia ’ s economy that is significantly stronger or that the Canadian economy has gone weaker? Let’s start with a little background, shall we? On paper, Canada is a far richer country than Australia . Basically, Aussies getting big chunck of money NOW through their pay cheque by sacrificing their future retirement pension. Canucks and yanks are oppisite, they pay higher tax through CPP and Social security with much less pay cheque but their future retirement is much more secured than Aussies.

Organized crime groups, such as _____ criminal enterprises, currently operate in the United States or are targeting U. S . citizens from afar using the Internet and other technologies. The term _ refers to organized crime groups of criminals born in or with family ties to the former Soviet Union or Central or Eastern Europe. health care fraud, auto insurance fraud, securities & investment fraud, money laundering, drug trafficking, extortion, auto theft, and interstate transportation of stole property.

"Intelligence reveals trusted insiders charged fees between 15 to 25 per cent of the drugs they were moving around the country," Mr Kershaw will say in a speech to the National Press Club.

"Baggage handlers and postal workers" were having their assets targeted by police via proceeds-of-crime orders, he said, warning that "workers who have knowledge of logistics chains and facilitate crime" were being "methodically" identified by his agency.

Mr Kershaw will also reveal that at least 20 of the 29 insiders arrested previously held aviation or maritime security identification cards, giving them access to sensitive border sites. And he will say that "lawyers, accountants, and some government officials have been identified as enablers of Australia's multibillion-dollar drug-trafficking industry".

The Operation Ironside arrests represent the biggest unified effort in Australian law enforcement history to target those working on the "inside" in companies.

Police may lose legal power to ban suspected criminals from casino, racetracks

  Police may lose legal power to ban suspected criminals from casino, racetracks A 16-year-old policy that stops alleged gangsters from doing business at Crown and on the track may be declared legally invalid.Powers used by Victoria Police to ban underworld figures from Crown casino and the state's racing venues have been called into question after secret legal advice suggested the nearly two-decade-old crime fighting tactic may be invalid.

person or firm named in a freight contract to whom goods have been shipped or turned over for care. person or business that arranges documentation and travel facilities for companies dispatching goods to customers. freight forwarder. My job is to _ the transport of goods either by sea, air, road, or rail.

July research from the Australia Institute, a think-tank, and Change the Record, an Aboriginal-led justice coalition, suggested most Australians supported increasing the age of criminal responsibility to 14 years or higher. The world also paid attention last year when a 12-year-old Aboriginal boy addressed the UN Human Rights Council. The Law Council of Australia has spoken of addressing the underlying causes of criminal behaviour such as a lack of housing. media caption'It just works': Western Australia ' s first all-Aboriginal police station.

Intelligence reports suggest the Australian arm of international logistics giant NNR Global (previously known as Maltacourt Logistics) had been associated with 20 ostensibly legitimate maritime importations over seven years that were later found by authorities to contain smuggled tobacco or drugs.

The high incidence of importations linked to this one firm has led senior policing officials to conclude that NNR's Australian arm has been infiltrated by organised crime groups, official sources said.

Speaking anonymously because they were not authorised to comment publicly, the sources confirmed that NNR Global, along with airline Qantas, employ at least one staff member named on Australia's confidential National Criminal Target List, which is used by state and federal policing agencies to designate figures suspected to be members of top-tier crime groups.

NNR's customs and compliance manager, Ali Awada, said he had no knowledge that the firm had been compromised and stressed he and other company officials worked closely with Australian authorities in the event smugglers were suspected of using NNR to facilitate illegal activity.

New rules have China private education firms bracing for a hit

  New rules have China private education firms bracing for a hit Changes sent shockwaves across China’s $120bn private tutoring sector, leading to a huge sell-off in listed firms.News of the rule changes on Friday, after a leaked document circulated on social media, sent shockwaves through China’s $120bn private tutoring sector and triggered a massive sell-off in the shares of companies including US-listed TAL Education Group and Gaotu Techedu.

"I'm very closely linked to Customs and to Border Force," Mr Awada said.

In June, the chief executive of Australia's peak criminal intelligence agency, Mike Phelan, warned that Australian crime bosses "share supply routes, they share logistic supply chains ... they share any corrupt networks".

When asked if a criminal cartel was corrupting government institutions, Mr Phelan said it was "extremely naive" to think it had not penetrated Australian law enforcement agencies.

For almost a decade, the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission and the Australian Federal Police have pushed politicians to increase the vetting of employees at airports and ports to weed out criminal syndicates.

Labor has previously opposed toughening the maritime and aviation security card vetting regime, arguing that it was flawed, but tougher vetting legislation passed Federal Parliament last month in the wake of Operation Ironside.

The Australian Border Force has also identified gaps in the regulation of freight forwarders, who help importers move their goods across the border, are being exploited by criminal groups. At least three firms or individuals suspected by police to have used their ABF-issued customs broker's licences to facilitate criminal importations of drugs and tobacco have retained the licences.

In a statement, Australian Border Force said it had been working for years to counter supply-chain vulnerabilities and in 2019 launched Project Jardena to deal with the issue.

Bahn shows, despite losses confident .
just let the legs out or the backpack beside themselves: who was traveling with the ICE during the pandemic, could usually look forward to a free neighboring place. It should be over soon. © Fabian Sommer / DPA The Deutsche Bahn is approaching the pre-crisis level according to its own information in the utilization of the remote trains. remote and freight trains will be full again, the Deutsche Bahn sees itself on a good way out of the crisis.

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