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18:35  20 january  2022
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Dems Can’t Afford to Form a Circular Firing Squad on Voting Rights

  Dems Can’t Afford to Form a Circular Firing Squad on Voting Rights Is it too little too late? That is the question that hung in the air following the stirring, clearly heartfelt remarks from President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris on voting rights in Georgia on Tuesday afternoon. It is the question that members of Biden’s base were posing by their boycott of the Georgia event. It is a question that resonated through social media as progressives expressed their dismay that critical legislation designed to restore and protect voting rights was now likely to fail despite the president’s commitment to fight for what he called “democracy’s threshold liberty.”And it is almost certainly the wrong question.

affordable prices in the supermarket, more biodiversity and animal welfare in agriculture: how both can be brought into a hat, stands for discussion.

Auf weiter Flur - grasende Kühe im Schwarzwald. © Silas Stein / DPA on further corridor - grazing cows in the Black Forest.

multiple agricultural organizations warn against playing the needs of income-weak households against those of farmers. The nutritional industry warned it should not give "social vegans" - people who are too expensive for animal products. And the farmers association described the tense economic situation of many companies.

Claims to the Federal Government

with the agricultural fair Green Week in Berlin is the traditional annual launch of the industry for the Corona crisis in this January. Nevertheless, their representatives use the appointment to describe the situation and to put demands on the new federal government.

How to smooth over the energy price shock

  How to smooth over the energy price shock Will the government try to defer soaring energy costs to cushion bill-payers?The government has a trilemma over energy prices: how to solve the cost-of-living crisis, while being focussed on net zero, and unwilling to increase taxation or borrowing.

The new nutrition and Agriculture Minister Cem Özdemir was also expected to first talks. Among other things, the green politician is strong for "Ramschpreisen" for food. From his point of view, prices for agricultural products must also rise. Özdemir and Environment Minister Steffi Lemke (also Greens) had announced this week to give rise to the topic of sustainable agriculture cross-departmental.

The transformation of the industry has to happen to affordable prices for supermarket customers, called Christoph Minhoff, the main executive of the Federal Association of the German Nutrition Industry.

mood for farmers at

The farmers in Germany are very unsettled and relatively pessimistic, said farmer President Joachim Rukied. Future requirements for livestock and agriculture are not clear. "We need a clear signal where the journey is going." Alone the conversion of animal husbandry cost several billion euros a year. Now the financial pot had to be formed for it, called RuKied.

COVID-19. The tests will cost "a little more than a billion and a half" in the state in January

 COVID-19. The tests will cost © Martin Roche / West-France the Minister delegated to the public accounts estimates a billion and a half the cost of testing in January. Photo Stock Illustration. The Minister Delegate to the Public Accounts Olivier Dussopt has advanced the cost of a billion and a half euros for the tests carried out in January. For vaccinations, a large part of the tests are supported by social security.

For smaller farms can not shoulders can not shoulders, as well as the consulting firm Ey and the University of Göttingen with a study with a study. Many could and did not want to raise investment.

The economic situation of the companies is tense, in the pork retires desastrous, said Rukied. The farmers are to be more than animal welfare in the stables and more species variety on the fields. But that would also expect the companies.

«Farmers are entrepreneurs who can secure our diet and contribute significantly to the achievement of the climate goals," said FDP parliamentary cooperature Carina Konrad of the German Press Agency. "You need economic stability and independence on operational decisions." Allows necessary to use new technologies and modern pesticides. Necessary are also planning security and facilitation of stable conversion and approval of new «Tierwohlställe».

Tesla share at 1,580 or 67 US dollars: Tesla trapped between bulls and bears

 Tesla share at 1,580 or 67 US dollars: Tesla trapped between bulls and bears barely a stock polarized on the stock markets as much as the Tesla paper. There is the one who always believed in the shiny future of the electro-pioneer, but also the others who are sure that the high rating of Teslas is not justified. But where is it now for the Tesla share - at 67 or rather 1,580 US dollars? © Provil by Finanzen.net Daniel Roland / AFP / Getty Images • Tesla share with a strong run in 2021 • Analysts with a large spectrum when evaluating the share certificate • High rating s

«The social question can not be solved alone by the market and not at the cash register," Tina Andres, chairman of the federal government ecological food industry, said in the submission of the "critical agricultural report" of the annoyance. "The damage to humans and nature arising in agricultural production are currently not included in the food price," it says.

«If we have to increase prices, then social policy must respond accordingly, which affects the aid rates for needy persons," said Thomas Schröder, President of the German Animal Welfare Association.

Reduced sales

Despite increased food prices, the sales of the food industry fell last year. The Bundesvereinige estimates that he amounted to 182.4 billion euros, which would correspond to a minus of 1.6 percent. "Of course, it has followed when restaurants and canteen are closed," Minhoff said. In addition, increased production costs were difficult to enforce with higher prices at the customer.

Facing Baba: Jean-Luc Mélenchon Facing Éric Zemmour on C8 (VIDEO) .
© Capture C8 Facing Baba: Jean-Luc Mélenchon will debate against Eric Zemmour on C8 (VIDEO) on January 25, live On the touch tray not at my post, Cyril Hanouna revealed the name of the one who will debate against Jean-Luc Mélenchon in the show against Baba on C8. It is Éric Zemmour. A very expected appointment. On January 27, two weeks after the first episode of against Baba , Cyril Hanouna is preparing to welcome his second candidate to the presidential election 2022, Jean-Luc Mélenchon.

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