Australia Threat from foreign spies to surpass terrorism, ASIO warns

07:10  20 october  2021
07:10  20 october  2021 Source:   9news.com.au

Washington Is Getting China Wrong

  Washington Is Getting China Wrong A crisis at a property company exposes deep, dangerous, and often unrecognized weaknesses in the Chinese economy.All of that is reason enough to care about what’s happening at this otherwise little-known Shenzhen-based real-estate company. But Evergrande and the problems it faces tell an even more important and fundamental story about China and its future. The crisis exposes the deep, dangerous, and often unrecognized weaknesses in the Chinese economy that could derail its advance and, with it, Beijing’s quest to challenge American primacy on the world stage.

ASIO Director-General Mike Burgess has warned that foreign agents are daily making “sophisticated and far-reaching” attempts to interfere in the country’s affairs, aided by the use of technology, while COVID-19 restrictions have been in place. In comments included in ASIO ’s annual report presented to the federal parliament on Tuesday, Burgess said it was not just a country targeting Australia, believing that espionage would surpass the threat of terrorism in the coming years. “ Foreign spies are trying to gather classified information about Australia’s trade, defense and intelligence capabilities,” he said.

The public should be as vigilant about the threat of foreign spies as they are about terrorism , MI5 director general Ken McCallum will warn today. His speech at MI5’s HQ in Thames House, London, will underline research showing that there have been 10,000 “disguised approaches” from foreign spies to British individuals – particularly researchers in universities or hi-tech companies – over a five year period. China is understood to be at the forefront of attempts to use networking sites like LinkedIn to make contact with unsuspecting individuals, befriending them in an effort to gain access to research

Australia's domestic intelligence agency is warning foreign spies are behind "sophisticated and wide-ranging" attempts to interfere with the country's affairs.

Agents from multiple rival powers are harnessing technology in their espionage, the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) said in a report presented to Federal Parliament yesterday.

ASIO director-general Mike Burgess says in the document spying cases would surpass terrorist threats in the coming years.

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ASIO director-general Mike Burgess is highlighting the threat of foreign spies from multiple powers. © AAP ASIO director-general Mike Burgess is highlighting the threat of foreign spies from multiple powers.

"Foreign spies are attempting to obtain classified information about Australia's trade relationships, defence and intelligence capabilities," he said.

a nuclear nuclear engineer from the US Navy arrested for wanting to sell information to a foreign power

 a nuclear nuclear engineer from the US Navy arrested for wanting to sell information to a foreign power © US Navy Photo by John Narewski / Wikimedia Commons a nuclear engineer from the US Navy arrested for wanting to sell information to a Foreign power It is a rocampery story, which mixes in turn of state secrets, a peanut butter sandwich and tens of thousands of dollars in cryptomonnakes. For nearly a year, he believed that he was selling confidential information to a foreign power while his client was actually ... an infiltrated FBI agent.

Australian Security Intelligence Organisation says professional networking sites also a risk. Social media and professional networking sites are “fertile hunting grounds” for foreign spies trying to identify, groom and recruit Australians with access to sensitive information, the spy agency Asio has warned . The Australian Security Intelligence Organisation generally conducts its work behind the scenes but is set to launch its first ever public campaign on Tuesday, alerting people to the risk of spies approaching them under false identities online.

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"They are seeking to develop targeted relationships with current and former politicians, and current and former security clearance holders."

And foreign agents are targeting migrant communities in Australia, and in some cases physically threatening them.

Risk of sabotage

Video: Australians ‘need to be alert’ to terrorism threats (Sky News Australia)

Mr Burgess also said foreign agents could be preparing to "sabotage" the country's critical infrastructure.

"I remain concerned about the potential for Australia's adversaries to pre-position malicious code in critical infrastructure, particularly in areas such as telecommunications and energy," he said.

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‘Hard choices’ for Singapore media after controversial law passed

  ‘Hard choices’ for Singapore media after controversial law passed Concerns about effect of ‘foreign interference’ law in country where media already operate under strict regulation.But independent news outlets and observers worry that the broadly-worded Foreign Interference Countermeasures Act (FICA) will further limit freedoms in the tightly-controlled country of 5.5 million people.

Asio has warned politicians that foreign -driven spying activities continue to threaten Australia, ‘and they are not conducted solely by citizens of other nations’. In the letter, Mike Burgess, the head of Asio , said hostile intelligence activity “continues to pose a real threat to Australia, our sovereignty and the integrity of our national institutions”. Burgess said there was a difference between foreign influence, which included attempts to influence deliberations in an open, lawful and transparent manner, and foreign interference, which involved “clandestine, deceptive or threatening activities” that undermined

Asio credited the media for “exposing espionage and acts of foreign interference in Australia” and for self-reporting approaches from foreign spies , but said there is “a risk that not all approaches will be rejected or reported to appropriate authorities”. Asio warned that journalists are unable to assess whether Asio said the issue of warrants and use of special powers are already subject to “robust accountability and oversight mechanisms”, citing the fact journalist information warrants are needed to access metadata. On Tuesday the parliamentary joint committee on intelligence and security heard

Foreign agents could be preparing to sabotage key infrastructure through cyber crime, ASIO warns. © AAP Foreign agents could be preparing to sabotage key infrastructure through cyber crime, ASIO warns.

"Such cyber-enabled activities could be used to damage critical networks in the future."

The Federal Government will today introduce amendments to its controversial critical infrastructure bill.

Operators of critical infrastructure would have to report cyber attacks within 72 hours of being hacked under the proposed legislation.

Terrorism threat remains

Mr Burgess stressed he did not want to "downplay the threat of terrorism".

"Twenty four convicted terrorism offenders are eligible for release over the next 10 years, and some battle-hardened foreign fighters may yet return to Australia," he said.

"During 2020-21, these investigations approached 50 per cent of our onshore priority counterterrorism caseload."

Mr Burgess says he is particularly concerned about the continuing radicalisation of young men in Australia.

Garland denies DOJ labeling parents as domestic terrorists following school board memo .
Attorney General Merrick Garland on Thursday denied claims that the Justice Department would label parents as domestic terrorists following a recent memorandum he sent to DOJ employees.GOP lawmakers have criticized Garland for getting involved in matters that should be handled by state and local law enforcement and issuing the memo days after the National School Boards Association (NSBA) asked the Biden administration to utilize tools including the terrorism-related PATRIOT Act to deal with these situations.

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