News: Australia

Barefoot Barnaby Joyce cuddles up to his fiancee Vikki Campion

Sunday  05:15,   17 april 2022

Barnaby Joyce, 54, and Vikki Campion, 36, were on the Queensland coast on Friday where they visited a water park in Gladstone with sons Seb and Tom. The National leader shared pictures in his trademark Akubra hat which sold later that afternoon at a >>>

2000 temporary pods for NSW flood victims

Sunday  04:21,   17 april 2022

Displaced NSW residents who lost their homes in devastating floods will have access to 2000 short-term housing pods complete with amenitiesPremier Dominic Perrottet says the $350 million funding injection to the most devastated areas comes as... >>>

Should I stay or should I go?

Sunday  03:20,   17 april 2022

Joel spent 10 years executing his dream of a flood-proof home. Then the 2022 floods came.Joel North is sitting on a steep staircase like a ladder that takes you up to the bridge where a captain would steer the wheel of a... >>>

NSW woman rescues her mother in Ukraine with help of a network of volunteers — and luck

Sunday  03:15,   17 april 2022

When war broke out, Australian resident Svetlana Ward's 80-year-old mother refused to leave her village. But when Russian bombs started falling, it took luck, bravery and a stranger's kindness to get Valentina to safety.She was terrified for >>>

Cruise ships return after two-year ban

Sunday  03:15,   17 april 2022

Cruise liners are making a return to Australia's ports after a two-year absence triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic.NSW, Victoria and Queensland have outlined testing and vaccination requirements for passengers and crew in preparation for the... >>>

Roadkill data paints bloody picture of wildlife carnage across Tasmania

Sunday  03:15,   17 april 2022

The blood red lines on the map of Tasmania tell the story. Roadkill, at a rate faster than a death every two minutes — shocking evidence of the state's reputation of being Australia's "roadkill capital".Seen close up, red dots indicate the... >>>

COVID-19 case numbers from around the states and territories

Sunday  03:15,   17 april 2022

Here's a quick wrap of today's COVID statistics from each Australian jurisdiction.You can get a more detailed, visual breakdown through the ABC's Charting the Spread story right... >>>

Rockynats competitors return to central Queensland for burnouts, mullets and drag racing

Sunday  02:17,   17 april 2022

The event boasts competitors from all walks of life from around the country. There's drag racing, burnouts, a parade, and the event has even introduced a 'mullet competition' this year."I then upgraded to a dirt go-kart, which I remember >>>

How a 'crafty kid' from Darwin became a global millenery maestro

Sunday  02:17,   17 april 2022

From her small studio in the tropics, Belinda Osborne is getting a name for herself across the world.She took inspiration from challenges experienced in that time, and imagined a headpiece that captured the beauty trapped inside her home... >>>

Queensland couple's 20-year mission to protect century-old mining ruins near Cloncurry

Sunday  02:17,   17 april 2022

Once home to a thriving population, the former towns of Ballara and Hightville between Mount Isa and Cloncurry in outback Queensland boasted a post office, hospital, school and hotel. Now, one couple is on a mission to save the towns from being... >>>

Palmerston homeowners and buyers look to the election to help ease cost-of-living pressures

Sunday  01:16,   17 april 2022

In the satellite city of Palmerston near Darwin, thousands of residents are paying off a mortgage. Voters there want to see the next government drive down the other costs of living.The 29-year-old made the call to shift north from the outback town... >>>

While injuries keep Lauren Cheatle off the pitch, life away from cricket provides perspective

Sunday  00:23,   17 april 2022

Lauren Cheatle burst onto the scene as a teenage cricket player who was fast tracked into the Australian team, but her spectacular rise was followed by a devastating run of injuries that's interrupted season after season. Her work and life away... >>>

How Four Corners investigated alleged torture and mistreatment by Australian soldiers in East Timor

Sunday  00:23,   17 april 2022

Former servicemen told Four Corners what happened in East Timor in 1999 set in train cultural issues that would later lead to alleged war crimes by Australian SAS soldiers in Afghanistan.We were sitting in my pokey hotel room in a capital city. For... >>>

"Genießen, was du genießen kannst": Baumgart & Co. im Derbyrausch

Sunday  00:21,   17 april 2022

Die Kölner haben auch das zweite Derby der Saison gegen Gladbach gewonnen. At the foals there was a 3: 1 velvet subsequent celebration with the casselior fans. Steffen Baumgart wants to enjoy the moment, a whiskey at home is probably not. ©... >>>

As the federal election nears, voters' frustration with major parties could shake things up

Saturday  23:16,   16 april 2022

There are signs voters in key seats are turning away from the Labor and Liberal parties, in a trend one analyst likens to the election of Donald Trump to US President in 2016."My name is Jolly. I'm always laughing," he... >>>