Australia Luna the merino sheep now lives at Tasmania's Brightside Animal Sanctuary after her ordeal

02:57  26 september  2021
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Места Cygnet, Tasmania Brightside Farm Sanctuary Публикации. He has never been safe with other animals because when he was racing he was live baited which means he was trained using live animals . It has taken years and years of training and continual exposure to chickens, pigs, dogs, sheep and other She loves water and dogs and people and would love to have children to play with.

In 1797 the first merino sheep were landed in Australia. Unlike earlier breeds, this Spanish variety was much better suited to the Australian environment and was a formidable wool producer. The Spanish monarchy owned one of the finest flocks of transient merinos in Spain and tightly controlled access to the breed. Exporting merinos was banned, on pain of death, prior to 1765. After this date, limited numbers of the renowned Escorial flock were sent to breeders in other countries and closely monitored.

Four-year-old Luna the sheep was discovered on a Tasmanian farm alone and unshorn.  (Supplied) © Provided by ABC NEWS Four-year-old Luna the sheep was discovered on a Tasmanian farm alone and unshorn.  (Supplied)

When Luna the sheep was found on a rural property in Tasmania's south-east, her fleece was so overgrown she was blinded by wool and couldn't move.

The four-year-old ewe was also heavily infested with lice and her wool was matted from constant scratching.

The new property owner, who had recently bought the land near Richmond, came across the distressing sight on Monday.

The man used his tractor to move Luna into his ute, then drove her the three-hour return trip south to Brightside Animal Sanctuary at Cygnet.

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One Tasmania animal you may not have heard about is the Tasmanian Masked Owl. Photo: Christina Pfeiffer. Fortunately for Randall, he now lives at Bonorong where he is safe from predators. 10- Sugar glider. Tasmanian sugar gliders are part of the Tasmania wildlife scene. There are several sugar gliders at Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary . Most of them came to live at Bonorong after being injured in the wild, like Lachie who was badly injured in a cat attack and needed several months of recovery.

"She'd been wandering in the bush, blind and pretty hungry with this hugely heavy weight on her little frail body and she just collapsed, " sanctuary founder Emma Haswell said.

"It was like she'd given up hope. She had no energy and no will to live left."

Luna gets her first haircut

The shearer who clipped Luna believed the ewe had never been shorn before.

"As soon as that wool came off it was amazing, within 20 minutes Luna was walking in a straight line," Ms Haswell said.

"She's bright and hanging out now with the bottle-fed lambs."

Luna is still acclimatising to being shorn, and on extra chilly days wears two jumpers, including a polar fleece designed for greyhounds who also live at the animal sanctuary.

Ms Haswell said she had been overwhelmed by the compassion shown by the farmer who had asked for updates on Luna and was now following her progress on Facebook.

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Sheep are most likely descended from the wild mouflon of Europe and Asia, with Iran A group of sheep is called a flock. Many other specific terms for the various life stages of sheep exist, generally Being a key animal in the history of farming, sheep have a deeply entrenched place in human culture

"It's the most amazing thing, to have someone care that much about a sheep, and what's even more amazing is the incredible following Luna now has on Facebook, so many people have become lovers of Luna," Ms Haswell said.

"Years ago when you put up a post about sheep no-one cared, but that has changed and farmed animals aren't just thought of as food anymore.

"She's this little angel of a sheep. She's got this dainty merino face and these great big eyes."

Luna just one of a flock that's missing

Ms Haswell said another six stray sheep were believed to be on the property where Luna was found, and she believed the previous owner would try to retrieve them.

"Otherwise, we will go up there on horses and ride the property and get them. We will find them," Ms Haswell said.

RSPCA Tasmania chief executive officer Jan Davis said cases where sheep went "rogue" weren't very common.

"If they are in hill country they disappear and aren't readily spottable," said Ms Davis.

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Merino is a type of breed which is known for its excellent wool quality. Its origins around founded in Spain near the beginning of the 12th century. Like all sheep , the Merino is descended from the Mouflon, wild sheep . Most of the world sheep population are wool producers. The Merino was imported to Australia where the worlds highest quality of wool is produced. The Merino always had a fine quality wool, but in Australia it was refined through selective breeding. The Merino is a medium sized sheep with white legs and faces.

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"It was lucky someone found her [Luna] because once sheep are down, they don't generally get up again."

"And to be out in the weather, a wet fleece of that weight would kill a sheep."

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