Australia at the one: Omicron "Takes the White House at the Dannish"

21:28  23 december  2021
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Omicron dominant in the coming hours in London and Copenhagen

 Omicron dominant in the coming hours in London and Copenhagen © Copyright 2021, Obs now present in 63 countries, the Omicron variant will be soon dominant in Europe ... and in France ? In the hex, it seems to spread "extremely quickly" and could know "rapid growth". In his last review released Wednesday, December 8, the Scientific Council estimates that Omicron's impact in the country could be felt "in the coming weeks".

Face à la vague Omicron, Joe Biden a promis la mise à disposition gratuite de 500 millions d'autotests de dépistage dans les prochaines semaines. © Mandel NGAN / AFP Facing the Omicron Wave, Joe Biden has promised the free provision of 500 million screening autototes in the coming weeks.

Faced with the recrudescence of new cases of Covid-19 on Christmas Eve, President Joe Biden has promised the Americans that he would make available to them 500 million screening autototes. But it will still be necessary to wait at least several weeks, warns the New York Times . The Omicron variant "took the White House with deprived". The administration "has not yet signed a contract for the purchase of these tests" and "the website to order them will not be available before January". For the time being, "big retailers limit the sale of these quick tests at home to ensure their availability," explains the Miami Herald .

COVID-19: For the executive, "it is necessary to prepare" at a wave Omicron

 COVID-19: For the executive, © Christophe ENA at least "133 cases" of contamination to the Omicron Variant would have been recorded on December 14 in France. It will have been enough a few days for Omicron to become the new concern of this pandemic. At least "133 cases" of contamination with the new variant, detected late November , would have been recorded on December 14 on the territory, announced Gabriel Attal on Tuesday on France Info , while they were 59 to 9 December, according to Public Health France .

In parallel, the Supreme Court will decide on the constitutionality of the measures taken by President Biden. It includes the immunization obligation or regular tests in companies with more than 100 employees, as well as mandatory immunization of employees of institutions receiving federal funds related to Medicaid and Medicare programs. "More than half of the states as well as coalitions of companies and religious groups ask judges to intervene urgently to block" these measures, recalls the Seattle Times . The Supreme Court decided to hold "a special hearing on January 7 to hear the arguments" of both parties, indicates The Week . A qualified "unusual" decision, "at a time because of an extraordinarily fast timetable and because the Supreme Court generally does not mean oral arguments in emergencies."

An Omicron Christmas is coming, but mixed messages threaten confusion

  An Omicron Christmas is coming, but mixed messages threaten confusion It's different strokes for different folks around the states and experts fear people will flout the rules because they're just too hard to make sense of.The World Health Organization says it is spreading at an “unprecedented rate”, but our Christmas woes aren’t all down to the new strain. They’re down to ad hoc restrictions and mixed messages.

biden candidate in 2024 ?

Wednesday, Joe Biden stated that he could represent in 2024 , in an exclusive interview given to Journalist David Muir from the World News Tonight on ABC . "If I have the health I have now, if I'm in good health, then I will come up again," he launched. "Even if it means another duel against Trump? "Asks him for the journalist. "You try to tempt me, now," smiled the president. "Of course, why would I not introduce me to Donald Trump if he was a candidate? It would increase the chances I introduce myself.

in parallel, the supporters of Donald Trump still tries to call into question the result of the 2020 elections, and it takes a long time from the electoral authorities of the different states, "hundreds of hours of government time", writes the Washington POST , to challenge fraud allegations, receive delegations, or even recount voices in some districts. Running after the theories of the plot has become for many officials "a full-time job". An "exhausting assault", because at the same time these employees "launch preparations for the mid-term elections of 2022". For the daily life, the situation "erodes further faith in the American electoral system". Asked about this, the spokesman for Donald Trump said in a statement that the former president supported "all American patriot who spent his time and his efforts to denounce the faken presidential election of 2020".

Don’t Be Surprised When You Get Omicron

  Don’t Be Surprised When You Get Omicron America is in for a lot more breakthrough infections. Here’s what to do if you fall sick.I had so many questions: How would I isolate myself in a shared apartment? And why for 10 days, like the doctor at the testing site had advised? Should I get tested again? Following the doctor’s orders, my partner—who had tested negative—dragged a sleeping bag to the couch. Masks came on, windows went up, and flights were canceled. I ate flavorless dinners on my side of the apartment. One by one, the symptoms I knew so well on paper made their real-life debut: cough, fever, fatigue, and a loss of smell so severe, I couldn’t detect my dog’s habitually fishy breath.

The carjacking, plague in Philadelphia

The press is also interested in the rise of crime in Philadelphia and especially carjacking (the flight of a vehicle under the threat). On Wednesday, it's an elected Democratic of the American Congress, Mary Gay Scanlon, who was a victim in broad daylight, tells the New York Post , "While returning to his vehicle after an event in a southern park of Philadelphia. Local channels indicate that the car has since been found and that five people are interviewed. The member is far away "to be the first victim of Carjacking in Philadelphia this year, the police reported 720 crimes of this type as of December 9, compared with 409 last year and 225 in 2019".

Mexico : Amlo will have its referendum

to finish, there will be a referendum, in Mexico , on the maintenance of the president in power until the end of his mandate in 2024. It is a victory for Andrés Manuel López Obrador, who wanted this ballot. The National Electoral Institute had decided to suspend the consultation of April 10 by invoking a lack of budget. But auntime, the Supreme Court, seized by the Chamber of Deputies, ordered to maintain the ballot, says Milenio . After 2024, the Mexican President intends to retire, add Capital Mexico . "I will cut my phone," he supports, "political zero, because we have to pass the relay to those who come after me".

Omicron: is it time to give up? .
Omicron has thrown the country into a seemingly contradictory position: leaders seeking to open up must suddenly consider how to limit its transmission, if at all.This week there was a huge change, as part of an effort to "live with" the virus. The national cabinet's decision to redefine a "close contact" to the bare minimum of someone living with a confirmed COVID-19 case or having spent more than four hours with them in a home, accommodation or care facility will inevitably mean cases — and therefore hospitalisations — will rise.

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