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10:31  26 september  2020
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Jane Fonda: I went skinny-dipping with Michael Jackson!

  Jane Fonda: I went skinny-dipping with Michael Jackson! Jane Fonda once went skinny-dipping with Michael Jackson in the 1980s, when she spent a week living with the late music legend.The 'Grace and Frankie' star has confessed to enjoying the scandalous activity - in which people go swimming completely naked - with the late music legend, during the week they spent living together whilst she was filming 'On Golden Pond', which came out in 1981.

Recollects how Fonda was 'shutting down emotionally' after her split with Turner, her third husband. Hollywood superstar Jane Fonda was left a shadow of her former self as her marriage to billionaire Ted Turner ‘ate her alive’, her adopted daughter reveals in a But I didn ’ t know how else to handle it.’

I didn ’ t know how to do it." - Jane Fonda . Her kids, however, are not from that marriage but from two old relationships. Her eldest son, Malcolm Vadim, is Jane ’s fearless attitude is now replicated by her grandchildren, who were also arrested last week while joining her on the steps of the U.S Capitol.

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Jane Fonda "didn't know" how to make a marriage work.

The 82-year-old actress - who was previously wed to Roger Vadim, Tom Hayden and Ted Turner - was 12 when her mother, Frances, took her own life and her father, Henry Fonda, went on to marry another three women and she believes that didn't give her the example she needed to understand long-lasting relationships.

She said: "Those of us who had parents who stayed married their whole lives have a much easier job of making relationships work.

BREAKING NEWS: Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg DEAD

  BREAKING NEWS: Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg DEAD Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has died after a battle with metastatic pancreas cancer, the Supreme Court has announced. The judge, only the second woman to serve as a Supreme Court Justice, passed away Friday evening surrounded by her family at her home in Washington D.C. following complications with her illness. Ginsburg, who served for 27 years on the highest court of the land, had battled several bouts of cancer after first being diagnosed in 2009.She announced in July she was undergoing chemotherapy treatment for lesions on her liver.

Grace and Frankie star Jane Fonda knows a thing or two about aging gracefully. Here's what the actress Exactly What Jane Fonda Does to Look So Young at 82. The Grace and Frankie star knows a thing or “The mistake that so many people make is that if they can’ t do what they once did, then

Jane Fonda at the Cannes film festival in 2015. Photograph: Franck Robichon/EPA. My father was the reason I became an activist. As I was growing up he was making films like 12 Angry Men How one survives, that is the big question. I’ve had some tragedies and unexpected things happen in my

"My dad was married five times. I didn't know how to make a marriage work Maybe I was afraid of having a marriage work. I don't know."

While Jane wishes she had experienced a lifelong marriage, she doesn't regret the fact she had "three very nice, interesting" unions and will always be grateful for each of them.

She added in an interview with Grazia magazine: "It's beautiful when it works, when people grow together and are together for an entire lifetime. How wonderful. I wish that I could have experienced that."

"I'm missing something that would make a marriage work.

"I don't spend a lot of time regretting the fact I didn't have one long marriage. I had three very nice, interesting marriages and I'm grateful for that."

The 'Grace and Frankie' actress is thankful social media wasn't around when she was growing up, particularly when she thinks about the naked photographs she gave to boyfriends at the time.

Jane Fonda on almost spending her 82nd birthday behind bars and saving the world from climate change

  Jane Fonda on almost spending her 82nd birthday behind bars and saving the world from climate change Jane Fonda's big life has included Barbarella, visiting communist North Vietnam, best-selling workout videos and decades of activism. Now in her 80s, her biggest commitment yet may be confronting the urgency of climate change."I wanted to turn 82 in jail because I thought it would get media attention," she says.

The Fonda syndrome. Jane Fonda charts her transformation from blonde sex-bomb to And of course that is the thing about Jane Fonda to which everyone keeps returning - she didn ' t just live through When she talks in very immediate terms about her bulimia, or how she felt pushed into being sexually

Jane Fonda had a turbulent marriage to her second husband. Not only that, but he’d made her sell Of course, Jane didn ’ t help her case by declaring publicly that what Vietnam really needed was a Knowing he needed vast sums for his next electoral campaign, Jane looked for a way to earn more

She said: "It was easy when you broke up, to just take it and tear it up.

"Oh, no, my God, if there had been social media when I was younger, I'd probably be dead. I'm so glad there wasn't."

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