Australia Greenie shuts down huge coal export terminal by hanging off machinery

08:05  01 december  2021
08:05  01 december  2021 Source:   dailymail.co.uk

Coal train protester jailed for 12 months

  Coal train protester jailed for 12 months A non-violent protester has been jailed for a year after bringing a coal train to a halt outside Newcastle during co-ordinated action to disrupt the industry.Eric Serge Herbert, 22, pleaded guilty to obstructing a rail locomotive, attempting to hinder the working of mining equipment and attempting to assist in the obstruction of a rail locomotive.

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An activist has stopped work at a Queensland export terminal by suspending himself from machinery, one day after protesters disrupted trains from the controversial Carmichael coal mine.

Police have been trying to remove Paul Jukes from a coal stacking machine at the North Queensland Export Terminal north of Bowen since 5am on Wednesday.

Work by Adani's Bravus Mining and Resources was stopped on the site as a safety precaution but started again at 7.30am.

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"This morning an anti-fossil fuel activist put his life at risk and wasted police time when he suspended himself from a stacker reclaimer at our Abbot Point coal export terminal," an Adani official said in a statement.

Coal, an unavoidable pollutant in the harsh Afghan winter

  Coal, an unavoidable pollutant in the harsh Afghan winter At a Kabul market, coal is arriving by the tonne as the winter cold sets in. "If we had electricity and gas, people wouldn't use coal," says one of the market traders, Abdullah Rahimi. None of Rahimi's 40 or so employees seems to have escaped the black dust that has crept deep into the wrinkles of the older workers. It is already well established under the nails of the younger staff, and is probably inside their bronchial tubes as well, though some are not yet 15 years old.They throw blocks of coal to each other, push wheelbarrows loaded with bags, make piles with shovels, and load customers' vehicles.

"Port operations were temporarily halted to ensure the safety of all on site and recommenced at 7.30am when both shiploading and unloading operations resumed."

The protest by the Frontline Action on Coal activist group comes a day after six demonstrators locked themselves to railway tracks and train carriages near Bowen to stop what they believed was Carmichael mine's first shipment of coal.

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Carmichael mine, in the Galilee Basin about 400km west of Mackay, has been at the centre of numerous environmental protests and campaigns in the decade since it was first proposed.

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"Local Whitsunday residents and dedicated people around the country have spent almost a decade opposing Adani's destruction," Mr Jukes said in a statement on Wednesday.

Call for 'unattractive' ferry terminal revamp

  Call for 'unattractive' ferry terminal revamp Money should be spent on improving the "antiquated" Sea Terminal in Douglas, an MHK says.Jason Moorhouse said the government-owned Sea Terminal in Douglas was "antiquated" and "unattractive".

"It is people power that has slowed Adani down, and that's what we are relying on now to stop further climate destruction.

"That's why we will keep resisting Adani, and all other new fossil fuel projects.

"I'm doing this for my children and their children. If they are going to have a safe planet to thrive on, we need to take action now."

The Adani official said not enough was being done by governments and police to deter protesters "who put their own lives at risk".

"Activists get nothing but a slap on the wrists in Queensland and are back within weeks ... causing a nuisance and wasting police time and taking officers away from other important work protecting our local community," the official said.

"We respect that people have differing opinions but these protests are not a safe or appropriate way to express those opinions."

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