AustraliaCould this be the death of the circus?

18:59  08 november  2018
18:59  08 november  2018 Source:   9news.com.au

Sydney truckie death an accident: coroner

Sydney truckie death an accident: coroner A man killed in the course of a police operation in Sydney did not fall into the path of a truck as a result of the officer's actions, a coroner has found.

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The use of exotic animals in the circus has long been a controversial topic. Animal liberationists claim it is inhumane and purely cruel, while some say it is harmless fun.

But the naysayers haven’t stopped Stardust circus owners Lindsay and Jan, and their 30 family members, keep up their family's 160-year-old tradition.

However, times are getting tougher, with 41 councils across Australia banning Stardust from operating on their land due to community uproar.

Angry Anderson speaks out on son's death

Angry Anderson speaks out on son's death Angry Anderson has broken his silence on his son's death, saying Liam Anderson was a decent human being who had been trying to help someone when he was killed. Angry Anderson says his son Liam wasn't actually best friends with his accused killer Mathew Flame, but had been trying to help the man when he died. "They were not best friends," a devastated Anderson told The Daily Telegraph. ""He wasn't even in Liam's main group of friends." The rock star said he had raised his children to do the right thing and look after people. "Liam was trying to help him," Anderson said. "He was such a decent human being.

But if it helps, you can pretend It's make believe inside your head This nightmare's as real as it gets In the circus of the , in the circus of [Verse 2: TryHardNinja] Good you got here just in time, you better hurry It's our show but you're the star destined for glory Here performing death defying acts that we

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Could this be the death of the circus? © Provided by Nine Digital Pty Ltd The family behind Stardust Circus fears they may be forced to close down.

The most recent of them is Canterbury-Bankstown Council in Sydney’s southwest.

“We had over 200 submissions and to be honest it was 50-50, some pro, some against, but we are not banning circuses in Canterbury Bankstown, we are just saying you can’t have it on council land,” Mayor Khal Asfour told A Current Affair today.

However, public land is too expensive to hire and insure on according to Jan and Lindsay, and with fewer council venues available to them, they are worried they will soon be out of business.

Could this be the death of the circus? © Provided by Nine Digital Pty Ltd Stardust claim their exotic animals are well-treated.

“If more and more councils ban we are in big trouble,” Lindsay said.

Jeffrey Brooks' 1996 death to be reinvestigated as former policeman says victim feared he would 'cop a bullet'

Jeffrey Brooks' 1996 death to be reinvestigated as former policeman says victim feared he would 'cop a bullet' A former police officer says a Lismore man feared for his life in the weeks leading up to his 1996 death, initially ruled an accidental self-inflicted gunshot to the chest.

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The circus is not like television or the iPad. Things are far away and you have to pay attention to them for a few minutes at a time without being distracted by What is the MATTER with you? Kids today can easily find out that elephants have been beaten and had hooks shoved into them and have been

So how are the resident Stardust lions and monkeys really treated?

“We just got an A rating from the NSW government for the facilities we have for these animals. Beds up in the cabin means they go up and sleep in air-conditioning,” Jan said.

Could this be the death of the circus? © Provided by Nine Digital Pty Ltd The extended family behind Stardust.

Lion tamer Matt has also pointed out there’d never been a safety issue at Stardust, adding that “not everyone can afford to fly to Africa to see a lion and you don’t get to see them close up as you do in the circus.”

When asked about whether a zoo can take them, Jan said the zoos didn't want the animals.

"They can’t throw them in with other lions! (If) they don’t get on, they’d kill each other," she said.

Could this be the death of the circus? © Provided by Nine Digital Pty Ltd Attemdees did not support a ban on exotic animals.

Winona looks after the monkeys. She told A Current Affair, “We have been praised by RSPCA inspectors on the condition of our animals, and the garbage I read from some of these protestors is just outrageous.”

When A Current Affair spoke to attendees, no one supported a ban on exotic circus animals.

“Why are people so negative about everything? Why can’t they be more positive and look at the good side of it?” one man said.

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