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16:45  27 october  2020
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Linda Nolan marks Bernie's 60th birthday... amid her own cancer battle

  Linda Nolan marks Bernie's 60th birthday... amid her own cancer battle The second youngest Nolan sister Bernie died in July 2013, aged 52, after her cancer spread to her brain, lungs, liver and bones. require(["inlineoutstreamAd", "c.

When children grow up with animals, they naturally belong to the family. A close connection is naturally there and does not need to be questioned. It is all the more sad when the furry playmate becomes ill or has to die of old age. This is what happened to little Abby in the USA with the cat Bailey, who with the name "Bailey, No Ordinary Cat" (in German: "Bailey, no ordinary cat") was also an animal Instagram star. And the girl reacted to this situation in a touching way, as the videos shared on Instagram show.

Bailey © Instagram / bailey_no_ordinary_cat Bailey Bailey was a prominent tiger cat

The fan base of "Bailey, No Ordinary Cat" is considerable. He was a star in the social media with more than two million views, as emphasized on "amazon.de". A book by Bailey's mistress Erin Merryn, published in April 2019, is advertised here, which introduces the lovable cat with pictures and texts and which quickly became a bestseller. In this printed "Bailey, No Ordinaty Cat" book you can get to know Abby and her siblings and see them in everyday contact with the celebrity cat .

John Daly and Kid Rock are told to wear masks at Nashville debate hall

  John Daly and Kid Rock are told to wear masks at Nashville debate hall Kid Rock and John Daly joined President Trump's entourage at the final debate in Nashville on Thursday, where they were asked by an official at the Belmont University venue to wear a mask. Photographs taken of the Grammy-nominated musician and the PGA Tour golf pro show the two men seated several seats apart at the debate hall.Neither of the two are seen wearing masks - until an unnamed official comes over and asks them to put one on.

Death from kidney failure

In December 2018, when Bailey was 14 years old, he died of kidney failure. At that time, his little friend Abby already knew that he was very sick. The dear friend she had romped with, cuddled with, played with and read from books to, was getting weaker and weaker.

Abby's farewell song for Bailey moves to tears

The little girl held the sick cat in her arms and sang for him. There have been many similar situations, because Abby has long loved singing to Bailey. Still, it was a very different matter because he was dying now. When she wrote the well-known and often covered country song "You are my sunshine, my only sunshine, you make me happy, when skies are gray ..." (in German content: "You are my sunshine and make me happy, even if it Sky is gray), you have to swallow while watching ... Sure, it was very important for the girl to say goodbye to Bailey in this way . A few days later Bailey died.

Kate Middleton and her very un-Duchess-like reactions

  Kate Middleton and her very un-Duchess-like reactions One of the best parts about royals is that they're thrust in front of millions of vigilant eyes but without the same training as other stars when it comes to that perfect Hollywood smile. Whereas most celebrities are well-versed in faking charm for the camera, royals usually offer us their genuine emotions. This is especially fun with the seemingly prim and proper Kate Middleton. What's most lovable about the Duchess of Do-No-Wrong is that she doesn't turn into a robot when the flashing lights are on. Click through to see her many and wildly varied expressions, paired with hilarious situations we can all relate to.

By the way, after Bailey's death, the Merryn family bought the kitten Carrot, which is now following in his footsteps on Instagram and Co.

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