Australia Labor's Kristina Keneally met with head of United Front group

07:10  20 october  2021
07:10  20 october  2021 Source:   smh.com.au

Labor makes yet another “buy Australian” pledge at low-key NSW state conference

  Labor makes yet another “buy Australian” pledge at low-key NSW state conference A 'buy Australian' push is the latest low-key offering in Labor’s small-target, slogan-heavy election strategy heading into the looking election.“Australians do their best to patronise local businesses, knowing our hard-earned money supports the wages of our friends, neighbours and local community,” Albanese said.

Labor expressed concerns including that the changes were retrospective; could see low-level offending trigger a cancellation; and would increase the number of people deported to New Zealand, which has protested against the practice. Keneally claimed that on Tuesday Hawke had agreed to delay the bill until the November sittings and work with Labor on amendments so “low level offending is not captured” and to manage deportations to New Zealand. Keneally said Hawke then “reneged” on that deal, and argued that Morrison had clearly “yanked [his] chain” because “only one person can make a cabinet

Kristina Marie Kerscher Keneally (born 19 December 1968) is an American-born Australian politician who has been a Senator for New South Wales since February 2018, representing the Labor Party. Since 2019, she has served as Deputy Leader of the Opposition in the Senate

Labor's home affairs spokeswoman Kristina Keneally met with the head of one of China's peak propaganda groups in Australia who has donated thousands of dollars to the Labor Party.

Senator Keneally on Wednesday confirmed she did not know the individual's links to a United Front-backed group before meeting him but did not regret the encounter.

In post on Twitter, Senator Keneally said it was great to meet members of the Australian Chinese Teochew Association in Cabramatta last week, adding that "Fowler deserves a Govt that is #onyourside".

One of the individuals Senator Keneally met was Hung Ly, who is also president of the Australian Council for the Promotion of the Peaceful Reunification of China (ACPPRC), which has previously been described as the peak United Front group in Australia.

The United Front Work Department is the Chinese Communist Party's organisational effort to use the diaspora of citizens abroad to turn opinion and policy in Beijing's favour. Mr Ly has donated several thousand dollars to Labor candidates.

Former Somyurek staffer to front inquiry

  Former Somyurek staffer to front inquiry Another former staffer to disgraced Labor party powerbroker Adem Somyurek is set to appear before a Victorian anti-corruption inquiry. © Daniel Pockett/AAP PHOTOS Another former staffer to disgraced Labor powerbroker Adem Somyurek is set to appear before IBAC. Adam Sullivan will give evidence at the Independent Broad-based Anti-corruption Commission inquiry into allegations of branch stacking by Labor MPs and their staff on Wednesday. Mr Sullivan worked for Mr Somyurek and his allies in Labor's moderate faction - federal member for Holt MP Anthony Byrne and state MP for Kororoit Marlene Kairouz.

Pictured: Labor ' s Home Affairs spokeswoman Kristina Keneally . Greens Senator Nick McKim said the bill would have 'given the Minister sweeping new powers to deport people who built lives in Australia, undermined the rule of law and stepped us further down the road to early onset fascism'. Labor ' s Home Affairs spokeswoman Kristina Keneally earlier told the senate she had struck a deal with Immigration Minister Alex Hawke to amend the bill so 'low-level offending' is not captured but he scrapped the deal at the last minute.

Kristina Keneally will be on Labor ’ s frontbench after Anthony Albanese made clear he wanted her in the ministry and Ed Husic stood aside. “ Kristina Keneally is a valued contributor to the caucus, she’s someone who was the first woman premier of NSW, she’s a very effective senator and I have made it very clear that in my view she is certainly worthy of a shadow ministry position.” The former NSW premier had begun canvassing support from across the party to try to overrule her own faction if she was blocked from promotion.

Asked whether she knew of Mr Ly's association with the ACPPRC, Senator Keneally said: "I did not know that... I must say he is the head of the Teochew Association in Fowler, I am going to talk to the local community in Fowler."

"And as the Labor candidate for Fowler, I am not going to shy away from engaging with community groups that represent people, Australians, from multicultural backgrounds.

"I have had no information coming from national security agencies subsequent to my meeting that there was any risk at all."

Senator Keneally said she was invited by a local councillor in the federal electorate of Fowler which she is contesting at the next election.

"I can guess from the insinuation you're making that you are concerned about some aspect of foreign interference. So am I," she said.

"But what we should not do is look upon those Australian citizens who have migrated to this country - whether it's from China, Cambodia or anywhere else - and assume they all agents of foreign interference. They are Australians."

Jackpot: How the gambling industry cashed in on political donations

  Jackpot: How the gambling industry cashed in on political donations Over $80 million in legal gambling-related payments — at least double what was previously identified — have flowed into the coffers of political parties during the past 22 years, an ABC News investigation can reveal.The guest of honour was Tony Abbott, at the time the prime-minister-in-waiting.

Senator Keneally ' s speech did not include concrete policy ideas on how a Labor government would seek to achieve this goal, instead stating that the party would have “more to say before the election”, which is due by May. But she did push for a renewed focus on permanent settlement, quoting former Prime Minister John Howard: “you either invite someone to I'm not implying, I am saying that Kristina has no interest in providing a plan for streamlining the process of migrant workers becoming permanent residents. Instead, she calls for a tightened pool of immigrants being able to reside in Australia.

Former NSW premier Kristina Keneally will be on Anthony Albanese’ s frontbench following a decision by NSW MP Ed Husic to stand aside from the shadow ministry. Mr Albanese, the Labor leader-elect in the wake of Bill Shorten’ s resignation, was insisting Senator Keneally be in the shadow ministry following However, Senator Keneally ’ s Right factional colleagues were reportedly pushing back on the idea. Mr Albanese will meet with his caucus in Canberra on Thursday to finalise new arrangements, following the election loss on May 18. The caucus will determine who gets a shadow ministry gig, but

When former prime minister Tony Abbott was criticised for attending a fundraiser with Mr Ly and other individuals linked to United Front, he said he would not have gone if he knew of their links to the CCCP's propaganda arm.

Property developer and million-dollar political donor Huang Xiangmo, who had his Australian visa cancelled in 2019 on advice from counter-espionage agency ASIO, is a former chairman of the ACPPRC.

Charles Sturt University professor Clive Hamilton, an expert on CCP influence, said Mr Huang built the ACPPRC into the most powerful influence CCP organisation in Australia.

"[Former Labor senator] Sam Dastyari's political career and reputation were destroyed by his association with Huang and the ACPPRC. And Huang has been banned from Australia on ASIO advice," Professor Hamilton said.

"The ACPPRC has been overtaken by the Australia China Economics, Trade & Culture Association as the foremost united front body in Australia, but it remains very influential with a dense network of ties to the Chinese Communist Party agencies.

"After the Dastyari affair, most politicians recognised that the ACPPRC is radioactive. Apparently, Kristina Keneally did not get the memo. Or she doesn't see palling around with CCP proxies as a problem. You can bet ASIO has taken notice."

Liberal senator Hollie Hughes said it raised questions about whether Senator Keneally should take on the home affairs portfolio.

"As someone who has designs on the Home Affairs Ministry and who is likely to have been briefed on the dangers of meeting with certain groups with links to the CCP - is the candidate for Fowler so desperate to prove her so-called migration credentials she's prepared to jeopardise our nation's security? " Senator Hughes said.

Liberal senator Eric Abetz said given the concerns within the Chinese Australian community and the broader Australian community about the interference from United Front organisations, it "shows a severe lack of judgment and raises questions why she met with him".

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