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04:51  13 august  2020
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Locky breaks down in new Bachie trailer

  Locky breaks down in new Bachie trailer Australia's new Bachelor for 2020, is shown crying and breaking down in a new teaser trailer for the 2020 season of The Bachelor, hinting that he cannot choose between his two final women. The first teaser for The Bachelor Australia 2020 with Survivor star Locky Gilbert is here - and you're going to want to grab the popcorn, because it is a doozy!We see production shut down due to coronavirus restrictions, wild dates held both in real life and via video call, as well as one massive cat fight.After the show was shut down due to COVID restrictions, anticipation was high amongst fans who awaited a new-look season.

Locklan ' Locky ' Gilbert is set to begin his search for love on the eighth season of The Bachelor . Has the winner of The Bachelor been revealed? Marketing consultant tipped to win Locky Gilbert' s By Mary Mrad For Daily Mail Australia . Published: 09:13 BST, 12 August 2020 | Updated: 09:34 BST

Isabella ' Bella ' Varelis is one of the front-runners to win The Bachelor Locklan ' Locky ' Gilbert' s heart . But on Wednesday, footage emerged of Bella getting emotional watching her red carpet premiere with friends and family. At a private watch party in Sydney, the 25-year-old was seen holding back tears as

a woman smiling for the camera: While we just met Varelis, the internet has already guessed that she will win 'The Bachelor' Australia 2020. From her dress choice to her career... © Provided by Bauer Media Pty Ltd While we just met Varelis, the internet has already guessed that she will win 'The Bachelor' Australia 2020. From her dress choice to her career...

With every season of The Bachelor Australia comes the speculation of which lovely lady will be the one to win the heart of that year's Bachelor. And for some, the winner of the season is even guessed within their first five minutes on the show.

From Rosemary's penguin suit to Zoe-Clare's hair-themed meltdown, the ladies on last night's episode certainly made an impression. However, there was one who clearly won over Locky Gilbert, and the rest of Australia, and that was Bella Varelis.

Marketing consultant Bella Varelis tipped to win Locky Gilbert's heart

  Marketing consultant Bella Varelis tipped to win Locky Gilbert's heart Locklan 'Locky' Gilbert is set to begin his search for love on the eighth season of The Bachelor. And while he may have a mansion full of ladies vying for his heart, Bella Varelis, 25, has been tipped to win the show.Employment site SEEK have analysed the previous jobs of the final three contestants from former seasons and predict that Bella could be the one to walk away with Locky in the end.

The Bachelor 's Bella Varelis and Irena Srbinovska have been tipped as the favourites to win Locklan ' Locky ' Gilbert' s heart . During the cocktail party, the nurse set Locky ' s heart racing once again when she listened to his heartbeat with a stethoscope.

Has the The Bachelor 2020 winner been leaked just days before Locky Gilbert's season premiere? By Monique Friedlander For Daily Mail Australia . As of Tuesday morning, TAB has nurse Irena Srbinovsk (left) and media marketer Bella Varelis (right) as joint favourites to win Locky ' s heart .

From fans on Twitter, to past contestants of The Bachelor Australia, it's clear that Varelis has been deemed as a frontrunner this season for a multitude of reasons—and here are all the clues why we think she may just win the crown.


As we know from past seasons, when the swoon-worthy music swells as a new arrival walks down the red carpet, we should keep our eyes out. And when Varelis made her way toward Locky, that's exactly what the music had in mind.

An array of fans, including ex-Bachelorette Georgia Love, raised the theory that upon her arrival, the music turned very romantic, and after eight seasons of the show, is a telltale sign that the person is in it with a strong chance.


As any Bachelor fan would know, there are many theories surrounding the attire that each contestant wears on the show. In particular, there is a fan-theory focused on the last episode, speculating that who ever wears the lighter coloured dress is set to win the series.

The Bachelor's best dresses

  The Bachelor's best dresses The Bachelor Australia 2020 is already serving out plenty of drama - but the dresses also deserve their own stage. We round up the best fashion moments from the new season. When it comes to fashion, one might be a little hesitant to look to The Bachelor Australia to give us a solid dose of inspiration. But in an unexpected, albeit refreshing surprise, the 2020 season is actually proving the notion is actually not all that wild to assume.

The official Facebook page of The Bachelor Australia . Our OG Bachelor couple, Tim and Anna's journey still gives us all the feels 🤗. Are you ready to meet three more of the lovely ladies in the running for Locky ' s heart ?! Bella and Locky have an instant connection, but is she his perfect match? ✨.

