Australia Flash flooding and rain as huge front moves across Australia

19:27  28 september  2021
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Sydney and Queensland's hot summer to get dampened by rain

  Sydney and Queensland's hot summer to get dampened by rain As Australians look forward to a lockdown-free summer of picnics and barbeques, meteorologists warn it could be a wash out with a La Nina season bringing high temperatures but more rain.A La Nina season is likely to develop and bring thunderstorms, rain, and flooding to NSW and cyclones in Queensland.

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Australia's capital cities are set to be drenched with heavy rain, thunderstorms and wild winds over the next few days which could lead to flash flooding and blackouts.

The Bureau of Meteorology warned on Tuesday night large swathes of the country will see severe thunderstorms over the rest of the week - but they should clear by the weekend.

Storms will likely peak on Thursday after a day of rain, but will make way for 25C sunshine in Sydney and 30C sunbaking weather in Brisbane.

Victorians will continue to endure wet weather until at least Tuesday next week, with 90 per cent chance of showers every day.

NSW residents warned as storm season looms

  NSW residents warned as storm season looms The Bureau of Meteorology has forecast the coming storm season will be wetter than average, increasing the chances of heavy rain and flash flooding in NSW.The Bureau of Meteorology has forecast spring is likely to herald above-average rainfall for people living in the east of Australia, as well as cooler days and warmer nights, after the wettest winter since 2016.

'In the first significant storm outbreak of the season, severe thunderstorm warnings are expected with flash flooding a particular risk,' Bureau meteorologist Miriam Bradbury said.

The weather is caused by a low pressure system moving across central Australia to the east coast and dragging down humid air down from the tropics, she explained.

'The south east of South Australia, Victoria, central New South Wales and southern Queensland should see widespread and intense rain  on Wednesday,' she said.

The heaviest rain will be on the western slopes of the Great Dividing Range as the low pressure trough hit the mountains and is pushed upwards.

'Severe thunderstorms are likely with the risk of hail, damaging winds and heavy rainfall that could lead to flash flooding,' Ms Bradbury warned.

'Rain bomb' coming with hail, storms, high winds to hit three states

  'Rain bomb' coming with hail, storms, high winds to hit three states Meteorologists say Australia's six month-long severe weather season has begun, with flooding in parts of Victoria and NSW tomorrow, adding that three states will be battered this week.The low pressure system was moving east from central Australia on Tuesday and already bringing rain and lightning to northern Victoria and central NSW.

Rainfall in excess of 100mm is expected in this area between Wednesday and Friday - with rivers expected to break their banks and cause flooding in parts of NSW, Victoria and Tasmania.

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'Rain and flash flooding can cause particularly hazardous driving conditions and strong winds with storms have the potential to bring down trees and power lines.'

Victoria's northern high country, including Malee and Wimmera, are at risk of severe storms that could bring up to 50mm of rain, flash flooding, large hail and damaging winds of more than 90 kilometres and hour.

The major risks on Wednesday include flash flooding for north east and central Victoria, the Barwon River area and Otway Coast, meaning towns such as Mildura, Shepparton, Bendigo and Albury-Wodonga could be affected.

On Thursday the heavy rain will shift over the Great Dividing Range and drench Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne while rain will also develop in over Perth.

Weather warnings issued across Australia's east coast

  Weather warnings issued across Australia's east coast New South Wales has been drenched with rain this week with the northern town of Walgett receiving 60mm on Wednesday alone - double its monthly average. Giant hailstones of up to 5cm in diameter have been seen in the north-western suburb of Bourke with wind gusts measuring a ferocious 85km/hr.The ACT hasn't been spared the miserable weather either with Canberra recording half its monthly average in one day with 38mm on Wednesday.Several flood and severe thunderstorm warnings have been given for NSW, Canberra south-east Queensland and Victoria but the wild weather is expected to ease up in time for the long weekend.

Darwin in the tropics will be the only state capital to avoid being soaked.

'Widespread three day rain totals of between 40 to 60 mm are expected in NSW, southern Queensland, Victoria and eastern Tasmania.'

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The NSW storm season officially starts on Friday.

Emergency Services Minister David Elliott welcomed the delivery of a deployable Mobile Incident Command Centre to deal with any disasters.

'It can be easily deployed to any location around the state, and further improves the NSW SES' prompt co-ordination and response to natural disasters', Mr Elliott said in a statement on Tuesday.

The SES is also getting new rescue vehicles, including six new 'Unimogs' which can operate in flood waters up to 1.2 metres.

The SES $56.4million fleet replacement program was on track to deliver 270 vehicles, 124 marine vessels and 95 trailers to some of the state's most flood prone areas.

