Australia Albanese hits back after attack on climate

04:02  06 december  2021
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Transport and tourism key to economy

  Transport and tourism key to economy Communications Minister Paul Fletcher and Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese have outlined their plans for the tourism and transport sectors.The future of tourism and transport - sectors hit hard during the pandemic - was the focus of a leadership summit attended by Mr Albanese and Communications Minister Paul Fletcher on Friday.

Mr Albanese hit back at the Deputy Prime Minister for his “incoherent rambling about climate change” and labelled him and his party a “roadblock” to action. “The fact is that whilst Labor supports net zero emissions, the Coalition have net zero credibility when it comes to climate change,” the Opposition Leader said. Mr Albanese spruiked Labor’s climate credentials and said climate action was “good for jobs” and lowering energy prices despite the Nationals’ argument that it will adversely affect the regions. While the federal government has not yet committed to a net zero by 2050 target, all states

Mr Albanese headed to Queensland earlier this week to begin repairing the damage done by the Labor Party and hopefully win back voters who abandoned them at the federal election. The new Opposition Leader was in the former Labor seat of Longman north of Brisbane yesterday to start his listening I’m not saying that after the event, by the way,” Mr Albanese told reporters. In a John Button Lecture, he pushed Labor to speak to people who disagree with them — a contrast to Mr Shorten, who declined opportunities to speak to hostile media outlets. Mr Albanese also spoke to conservative radio host

Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese has defended Labor's long-awaited climate policy, after criticism from within his own party and from the coalition.

PM Scott Morrison has described Labor's policy of cutting emissions by 40 pct as an 'opening bid'. © Bianca De Marchi/AAP PHOTOS PM Scott Morrison has described Labor's policy of cutting emissions by 40 pct as an 'opening bid'.

Mr Albanese said the party's pledge to cut emissions by 43 per cent by the end of the decade would be fully achievable.

"What we didn't do was set a target and work back, what we did was put forward a range of policies ... and then have the modelling done at arm's length," Mr Albanese told reporters on the NSW Central Coast on Monday.

Can court cases, boardroom takeovers and protests save the planet?

  Can court cases, boardroom takeovers and protests save the planet? As governments lag on climate policy, people are looking to drive change in other ways. What are their tactics and do they work?Annual shareholder meetings are usually reliably dull, well-choreographed affairs, especially for a giant like Exxon. "Most people are there for the free sandwiches," laughs Daniel Gocher at the Australasian Centre for Corporate Responsibility.

Labor Leader Anthony Albanese has laid out his party's plans for skills training and universities during what has been described as an unofficial campaign launch ahead of next year's election. Speaking to the party faithful in Sydney, Mr Albanese said a Labor government would deliver 465,000 free TAFE places and boost university funding by almost 0 The plan will benefit school leavers, workers wanting to retrain or upskill, and unpaid carers seeking to get back into the workforce. A million TAFE Technology Fund will improve IT facilities, workshops and laboratories. RELATED ARTICLES.

Mr Albanese announced his climate policy on Friday, saying it would create 604,000 jobs and slash household energy prices by 5 a year on average by 2025 and 8 by 2035. Last month western Europe saw its worst flooding in decades, leaving more than 180 people dead after heavy rainfall hit Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland and the Netherlands. A blistering heatwave killed hundreds of people across the west coast of the US and Canada earlier this summer, while more than 300 died and almost 13 million others were affected by floods that engulfed Henan province in China

"We've very precise costings. We have precise analysis, the most detailed policy analysis and modelling of any policy put forward by any opposition in any area since federation."

While Prime Minister Scott Morrison has labelled Labor's target as an "opening bid", Mr Albanese said Labor would stick to its target should it win office.

"This government have had more than 20 policies in the almost decade that they have been in office and they haven't landed one,"

"We have one policy that we have announced last Friday. It's fully costed."

Labor's climate change spokesman Chris Bowen is to make a major speech at the National Press Club on Monday.

However, the policy has been attacked by former Australian Council of Trade Unions president and federal MP Jennie George, who said parts of Labor's climate pledge were "unbelievable".

Why the Energy Transition Will Be So Complicated

  Why the Energy Transition Will Be So Complicated The degree to which the world depends on oil and gas is not well understood.It began when Innovex Downhole Solutions, a Texas-based company that provides technical services to the oil and gas industry, ordered 400 jackets from North Face with its corporate logo. But the iconic outdoor-clothing company refused to fulfill the order. North Face describes itself as a “politically aware” brand that will not share its logo with companies that are in “tobacco, sex (including gentlemen’s clubs) and pornography.

There, Albanese spelled out Labor’s attack plans in the run-up to next year’s election. Morrison is a key part of that plan. There was a policy agenda, with job security, cost of living and a “new” Australian economy powered by renewable energy, but the Labor leader made clear he wants a campaign about the Anthony Albanese says the election campaign will be about his character, and the character of Scott Morrison. Credit:Edwina Pickles. After three consecutive losses, Marles asked party faithful if next year they wanted to again find themselves “standing in a half-empty hall on election night, staring into

Labor leader Anthony Albanese has backed the nation's billion coal export industry, agreeing with Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton that ending local exports would only increase global emissions. Mr Albanese , who previously said Blackrock's decision demonstrates the businesses sectors will to The federal Labor leader attacked the debate around the issue and rallied against detail-deficient slogans that failed to tackle the economic and global consequences. "If you stopped exporting coal [from Australia] immediately, then that would not reduce global emissions," Mr Albanese told reporters in

Ms George took aim at Labor's promise of 604,000 jobs being created by the end of the decade, with only 10 per cent of that figure being from direct jobs.

"While much was made of the supposed jobs to be created, no mention was made of job losses under Labor's plan," she wrote in a letter to The Australian newspaper.

Mr Morrison said it was inevitable Labor would raise its target if elected.

"For Labor to legislate, if they were to form government, they would have to do that with the support of the Greens," Mr Morrison told reporters in Sydney.

"Forty-three per cent is just the opening bid from Labor. You know what the Greens' target is: it is 75 per cent."

Labor took a policy of a 45 per cent cut in emissions to the 2019 election, which Mr Albanese previously labelled a "mistake" for being overly ambitious.

The government has said it would reduce emissions by 26 to 28 per cent by 2030 compared to 2005 levels.

Mr Morrison on Monday unveiled a new campaign to help boost recycling rates in Australia.

The ReMade in Australia campaign will urge people to recycle more and buy goods that are made with more recycled content.

"Australians are doing the right thing and they want to be assured that the efforts they make in recycling at their homes and workplaces are delivering real outcomes," Mr Morrison said.

"We need to recycle even more and this campaign will help consumers and businesses understand the benefits that recycling can deliver for our environment and for jobs."

Labor sharpens message at early campaign launch pitching 'renewal not revolution' agenda as Scott Morrison visits Bathurst 1000, Forbes .
Labor leader Anthony Albanese uses a campaign-style rally in Sydney's inner-west to detail a $1.2 billion education and skills policy, sharpening their message ahead of the 2022 election.While the next election could be as much as six months away, both Mr Albanese and the Prime Minister spent part of Sunday conducting campaign-style events, sharpening their messages for next year's poll.

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