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11:30  27 october  2020
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I have encountered female bosses who have been the same. I have worked for male AND FEMALE bosses who are amazing. It isn’t limited to one gender at all, it is the individual who matters. Anyway, I’m a woman and psychologists have actually done legit studies on this asking both men and women

Stocks slip as Wall Street sees weekly jobless claim numbers, the number of foreclosed homes hitting the auction block have hit a nine-month high, and

There are hardly any women on German executive boards. But things are looking better at the management levels below the Executive Board. In a European comparison, German companies are still doing badly.

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There are "enough female candidates" for positions on the executive boards of the 100 largest listed companies in Germany. This is the result of the management consultancy Boston Consulting Group (BCG) in an as yet unpublished study, from which excerpts were presented on Monday in Berlin.

According to the study, the proportion of women at the first management level below the executive board is 19 percent, and at the second level 23 percent. This means that the proportion of women at these levels is about twice as high as on the executive board - only around ten percent of the members of German companies are women.

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Stocks slip as Wall Street sees weekly jobless claim numbers, the number of foreclosed homes hitting the auction block have hit a nine-month high, and

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In the jargon of management consultants, the management levels below the executive board are also called the "talent pipeline". "There are enough women in the talent pipeline who are suitable for top jobs," says Nicole Voigt, Managing Director and Partner at BCG.

Snail's pace

According to BCG's calculations, the proportion of women on executive boards has risen by only four percentage points from ten percent since 2017, and there are currently 175 women on executive boards missing in the 100 largest German stock corporations. "At this rate, parity will only be reached after 2050," the study says.

Germany also does poorly compared to its European neighbors - 24th place out of 27.

The figures were compiled by the European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE) in May 2020. BCG only updated the data for Germany in September. Accordingly, the proportion of women on German executive boards has decreased again, from 14.5 to only 10 percent.

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Female bosses are still earning only three-quarters as much as their male colleagues Meanwhile, a study earlier this year by US management consultancy Bain & Co found that more women than men start corporate life aiming for the top positions, but that their ambition and confidence is swiftly eroded.

In the 30 companies in the German share index (Dax) alone there are six fewer women board members than there were a year ago. At the beginning of October, an investigation by the German-Swedish

Allbright Foundation

had already indicated that the proportion of female managers in Germany has decreased since the beginning of the Corona crisis. Strong and clear = man? A prominent example of this development is Jennifer Morgan. In autumn 2019, the American was appointed co-head of the software group SAP and was the first woman to head a Dax company.

But only six months, her contract was terminated with reference to the pandemic. In the Corona crisis, the company needed a "strong, clear management responsibility", SAP shared


at the time. The supervisory board then transferred this to Morgan's colleague Christian Klein. According to the Boston Consulting Group, economic reasons speak for the most diverse management teams possible. "Companies that value diversity have proven to work more successfully and are more innovative," says Voigt from BCG. She refers to her own studies, according to which "companies with diverse management teams achieve an average of nine percentage points higher EBIT margins". The EBIT indicator stands for the operating result before interest and taxes.

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A Canadian study in 2008 found that women with female supervisors had higher cases of depression, headaches, heartburn and insomnia than if their bosses were men. Unclear behaviour: A survey has found that 95 per cent of women have felt undermined by other women at some point during their

In fact, studies have shown that women who report to women experience a greater frequency of bullying, abuse and job sabotage. Braun stated “one sign that is frequently overlooked is high or consistent turnover among female direct reports to a female boss .”

Other key figures also pointed in the same direction. Overall, mixed-run companies are "more profitable, more innovative and economically more successful in the long term," according to the BCG analysis.

More women = more success?

However, this has not yet been scientifically proven. "There is no clear empirical evidence, either in one or the other direction," said Katharina Wrohlich, who heads the "Gender Economics" research group at the German Institute for Economic Research (DIW), of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. "Often, conclusions are drawn prematurely from pure correlations."

Jennifer Morgan (r.) und Christian Klein (l.) folgten im Herbst 2019 als Doppelspitze auf SAP-Chef Bill McDermott. Nach nur sechs Monaten war Klein allein an der Spitze © picture alliance / dpa Jennifer Morgan (r.) And Christian Klein (l.) Followed SAP boss Bill McDermott as dual leadership in autumn 2019. After only six months, Klein was alone at the top. The European comparative figures on the proportion of women on executive boards (see graphic above) therefore leave a lot of leeway for interpretation. Romania and Bulgaria are among the top 5 countries that are not exactly known for economic success, while Luxembourg, one of the richest countries in the world, bears the red lantern.

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Female bosses are acting like 'mean girls' and undermining their other female colleagues in workplaces across Australia, according to While Ms Brogden says surveys found women preferred to have a male boss , a Randstad study from 2013 found that 44 per cent of workers in Australia

· a female boss . · either – you don’t have a preference. Do you think your response to this question is a typical one? Which bosses are best? How do you like your boss ? · a training idea (a role play, simulation, game, discussion, case study etc.) to help the course participants study effectively.

And yet that cannot hide the fact that the Scandinavian countries (between 24 and 28 percent), but also the Netherlands (23 percent) and France (20 percent) are significantly further ahead than Germany.

Conditions "not attractive"

In Germany, the listed car rental company Sixt is one of the companies whose board of directors is purely male and which have not yet officially set the goal of changing anything.

There are many women with ambitions and leadership qualities, said Alexander Sixt, board member of the

family company

. "So the problem is not that no woman wants to be a manager," Sixt told DW. "But the general conditions are often simply not attractive to them, and sometimes they are not compatible with the connection between family and career." The authors of the BCG analysis therefore also appeal to politicians to ensure better framework conditions. These include the obligation to publish the proportion of women in the various management levels, tax advantages for job sharing offers, a far-reaching right to work from home and a statutory quota for women.

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