AustraliaRoger Rogerson wanted 'ten million and a jet,' jury hears

14:43  08 november  2018
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Hours before murder arrest, Roger Rogerson was still plotting extortion attempt

Hours before murder arrest, Roger Rogerson was still plotting extortion attempt In an intercepted call, Rogerson referred to a manhunt that was under way for him, and that his mate Glen McNamara had been arrested.

Roger Caleb Rogerson (born 3 January 1941) is a former detective sergeant of the New South Wales Police Force and a convicted murderer. During Rogerson 's career, he was one of the most decorated officers in the police force, having received at least thirteen awards for bravery

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Roger Rogerson wanted 'ten million and a jet,' jury hears© Brook Mitchell Glen McNamara leaves the King Street Courts on 26 March, 2018. Photo: Brook Mitchell

When Roger Rogerson was offered between $2 million and $5 million to “deliver a message”, his response was that he wanted ten million and a jet to fly him to Cooma jail to discuss the business on offer.

A District Court jury has heard that the corrupt former detective, who has since been jailed for life for murder, was the go-between in an alleged extortion attempt on wealthy murderer Ron Medich.

The initial approach to Rogerson has been aired via a series of taped phone calls made between prison inmate Shayne Hatfield and his former partner Linda Monfrooy.

Gattellari says Medich was trying to 'buy his way out'

Gattellari says Medich was trying to 'buy his way out' “Had you played your cards right you could have had $15 million in your back pocket and he [Ron Medich] would be in jail for other matters now,” Lucky Gattellari complained to one of his police “handlers” in June 2014. Gattellari was the Crown’s key witness against property tycoon Ron Medich, who was jailed for a minimum of 30 years in April for the murder of his nemesis Michael McGurk. But now Gattellari, 68, is in the dock facing two counts of conspiring to extort millions of dollars from Medich, his former friend and business partner. The former boxer has pleaded not guilty.

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Both have pleaded not guilty to being involved in a conspiracy with Lucky Gattellari to extort $15 million from Medich in return for Gattellari changing his evidence.

At the time of the alleged extortion attempts in 2013 and 2104, Gattellari, who had pleaded guilty to his role in the murder, was the Crown’s star witness against Medich, who had been charged with ordering the 2009 murder of his former business partner Michael McGurk.

Roger Rogerson wanted 'ten million and a jet,' jury hears© Daniel Munoz, AAP Lucky Gattellari was the key witness at Ron Medich’s murder trial. In early March 2014, Hatfield was Gattellari’s cellmate in Cooma jail. In calls to Ms Monfrooy, Hatfield dictated a message for her to be delivered to Rogerson.

“It’s breaking no law,” he told Ms Monfrooy to tell Rogerson. “[It] needs a recognised person such as yourself … it is simply delivering a message to someone in Sydney.”

Court hears Haddad scared of ex-boyfriend

Court hears Haddad scared of ex-boyfriend Brazilian Cecilia Haddad was scared of threats and verbal abuse from her ex-boyfriend who is now accused of her murder in Sydney, a Rio court has heard.

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Rogerson did not testify in court but McNamara told the jury Gattellari had whispered in jail that he could change evidence he gave at the committal hearing . "I left a thread in the evidence which can be completely undone, that's why I want million ," McNamara claimed Gattellari told him.

The fee was to be “a minimum of $2 million and as much as $5 million when completed,” Hatfield dictated to Ms Monfrooy.

It was crucial that Rogerson come to Cooma in person to hear the details of the plan.

Three days later, Ms Monfrooy relayed to Hatfield that Rogerson said that “it all sounds too good to be true’’ and that “it would have to be ten and you’d have to fly me down in a jet.”

“I just think he’s not interested,” observed Ms Monfrooy.

But three days later, on 16 May 2014, Rogerson rang her back with some good news. “The door isn’t closed,” she said. A good friend of Rogerson’s, a man named “Glen” who was a private detective, was going to discuss the matter.

In a later call, Ms Monfrooy told Hatfield that the person was Glen McNamara. In his capacity as “representing Roger,” McNamara would make arrangements to come to Cooma jail to speak to Hatfield, Ms Monfrooy relayed to her former partner.

Accused Elizabeth shopping centre killer was 'armed and ready' with stolen knife, court hears

Accused Elizabeth shopping centre killer was 'armed and ready' with stolen knife, court hears An Adelaide man who fatally stabbed a person he had never met before outside a suburban shopping centre stole the murder weapon from a supermarket in the lead-up to the attack, a Supreme Court jury is told.

Roger Rogerson and Glen McNamara murder trial: Jamie Gao hearing to begin on August 18 Paul Bibby New trial date: former… Although there were countless examples of bravery, a Dirty-Harry quality, dogged investigative work and a rarely seen devotion to duty during his decades in the force

Former New South Wales detectives Roger Rogerson and Glen McNamara have been sentenced to life behind bars for murdering Sydney student Jamie The men killed Gao in a premeditated act in order to steal 2.78kg of the drug ice, a quantity with a potential sale value of more than AU million .

Roger Rogerson wanted 'ten million and a jet,' jury hears© Daniel Munoz Roger Rogerson was jailed for life for the 2014 murder of student Jamie Gao. By 10 May two documents were delivered to Medich’s brother Roy. The first had McNamara’s and Rogerson’s contact details. The second was a handwritten letter of demand, which outlined the demand price was initially $10 million, then $15 million, the present demand was $30 million and if that was not paid by 15 May, it would go to $50 million.

However, on 20 May - in between trips to Cooma jail to discuss the extortion plot - McNamara and Rogerson murdered student Jamie Gao.

McNamara was arrested on 25 May, 2014, as he and Ms Monfrooy drove back to Sydney after a visit to Hatflield in Cooma jail.

McNamara and Rogerson have since been jailed for life.

The trial continues.

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