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Australia'They will even change their clothes to buy more baby formula'

12:06  06 december  2018
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Vic man who ran off with baby yet to speak

Vic man who ran off with baby yet to speak Detectives are yet to interview or charge a Victorian man who allegedly led police on a chase after assaulting his pregnant partner and fleeing with their baby.

Many formulas are also enhanced with additional fatty acids and beneficial bacteria, and the vast The goal of all baby formula companies is to mimic breast milk; it’s the gold standard by which they are Similarly, research on MFGM shows that babies who consume it in their formula show similar

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A Current Affair has uncovered an elaborate network of warehouses that pack and send pallet loads of baby formula to China.

In an extensive investigation involving hours of undercover surveillance, A Current Affair’s crew filmed a Coles delivery van dropping off tins of baby formula to one of the warehouses.

A Current Affair also follows two women to their home where their garage is packed full of baby formula.

'They will even change their clothes to buy more baby formula'© 9news An A Current Affair investigation has discovered pallet loads of formula are leaving the country sometimes before they hit the shelves.

Later, a van from the nearby warehouse drops by to pick up loads of boxes.

Dead baby found beside Queensland highway

Dead baby found beside Queensland highway A dead baby was found on the side of a Queensland highway after a funeral company failed to secure the infant inside a car before being transported to a morgue. Queensland Health confirmed it had launched an investigation after the dead child was found by road workers beside Eumundi-Noosa Road on the Sunshine Coast yesterday morning. The government body has been in touch with the child's "distressed" family and immediately stopped using the funeral service, which is a privately owned contractor. "This is an incredibly distressing incident," a Queensland Health spokesperson told

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A Current Affair’s crew finds clusters of the warehouses, streets apart in suburban industrial estates. The network is run by staff of Asian appearance who often prefer to remain off the radar even though there is nothing illegal about this conduct.

When reporter Tineka Everaardt confronted those operating the packing centres, they often flee to the back of the warehouse, or shout at the crew to switch the camera off.

The investigation, which airs at 7pm tonight, blows the lid on the way in which daigous [shopping agents based overseas who buy on behalf of Chinese consumers] operate to clear the shelves in Australia’s supermarkets.

'They will even change their clothes to buy more baby formula'© 9news Supposed daigous are going to elaborate lengths to smuggle baby formula out of Australia, for the booming Asian trade.

Those who film the daigous are often abused in the footage that will air on A Current Affair tonight.

Mum-of-nine plans to have more children for Centrelink payments

Mum-of-nine plans to have more children for Centrelink payments A mum-of-nine who plans to have another “three or four more” children has criticised Centrelink for paying her much less than her friend.

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Adele Barbaro, who runs a mummy blog The Real Mumma, supplied A Current Affair with stunning footage from her local supermarket that shows the raiding of the shelves.

“There’s a two-tin limit at my local supermarket, and that seems to be two tins per minute,” she said.

“These 20, 25 people, are running in, buying two tins, running around the corner to a lady that’s ready to go with shopping trolleys or a man ready to go with the boot open and piling it in.”

'They will even change their clothes to buy more baby formula'© 9news A Current Affair discovered the sneaky tactics some are going to, to get their hands on the coveted baby formula.

A Current Affair also speaks with a Coles worker who sheds fresh light on the tactics of daigous in getting around the supermarket chains two-tin limit.

“They will even change their clothes to buy more baby formula so the staff will not recognise them,” the Coles worker told A Current Affair.

“It’s gotten to a point I never thought I would see it reach with the lengths people are going to obtain it.”

Melbourne student's clothes ripped apart in savage gang attack.
A Melbourne student has spoken out after he was brutally attacked by a gang as he walked to work in the city’s west. Harsha Ravipati, 22, was walking to work in Tarneit on Wednesday night when a teenager approached him, asking for the time. Suddenly, another teen appeared and snatched Mr Ravipati’s mobile, before he was viciously set upon by about seven offenders. © 9NEWS The university student said he's now afraid to walk Melbourne's streets at night. “I just came in and they started bashing me. Three of them were holding me and three of them were beating me,” he exclusively told 9News. “It was ruthless.

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