Bachelor Australia fans have speculated that fiery contestant Zoe-Clare McDonald was 'too drunk' to attend the inaugural rose ceremony during the Claims fiery redhead was too DRUNK to attend after her vicious catfight with fellow suitress over Locky Gilbert. Another added: 'Zoe has her head in the

In Varelis' case, this theory is focused more around the heartfelt meaning behind her choice of accessory.

a woman wearing a dress: @bellavarelis © Provided by Bauer Media Pty Ltd @bellavarelis

According to Twitter, and comedian Em Rusciano, her choice to show off her sentimental necklace has her skyrocketing to winner-status.

In case you missed it, Varelis showed Gilbert her delicate, gold heart necklace which was a gift from her father, who always encouraged her to "wear her heart on her sleeve". And in return, she then took out a matching heart for Gilbert to add to his suit jacket, in a very sweet moment.

So sweet in fact, that many have speculated that her sentimental gesture will surely win her the series and Gilbert's heart—no pun intended.


On a more strategic note, the Daily Mail has reported that not only does Locky Gilbert personally know ex-Bachelor Matty J Johnson, but Johnson's fiancé Laura Byrne has thrown her full support behind Varelis.

The Bachelor contestant Marlaina McPhillips steps out in Melbourne

  The Bachelor contestant Marlaina McPhillips steps out in Melbourne The Bachelor contestant Marlaina McPhillips, 31, swapped her on-screen glamour for a more low-key look as she stepped out to run errands in Melbourne on Saturday.   require(["inlineoutstreamAd", "c.

As Locky Gilbert prepares for his role on The Bachelor we take a trip down memory lane and see Locky is about to pick his Ms Right, but how are former Bachelor and Bachelorette couples By Bella Brennan and Alex Lilly. He was the Challenge Beast on Survivor but it seems Locky Gilbert has

While Locky , who first graced our TV screens in 2017 on Australian Survivor and has returned for the All Stars season earlier this year, is hugely popular among die-hard Survivor fans (trust us, there are loads of 'em), he' s not hugely well known to most of the Australian public.

In the report, Gilbert revealed that he turned to former Bachelor Matthew 'Matty J' Johnson for advice during his time in the mansion, meaning that they're clearly friends.

a screenshot of a cell phone: @bellavarelis © Provided by Bauer Media Pty Ltd @bellavarelis

To add even more drama, Byrne's public support of Varelis must mean that they too, are friends. Byrne was also tipped to take home the final rose at the start of her season in 2017, but this season, she left a very noticeable comment on Varelis' Instagram.

After a post announcing her appearance on the show, Byrne commented with: 'So excited for you honey, that's my girl!', along with several red heart emojis. And seeing as Gilbert and Johnson are friends, many have been putting two-and-two together.


Aside from the choice of dress colour, there is yet another recurring trait that fans of The Bachelor love pointing out.

According to the Daily Mail, employment site SEEK has analysed the previous jobs of the final three contestants from former seasons. And they have predicted that Varelis could be the one to walk away with Gilbert's heart at the end.

Who is The Bachelor Australia 2020’s Irena Srbinovska?

  Who is The Bachelor Australia 2020’s Irena Srbinovska? Everything we know about The Bachelor Australia 2020's frontrunner Irena Srbinovska, the nurse who instantly got Locky Gilbert's heart racing.Revealing she was a nurse, Irena asked to check Bachie Locky Gilbert's heartbeat.

The Bachelor Australia The telling clue we all missed that could give away who The Bachelor chooses to be his leading lady. Further back in 2016, Channel Ten shone a spotlight on Olena Khamula initially but she failed to win the heart of Richie Strahan and came – you guessed it! – third.

The biggest Bachelor Australia shocks and scandals of all time. They met while trying to win Richie Strahan' s heart in 2016 but turns out love was staring Megan Marx and Tiffany Scanlon right in the face. That ' s all in the past though as Sam and Bachelor winner Snezana have settled down with

Identifying the top five skills and attributes of the former winners, they've predicted that Varelis, a marketing consultant, is set to win.

For reference, the key attributes of contestants from previous seasons include time management, communication, problem-solving, negotiation and interpersonal sensitivity—all of which, she likely has due to her career path.


On a more statistical level, many have taken to betting websites like SportsBet and TAB, to see who is likely set to win The Bachelor Australia in 2020.

At the moment, 31-year-old Irena Srbinovska is tipped to be the winner of The Bachelor Australia 2020. However, Varelis has come in at a close second with strong 3.00 odds on both sites.

Of course, only time will tell as to whether Varelis will win over Gilbert's heart at the end.

In the meantime, you can catch all of the action on The Bachelor Australia, which airs at 7:30pm Wednesdays and Thursdays on Network Ten.

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