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16:05  21 october  2020
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In an interview with Collider, "Back to the Future" screenwriter Bob Gale revealed what the original ending of the first installment should have looked like. A scene which could not be shot for lack of budget and which inspired ... "Indiana Jones 4"!

Retour vers le futur : le film aurait dû avoir une autre fin ! © Universal Pictures Back to the future: the film should have had another ending!

We are in 1985 ... or rather, in 1955. In the middle of Hill Valley, a thunderstorm breaks out. A lightning bolt atop the town hall clock, an eccentric old man struggling with a cable, a Delorean speeding 88 miles an hour. Marty McFly launches his Back to the Future .

This scene, you certainly know it by heart if you are a fan of the cult trilogy directed by Robert Zemeckis . However, be aware that the famous conclusion of this first part almost had a completely different face. Indeed, as screenwriter Bob Gale recently said at the microphone of the Collider Podcast , the sequence in question was initially to take place far from the quiet little town of Hill Valley:

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"Robert Zemeckis and I had saw the documentary The Atomic Café and a film called The Atomic Kid to which we pay tribute on the front of the city cinema in 1955 (...) We were obsessed with the idea of ​​recreating one of these cities and blow it up, ”Gale said, referring to the artificial villages built in New Mexico in the 1950s to test nuclear weapons. "So we wrote this sequence in great detail, and in the original version of the script, the machine was built in a refrigerator, which was a time chamber. That's where Marty must have been at the time of the nuclear blast."

  Retour vers le futur : le film aurait dû avoir une autre fin ! © Universal Pictures

An artificial city, a fridge, an atomic explosion ... Does this sequence remind you of nothing? As Bob Gale explains later in the interview, it is this idea that inspired Steven Spielberg (producer of the Back to the Future trilogy) to develop one of the defining scenes of Indiana. Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull , when the famous adventurer locks himself in a refrigerator to escape an H-bomb test.

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Indeed, while enticing on paper, this original ending of Back to the Future does could not be kept in the film, because it was too expensive. The production of the film having asked Zemeckis and Gale to reduce the budget by a million dollars, the latter have thus decided to sacrifice the setting of the artificial city and to imagine the end we are experiencing in the center of Hill Valley. , as Bob Gale also says:

“For a whole weekend, we spent our time pacing the set, going back and forth in our offices, and we imagined the whole clock scene. Think back to Indiana Jones 4 and you'll realize that Steven Spielberg was inspired by the original ending of Back to the Future. "

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