Entertainment Everyone can die in The Suicide Squad - but please don't Latex Captain America

14:43  27 october  2020
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I don ’ t want to cheapen moments like these,” he said, referring to the emotional storytelling. He added, “It really sucks having to tell an actor you’re killing a As far as the cast who may or may not die in The Suicide Squad , Viola Davis will reprise her role as Amanda Waller while Joel Kinnaman will play

DC's The Suicide Squad really gets crazier with every picture. Allow, latex cap It also came out: James Gunn is allowed to kill any character in The Suicide Squad.

In The Suicide Squad kann jeder sterben - aber bitte nicht Latex-Captain America © Warner Bros. Anyone can die in The Suicide Squad - but please not Latex Captain America

James Gunn rushes crazy DC heroes against each other in The Suicide Squad. And that is meant literally. The director suggests a slaughter between the anti-heroes, to which any character can die, from Harley Quinn to Bloodsport to the shrink-wrapped Peacemaker.

John Cena is DC's latex captain America

The Empire magazine shows us new pictures of the chaos troop. We get a better look at characters like John Cena's hero, who looks like a latex version of Captain America.

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SUICIDE SQUAD kills off some major characters but one of the main stars may be back after all in the sequel. If you have seen Suicide Squad (and if you haven' t , stop reading now) you will know that Enchantress, her brother Incubus and squad member El Diablo all go out in a blaze of glory at the end.

Suicide Squad Birds of Prey (And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn) The Squad finds the crash site, and Deadshot finds files in the chopper and shows the team that As everyone prepared to go their separate ways, Waller appeared alive, much to the verbal confusion of Deadshot.

This peacemaker with his skin-tight and unnecessarily brightly colored muscle shirt, the silly chrome helmet and the cleaning gloves that are sure to squeak merrily when he rubs his fingers together. It's the team's eccentric showpiece, which also includes an human shark and a cat that was run over by a monster truck three times.

The complete Suicide Squad team at a glance New picture of the crazy Suicide Squad

Bloodsport (Idris Elba) and Captain Boomerang ( Jai Courtney ) balance the team chemistry with exhibited coolness and normality. On the new picture you can see John Cena's character in full glory next to Elba and, why not, the "Polka Dot Man":

James Gunn's dark vision for The Suicide Squad: Everyone May Die

In an interview with Empire, director Gunn compared his work the DC film with its blockbuster calling card Guardians of the Galaxy. In Marvel history, Star Lord and Drax spit big tones, but basically we are dealing with good characters. That is different with the Suicide Squad.

Some characters get good ending, others a terrible ending. They don't just get into fights and say they are going to kill each other. They really get into fights and really kill each other.

In other words, where the Guardians crack a joke in a dangerous situation, death and ruin does indeed occur in the Suicide Squad. There are no ironic breaks in DC.

You really don't know who will die and who will survive. DC gave me the freedom to kill anyone - and I really mean everyone.

So also my new favorite, the Peacemaker, which as things stand would be a real loss. The Suicide Squad is slated to hit theaters on August 5, 2021.

Which of the new Suicide Squad members do you think is the best?

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