Australia NSW vaccine mandates valid, judge rules

09:20  15 october  2021
09:20  15 october  2021 Source:   aap.com.au

Ebony* says she was 'on the fence' about vaccination, but Victoria's mandate swayed her

  Ebony* says she was 'on the fence' about vaccination, but Victoria's mandate swayed her As Victoria's broad vaccine mandate for authorised workers concerns some and is applauded by others, with one woman who has been suspended from her job without pay explaining her rationale for refusing to comply.Now the construction worker has dug in firmly against getting it, and she has been suspended from her job, without pay, for refusing to comply.

The NSW Supreme Court has dismissed two cases challenging the validity of Covid-19 vaccine mandates for certain workers. The plaintiffs - a group of 10 people including teachers and nurses - had argued public health orders requiring them to get vaccinated before they go to work were invalid. Their lawyers told Justice Robert Beech-Jones the orders were an attempt to coerce their clients into receiving a vaccination and discriminate against a minority group. But a barrister for Health Minister Brad Hazzard says the rules are really a temporary restriction on movement, which the plaintiffs could

Meanwhile, in NSW , lawyers for the health minister, Brad Hazzard, have told the supreme court a public health order requiring certain people to be vaccinated if they want to go to work is not really a vaccine mandate . A group of 10 people is trying to overturn orders that require NSW teachers and aged care They say the orders discriminate against a minority group and Hazzard had no power to sign them. But Hazzard’s barrister, Jeremy Kirk SC, told the court the case wasn’t about vaccine mandates . He said the rules were a temporary restriction on movement, which the plaintiffs could avoid if they decided to

Public health orders requiring NSW health workers, teachers and some construction workers to be vaccinated to keep working are valid, the NSW Supreme Court has ruled.

Unvaccinated NSW workers have failed in their court bid to overturn vaccinate mandates. © Joel Carrett/AAP PHOTOS Unvaccinated NSW workers have failed in their court bid to overturn vaccinate mandates.

Sydney construction worker Al-Munir Kassam, Byron Bay aged care worker Natasha Henry and eight others had argued the public health orders should be overturned as it impinged on various rights including a right to bodily integrity and a right to freedom of movement.

But Justice Robert Beech-Jones said arguing the health order impinged on rights was of little assistance when abrogation was the very thing the legislation sets out to achieve.

Is the likely surge in Covid cases after NSW's freedom day a worry?

  Is the likely surge in Covid cases after NSW's freedom day a worry? Daily Covid cases have been the most talked about figure throughout the pandemic and could skyrocket with millions of people in NSW mingling in offices, pubs, restaurants, bars from October 11.Health experts Daily Mail Australia spoke to agreed new infections could soar in NSW once restrictions are lifted on October 11, but said a sharp rise in cases would not mean the state should be thrown back into lockdown.

A federal judge on Oct. 8 denied a request to block Michigan State University’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate on the basis of natural immunity. She presented two antibody tests showing her previous infection, and her doctors told her that she didn’t need to get the vaccine at this time. Despite her natural immunity, Norris faces termination from the university for not complying with the school’s mandate that all students and staff get the shot unless they have a medical or religious exemption.

Bombshell court battle over mandatory Covid vaccines hears no worker in NSW HAS to get the jab - as lawyers for Brad Hazzard make a very tactful revelation. Government lawyers admit key workers do not face mandatory Covid jabs. They say the jabs are simply a way to become exempt from some But NSW state government has hit back at the claims and say no-one is being forced to get jabbed, just that those who are will be excused from some of the restrictions. A group of 10 people - including a teacher, health care worker and a mechanic - are trying to overturn rules mandating vaccination for

When all was said and done, the public health orders in question restricted freedom of movement.

"So far as the right to bodily integrity is concerned, it is not violated as the impugned orders do not authorise the involuntary vaccination of anyone," he said.

"So far as the impairment of freedom of movement is concerned, the degree of impairment differs depending on whether a person is vaccinated or unvaccinated.

"Curtailing the free movement of persons including their movement to and at work are the very type of restrictions that the Public Health Act clearly authorises."

He also dismissed claims Health Minister Brad Hazzard acted outside his powers, by not asking the right questions or failing to take into account relevant considerations.

Texas governor bans all vaccine mandates in state

  Texas governor bans all vaccine mandates in state The latest edict by the Republican governor applies to all entities, including private businesses.Mr Abbott, a Republican, has been one of the most vocal US leaders opposed to coronavirus vaccine mandates.

