Australia Speaker who restored respect to the House will leave a gaping hole

04:23  14 october  2021
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Liberal MPs fuming, Premier a no-show at Dan Cregan's swearing in after speakership coup

  Liberal MPs fuming, Premier a no-show at Dan Cregan's swearing in after speakership coup South Australia's political landscape is currently in disarray in the wake of a Liberal defector's shock ascendancy to the speakership, with a former colleague describing the manoeuvring as the "biggest dog act" he has seen in politics.Newly-independent Member for Kavel Dan Cregan assumed the speaker's chair in an extraordinary session of parliament that dragged on well into the night, following a backroom alliance between disaffected former Liberals on the crossbench and the Labor opposition.

The current House speaker is Democrat Nancy Pelosi of California. She was elected to a fourth (second consecutive) term as speaker on January 3, 2021, the first day of the 117th Congress. Since 1839, the House has elected speakers by roll call vote.[6] Traditionally, each party's caucus or conference selects a candidate for the speakership from among its senior leaders prior to the roll call. Representatives are not restricted to voting for the candidate nominated by their party, but generally do, as the outcome of the election effectively determines which party has the majority and consequently

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Tony Abbott probably did Tony Smith a favour by dropping him from the frontbench after he won government in 2013.

Smith didn't think so at the time. He had every right to be bitterly disappointed. Smith had long been seen as a future cabinet minister. With a wealth of experience in politics, he had been touted as a potential deputy. Instead he was appointed chair of the joint standing committee on electoral matters.

It set him up to become the best speaker of the House of Representatives in modern times. Those who have been around federal politics for decades, including Laurie Oakes, members of Labor's leadership team and this columnist cannot name anyone better.

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  US House expected to hike debt ceiling, averting default Democrat-controlled House of Representatives expected to approve bill increasing debt limit amid looming default.A bill to boost the US debt limit to $28.9 trillion is scheduled for a vote on Tuesday evening, House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer announced.

The next speaker was a tall gloomy man. Sir Something Somebody. I crossed a high toll bridge and negotiated a no man's land and came to the place where the Stars and Stripes stood shoulder to shoulder with the Union Jack.

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When he steps down from the Speaker's chair after serving more than six years, through three Liberal prime ministers, there will be a gaping hole, along with a huge responsibility on future prime ministers to find someone to match him.

So good has he been, so much has he done to restore respect to the House, there was the prospect that if he had stayed and the Coalition lost, he probably would have served through a Labor Prime Minister too.

Keeping him as Speaker would have been part of Labor's pitch to improve integrity, an expression of faith in vibrant parliamentary democracy when it's most needed. That would have been extraordinary, a credit to both Smith and to Labor, but after 31 years, Smith, 54, has decided to end his political career.

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At the end of the race he had very little strength left . She regrets not going to the party last Saturday.

Smith, who grew up in Melbourne's Box Hill North, who as a uni student dreamed of buying his first Monaro, who drove into Denny's in Doncaster one afternoon then drove out as the midnight-to-dawn cook after not even flipping a burger at home, will leave with accolades ringing in his ears.

Particularly since the televising of Parliament began in 1991, the Speaker has been the public face of the House. If the House runs wild, the government gets blamed. By knowing the rules backwards, by being fair and fearless, Smith has been Scott Morrison's greatest asset, even when he rebukes him or his senior ministers - something he has done spontaneously, repeatedly.

An incompetent speaker incapable of controlling unruly MPs or too chicken to discipline a rampant prime minister does no favours for the institution or the body politic.

Labor grasps the value of that. Anthony Albanese pays tribute to Smith as an "outstanding" speaker who improved standards, adding: "He is also an old-school parliamentarian who respects the role of the Parliament in our democracy and has sought to enhance that respect amongst the public."

Fast-rising politician pushes rebirth of war-scarred Iraqi city

  Fast-rising politician pushes rebirth of war-scarred Iraqi city With a five-star hotel, malls and other real estate projects, the Iraqi city of Ramadi, ruined by more than a decade of war, is witnessing a construction boom led by the parliamentary speaker. Mohammed al-Halbussi, trained as a civil engineer and who cultivates an image of dynamism, hails from the province of Anbar and is hoping to be re-elected in the October 10 national poll. Supporters say the vote here will be akin to a plebiscite in favour of a new term for Halbussi, and his movement, whom they credit for pushing Ramadi's nascent economic revival after it was left in rubble following the battle to defeat the Islamic State (IS) group.

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As a 17-year-old on a school excursion, Smith fell in love with Old Parliament House. At 23 he walked into the new place with his new boss Peter Costello.

Smith and Costello first met in 1989, but there were strong family connections long before that. Smith's father Alan, had taught Peter chemistry. Then Peter's father, Russell taught Smith history and politics at Carey Grammar.

After the brilliant young lawyer won Higgins in 1990, Smith, who had been president of the Melbourne University Liberal Club, where he crossed swords with Labor's now deputy leader, Richard Marles, offered to work for Costello. It was the beginning of an important political partnership and an enduring friendship.

There was no one Costello trusted more or relied on more. In opposition they were a formidable combination, helping end the ministerial career of Ros Kelly, then considered Labor royalty, with their prosecution of the original sports rorts affair in February 1994. When she resigned from her seat of Canberra in 1995 the by-election was a seminal moment for the Keating government. Labor's vote crashed by almost 22 per cent, Liberals won the seat, setting the scene for the 1996 election victory.

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In government Smith was part of the team which enabled Costello to deliver the "back in the black" budget in 1998, the same year all the grunt work was done on tax reform.

It was a small, tightly knit, intensely loyal office that worked relentlessly with a special tax unit in Treasury under Ken Henry to help land the GST. John Howard deserves credit for driving it but he could not have done it without Costello and the people around him, including Smith.

Costello told me soon after he hired me that Smith carried a make-up kit around in case Costello needed a touch-up for TV. This, of course, was not true. Smith is not that kind of guy, as anyone who has watched Parliament for longer than five minutes would know. It was Costello's way of saying Smith was always well-prepared.

Smith won Casey in 2001, going from the backbench to the frontbench and back again until Bronwyn Bishop's demise in 2015. Despite Abbott's strong opposition, Smith won the speakership handsomely. Two friends who jumped to help muster numbers were Morrison and Christopher Pyne.

Smith has seen massive changes - the televising of Parliament, the increase in the number of women, the increase in the number of independents, the reduction in the number of safe seats and the growing power of incumbency.

Another big change was social media and smartphones. On the house floor they drive debates or distract from them. MPs can communicate discreetly, then use breaking news to instantly change the dynamics or trap opponents.

Smith made one of his most difficult decisions, and the one which cemented his independence, on the eve of the 2019 election. He allowed the House - against advice to him from the government - to debate controversial Senate amendments to the so-called Medevac bill which resulted in a vote against the government.

"Every Speaker must bring their own approach and personality to the job. You need to be fair, consistent and predictable," Smith says of his time in the chair. "But the most important thing is to be a Speaker not just of the House, but for the House and all of its Members - something I remind myself every day."

It sounds simple enough, except decisions with serious repercussions are often made in a split second in a fiery, contested environment. Good luck to whoever follows.

Niki Savva is a regular columnist and former adviser to John Howard and Peter Costello.

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