SES Commissioner Carlene York said her volunteers were preparing for a challenging storm season.

'The difference between now and last year's flooding is our dams are pretty full,' she told Sydney radio 2GB on Tuesday.

Weekend weather warnings: Parts of the UK to see 70mph winds and up to 40mm of rain

  Weekend weather warnings: Parts of the UK to see 70mph winds and up to 40mm of rain Parts of the UK could see winds of up to 70mph and up to 40mm of rain during the weekend. © PA Parts of England and Scotland could see heavy rain and strong winds during the weekend The Met Office has issued yellow weather warnings for the east and south of England and for the north east of Scotland over Aberdeenshire, Orkney, and Shetland.A Met Office spokesperson said: "60-70mph gusts would be enough to cause some problems, delays to transport, some short loss of power possible, could be some spray on the coasts.

'We've had a lot of rain over the winter so the ground is pretty saturated ... so it increases the risk of flash flooding.'

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In a positive the wild weather is set to ease by the weekend.

Sydney will see a partly cloudy weekend with the mercury hitting maximums in the mid-20s on Saturday and Sunday but the sun will be out by Monday.

Melbourne will be a little colder with highs around 21C and showers could stick around until Monday.

Adelaide, Perth, and Hobart will also see some showers on Saturday and Sunday with maximums in the high teens.

And Brisbane will get some summer-like weather for the weekend with fine skies and the mercury pushing 30C.

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Tuesday Partly cloudy 23

Wednesday A few showers Min 12 Max 23

Thursday Shower or two Min 13 Max 23

Friday Showers Min 13 Max 20

Saturday Showers easing Min 11 Max 19

Sunday Few showers Min 12 Max 19

Monday Shower or two Min 10 Max 19


Tuesday: Shower or two .22

Wednesday: Showers. Min 12 Max 20

Thursday: Shower or two Min 12 Max 18

Friday: Partly cloudy. Min 10 Max 17

Saturday: Partly cloudy. Min 7 Max 23

Sunday: Showers easing. Min 11 Max 19

Monday: Shower or two. Min 10 Max 18


Tuesday: Late showers. 23

The flood that drowned American dreams

  The flood that drowned American dreams Immigrant deaths in New York's floods lay bare the 'climate apartheid' wrought by extreme weather.He arrived in the 1990s, having lived through the tumult of a world war, a cultural revolution and the emergence of a nation into modernity.

Wednesday: Rain. Min 13 Max 18

Thursday: Showers. Min 13 Max 20

Friday: Showers. Min 12 Max 17

Saturday: Showers easing. Min 12 Max 18

Sunday: Showers. Min 11 Max 21

Monday: Shower or two. Min 11 Max 18


Tuesday: Late showers. 17

Wednesday: Shower or two. Min 8 Max 14

Thursday: Rain. Min 9 Max 15

Friday: Showers. Min 11 Max 17

Saturday: Showers. Min 12 Max 17

Sunday: Shower or two. Min 11 Max 17

Monday: Shower or two. Min 10 Max 16


Tuesday: Possible shower. 20

Wednesday: Showers, possible storm. Min 8 Max 16

Thursday: Showers, possible storm. Min 9 Max 18

Friday: Showers, possible storm. Min 8 Max 18

Saturday: Shower or two. Min 7 Max- 18

Sunday: Partly cloudy. Min 6 Max 20

Monday: Possible shower. Min 8 Max 19


Tuesday: Mostly sunny 23

Wednesday: Showers increasing. Min 14 Max 22

Thursday: Shower or two. Min 15 Max 25

Friday: Shower or two: Min 14 Max 25

Saturday: Partly cloudy: Min 13 Max 23

Sunday: Partly cloudy: Min 13 Max 25

Monday: Mostly sunny. Min 15 Max 26


Tuesday: Cloudy 21

Wednesday: Cloudy. Min 15 Max 23

Thursday: Showers, possible late storm. Min 16 Max 23

Friday: Showers, possible storm. Min 16 Max 26

Saturday: Partly cloudy. Min 15 Max 29

Sunday: Sunny. Min 14 Max 29

Monday. Mostly sunny. Min 15 Max 30


Tuesday: Sunny 33

Wednesday: Mostly sunny. Min 24 Max 34

Thursday: Partly cloudy. Min 24 Max 33

Friday: Shower or two. Min 25 Max 33

Saturday: Shower or two, possible storm. Min 25 Max 33

Sunday: Partly cloudy. Min 25 Max 33

Monday: Partly cloudy. Min 26 Max 33

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