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18:50  20 october  2020
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Wendler total failure: Why the new conspiracy theorist is more dangerous than Attila Hildmann

 Wendler total failure: Why the new conspiracy theorist is more dangerous than Attila Hildmann >> TikTok influencer embarrasses herself with dangerous "educational" video about World War III That the DJ "blossomed" into a conspiracy theorist is for the media made a great contribution. Various online magazines have even created an Wendler live ticker , which is intended to inform readers about news as quickly as possible. Michael and his Laura are currently the number one topic. Whether and how the media should pick up on the Wendler hype is another question at this point.

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Broken relationship: Singer Michael Wendler (48) and his father Manfred Weßels (73) have not been on good terms with each other for many years. In the past, the artist's father had already publicly doubted the authenticity of his son's relationship with Laura Müller (20, married Norberg).

Manfred Weßels © imago images / nicepix.world, imago images / STAR-MEDIA Manfred Weßels After days of radio silence, Laura recently reported back on Instagram. How? You can find out in the video above.

In turn, he called his father on Instagram "simply not lovable, but malicious". A good father-son relationship is definitely different.

After Michael's DSDS scandal: This commercial is on everyone's lips.

Wendler father Manfred Weßels remains irreconcilable

These are the previous winners of "Das Supertalent"

 These are the previous winners of © Getty Images / Joshua Sammer According to his statements about the corona pandemic, pop singer Michael Wendler's career got a kink. Wife Laura commented for the first time on her husband's views - and how things should go on with the marriage. With his departure from the DSDS jury and crude statements about the corona pandemic, pop singer Michael Wendler has been making the headlines for days. But what does his wife Laura think about all of this? The 20-year-old has now published a statement.

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Now the feud of the two goes into a new round. In a video on "rtl.de", Wendler's father Manfred is sitting in his apartment in Herne, behind him house plants on the windowsill. He says of his son that he "has no business in my grave." And he wrote these harsh words in his will. Wendler-Vater: "I don't feel sorry for him"

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The pop star and his father haven't had personal contact for more than ten years. However, this does not prevent both of them from opposing each other via the media. So , Manfred also expressed himself publicly after his son announced his exit at DSDS with crude theses on the corona pandemic: "Michael has been going to his head for years. That's why he lets himself be by people like Attila Hildmann (39). He's very sensitive. You don't notice that right away, but when you have known him for a long time, you notice it, "said the Wendler father of the" Bild "newspaper. Your browser does not support this video

DSDS: Dieter Bohlen speaks power: So it goes on

 DSDS: Dieter Bohlen speaks power: So it goes on It was the surprise of last week: Michael Wendler (48) announced on Instagram, his DSDS jury seat next to Dieter Bohlen (66), Maite Kelly (40) and Mike Singer (20) vacate. Michael threw the federal government in his video " violations of the constitution before " and also distanced himself from the RTL broadcaster. Since then, viewers have been puzzling whether there will be a successor. After all, Pietro Lombardi (28) and DSDS favorite Menderes (35) have already applied publicly.

Thus he stood by the bank of thfs still lake marvelling at the subtleties of reflected radiance, feeling the artist's joy in perfect natural beauty. George thought the music might do him good—said music often soothed the nerves and took away a headache.

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An offer for reconciliation? Probably not, because in the same interview he said: "I have no pity on him, but I think his mental health is badly damaged." In short, his son urgently needs help.

father wrote revelation book about Michael Wendler

The exchange of blows between the two

s now culminates in a revelation book by the Wendler father: In "The Truth About My Son Michael Wendler" the author wants, according to the announcement, "the change from the little boy to himself appointed superstar "tell. It should appear at the end of October.


Joel Weßels, the only 16-year-old half-brother of Michael Wendler, had a few days ago commented on his father's ongoing conflict with Michael in an interview with the "Bild" newspaper . He called the singer "vicious and characterless". In some cases he had made his father so exhausted "that he lay on the couch at home and cried for days." So the Wendler announced his DSDS-off.

replacement for Michael Wendler and Laura? Andrej Mangold and Jenny should take over

 replacement for Michael Wendler and Laura? Andrej Mangold and Jenny should take over Your browser does not support this video Since the "summer house" at the latest, Andrej Mangold and Jenny Lange have been a regular topic in the headlines. With the bullying scandal surrounding Eva Benetatou, the “Bachelor” couple shot themselves out for many. But publicity is publicity - and should now even benefit both of them ... As "Bild" reports, some television producers have already expressed interest in Jenny Lange (26) and Andrej Mangold (33).

They had two children. Their son Michael DIDN'T DIFFER from the other children very much but their daughter Matilda was a brilliant child. By the time she was five, Matilda was able to read very well. She studied every magazine and newspaper that she COULD find around the house.

They sent him to a less prestigious school and George had less homework but more time for hanging around with other guys and playing the guitar. He was wearing a grey suit and a grey hat. He spoke in a quiet voice. The man looked harmless but I understood that he would ruin my Sundays forever.

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The hit star has to take tough criticism again! Just a few days ago, Joel Weßels (16), the half-brother of Michael Wendler (48), said quite openly: "I am ashamed of my half-brother. What Michael has let go of on the Internet and continues to let go is absolutely mindless. " © Getty Images gettyimages-453676004-4.jpg This clip caused a wave of indignation! In the video above we show you again how Wendler founded his DSDS-Aus .

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