On Tuesday, a judge ruled that those health care workers can seek religious exemption requests from a statewide COVID-19 vaccine mandate . Just because you have a valid medical disability or theological objection to receiving a coronavirus vaccine doesn’t mean your employer has to let you continue working under the same conditions you’ve been used to. Companies are required to make “reasonable accommodations” if an employee objects to receiving a vaccine for valid reasons.

The state issued its COVID-19 vaccine mandate on Aug. 28. This required all healthcare workers at hospitals and nursing homes to get at least one dose of the vaccine by Sept. 27. This mandate does not recognize religious exemptions to vaccinations . Judge David N. Hurd of the District Court for the Northern District of New York ruled in favor of the plaintiffs and issued an order temporarily blocking the state from enforcing its vaccine mandate . Hurd then gave the state until Sept. 22 to respond to the lawsuit in federal court.

The case was the first in a series across Australia challenging various limitations on unvaccinated people.

The court's decision deals a blow to another NSW case to be heard in November, involving paramedic and regional deputy mayor John Larter.

The case also heralded a new era for Australian courts, with streams of the case's hearings being watched 1.4 million times on YouTube.

Most of those views occurred during the hearing itself, with the audience peaking at 58,000 during a directions hearing.

More than 20,000 tuned in on Friday.

"The Court's use of YouTube to accommodate the increased public interest in these cases is indicative of the Court's principle of open justice," a spokeswoman told AAP.

The Federal Court has also turned to streaming public interest cases during the COVID-19 pandemic, including Christian Porter's defamation fight and the related Jo Dyer v Sue Chrysanthou case.

Psaki ridicules idea that vaccine mandates have sidelined workers

  Psaki ridicules idea that vaccine mandates have sidelined workers White House press secretary Jen Psaki derisively dismissed the notion that coronavirus vaccine mandates have played a role in keeping people from going out to get jobs. "I know, uh, world-renowned business, travel and health expert, Senator Ted Cruz has made that point," Psaki said Tuesday when asked about vaccine mandates shrinking the workforce.

Judge Hurd issued a preliminary injunction that extended the restraining order on September 14, barring the state from granting a health facility honoring religious-exemption requests. The 27-page decision said health professionals are likely to be successful on their claims that the mandate infringes on New York City Law Department press secretary Nick Paolucci said Tuesday’s ruling was a “great confirmation” that the vaccine policy was valid . Plaintiff’s attorney did not immediately respond to a request for comment. US District Judge Valerie E. Caproni ruled that the education workers trial was

Vaccine passport now available to NSW residents via Service NSW phone app. Users need to link Medicare with their MyGov account to access certificate. They can they choose to link Covid vaccination certificate with Service NSW app. Vaccine passport had drawn criticism for not being ready at end of lockdown. Several security measures will be in place including a hologram of the NSW Waratah logo to help businesses ensure their customers are complying with the rules .

Each peaked at more than 2000 viewers while about 900 turned into a hearing involving Ben Roberts-Smith.

Professor Rick Sarre said broadcasting court proceedings went back as far as the coronial findings into the death of Azaria Chamberlain in 1981.

But concern about preserving evidence, lawyers playing to camera and the work involved in setting up a courtroom for broadcasting has held all but a few cases.

The University of South Australia adjunct professor of law can't see jury trials being streamed but suggests judicial explanations for sentencing would be far better off broadcast

"The idea is it will happen a lot more but judges will be more particular about what they will subject to that," he told AAP.

"Leave it in the hands of the judge and he or she will be in the best position to make call."

Public faith in the administration of justice requires that justice must not only be done, but it must also be seen to be done, Law Council of Australia president Jacoba Brasch QC said.

"The Courts' willingness and adaptability to shift online during COVID has not only enabled Australians to continue to access justice during this time, but made it possible for more members of our community to observe our legal system in action if they so wish," Dr Brasch told AAP.

However, she said the shift did create potential challenges that must be managed, such as ensuring people do not record the proceedings.

Pfizer’s clinical data puts the US one step closer to a Covid-19 vaccine for younger kids .
A Covid-19 vaccine for children ages 5 to 11 could be authorized by early November.Pfizer also announced on Friday that the vaccine is more than 90 percent effective at protecting school-age children from serious illness or hospitalization from Covid-19, similar to the level of protection it provides in adults.

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