Australia Lockdowns and state borders will be removed when 70% are jabbed

12:09  30 july  2021
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Lockdowns and state borders will be largely removed when 70 per cent of Australians over 16 are fully jabbed against Covid-19 and overseas travel will be allowed when 80 per cent are double vaccinated, Scott Morrison has announced.

The Prime Minster revealed the jab rates required for each step of his four-stage plan to get Australia back to normal after a National Cabinet meeting with state premiers on Friday afternoon.

'We've agreed that the way we get there is Australians, one by one, family by family, community by community, going out there, getting vaccinated, getting the job done,' he said.

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Australia - which has only vaccinated 18.24 per cent of over 16s - is currently in phase A of the plan which requires lockdowns 'straight away' to suppress Covid-19 to prevent thousands of infections and deaths.

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A state or territory can move to phase B when the national vaccination rate hits 70 per cent and the rate in that state also hits 70 per cent.

Mr Morrison said he hopes this phase will be achieved before the end of the year but warned the timing 'is entirely up to how the nation responds to this challenge we're setting for ourselves.'

This phase will make lockdowns 'less likely' and will give doubled-vaccinated people 'special rules' to allow them more freedom than Aussies who refuse a jab.

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'If you get vaccinated, there will be special rules that apply to you. Why? Because if you're vaccinated, you present less of a public health risk,' Mr Morrison said.

A 'small working group' involving the Northern Territory, Victoria and Tasmania has been set up to determine which restrictions will not apply to the double-vaccinated.

The Prime Minister warned that some localised lockdowns may be required in that stage but city-wide shutdowns will not be needed.

'Lockdowns in phase B are less likely, but they are possible... they may be necessary but they are not something that you would normally expect,' he said.

'Once we get into phase B, then the calculus does change and lockdowns do cost a lot.

'Where you have that higher level of protection then there is more discretion exercised when it comes if something like that is necessary.

'That's why that phase is referred to as less likely, but possible.'

Lockdowns thing of past in 2022: Morrison

  Lockdowns thing of past in 2022: Morrison Prime Minister Scott Morrison says the vaccine rollout is on track to offer every Australian who wants a jab the opportunity by the end of the year.The prime minister believes all people who want a jab will have the chance to receive one by year's end, barring unforeseen circumstances.

The phase will also increase the arrival cap for vaccinated Australians arriving from overseas - and allow 'reduced' quarantine requirements - as well as capped entry for students and economic visa holders.

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Phase C begins when 80 per cent of adults are double-jabbed, allowing vaccinated Australians to travel overseas for any reason.

Travel bubbles will be set up with countries safer such as Singapore to allow Australians to fly in and out without quarantine.

The percentages have been calculated by modelling experts at The Peter Doherty Institute for Infection and Immunity.

Mr Morrison also took into account economic modelling by Treasury on the impact of lockdowns as well as the country's hospital capacity.

What are the four phases of opening up?

A. Vaccinate, prepare and pilot (from July 14)

Arrival caps cut in half to 3,035 a week; lockdowns and state border closures as a last resort; trials of seven-day home quarantine for vaccinated arrivals; medicare vaccination certificates available on apps like apple wallet

National Cabinet is about to receive the COVID-19 modelling that could chart the path out of the pandemic

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B. Post vaccination phase (when 70 per cent are jabbed, expected late this year)

No lockdowns or state borders except for 'extreme circumstances'; vaccinated people exempt from restrictions; caps for unvaccinated arrivals doubled to 6,070; a larger cap for vaccinated arrivals with 'reduced quarantine requirements'; capped entry for students and economic visa holders

C. Consolidation phase (when 80 per cent are jabbed, time not announced)

Lifting all restrictions for outbound travel for vaccinated travellers; no caps for vaccinated arrivals; increased caps for students and visa holders; more travel bubbles being set up with countries such as Singapore; booster shots rolled out

D. Final phase (percentage or time not announced)

Uncapped arrivals for vaccinated people without any quarantine and uncapped arrivals for unvaccinated people with testing before departure and on arrival

On Thursday a record 210,742 Covid jabs were administered across the country.

So far 18.24 per cent of over 16s have been fully vaccinated and 39.46 per cent have had their first dose.

The Grattan Institute think tank released a report on Thursday saying 80 per cent needed to be fully vaccinated before opening up.

'Abandoning our Zero Covid strategy before 80 per cent of Australians are vaccinated would risk a rapid surge in cases that overwhelms our hospitals and imposes a high death toll,' the Race to 80 report says.

New rules for fully jabbed US and EU arrivals begin

  New rules for fully jabbed US and EU arrivals begin People vaccinated in the EU or US will not need to isolate when coming to the UK from an amber country.The rule change comes in across the country from 04:00 BST on Monday.

Allowing the virus to spread with half the population vaccinated would lead to 31,440 deaths within 300 days, it claims.

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The Institute believes the country can hit the 80 per cent target by December 31.

Gladys Berejiklian earlier said she wanted to 'bring forward' NSW's 'fair share' of the vaccines to help get Sydney out of lockdown.

The state government has suspended elective surgery in Sydney and called in 1,000 police and soldiers to enforce the lockdown as another 170 Covid-19 cases were recorded overnight.

The premier said while the number of new cases was 'considerably less' than Thursday she expected that figure could spike again on Saturday.

Of the newly-acquired cases, 42 were infectious in the community and 93 are still under investigation.

NSW Health said 87 were reported in south-west Sydney and 32 in both the western and central local health districts in the 24 hours to 8pm.

There are 187 patients suffering from Covid-19 across the state, of which 58 are intensive care and 24 are on ventilators.

From August 9, Ms Berejiklian said Qudos Bank Arena - a 21,000-capacity complex in the Olympic Park in the city's west - would open to vaccinate students living in eight hotspot local government areas in Sydney's west and south-west.

The state government hopes 20,000 Year 12 students a week will receive a Covid-19 jab every week at the vaccination hub.

Queensland is investigating a local Covid-19 case after a 17-year-old girl at Indooroopilly State High School tested positive on Thursday night.

Lockdowns 'only option' for virulent Delta

  Lockdowns 'only option' for virulent Delta NSW's "gold standard" of COVID-19 testing and tracing is no longer fit for purpose in the era of Delta, the prime minister says, and only lockdowns will do.The prime minister on Tuesday said NSW's "gold standard" for COVID-19 management was no longer fit for purpose due to Delta's virulence.

Victoria recorded three new cases, all in home isolation.

Earlier Anthony Albanese slammed Mr Morrison for being 'too slow' to order vaccines last year and made four suggestions for speeding up the vaccine rollout.

He said Australian officials should be calling the Americans and asking for any supplies they can spare, build MRNA vaccine production facilities faster, have more pop-up vaccine clinics and a better advertising campaign.

In July 2020, the US ordered 200 million doses of Pfizer, the UK ordered 90 million and Canada ordered 20 million.

But Australia didn't order any until November, when it requested just 10 million doses of the highly effective jab.

In April the government increased the order to 20 million and doubled it to 40 million in June - but critics say this quantity should have been ordered far earlier.

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