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08:30  28 october  2020
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ASX - By Stock. VR 1 . For the Long-Term Holders. VR 1 . Click for more information. 7.14% 13.0¢ vection technologies ltd. We are on the cusp of a monumental shift across every industry and VR 1 is at the centre of them all. Anything more than that is hopes and dreams, it's still at start up stage with a lot of boxes to tick.

VR 1 Price at posting: 13.3¢ Sentiment: Hold Disclosure: Held. Vection had a sizable stand at a large 3-day industrial trade fair last week in which they also ran a In fact, I'm interested in all technology stocks, which doesn't mean I think it's a good company, I'm just increasing my knowledge.That's why I

Vection Technologies Ltd (ASX: VR1) share price surged up by 11% to a high of 16 cents in earlier trade today before retreating slightly. At the time of writing, the shares were trading at 14 cents, up 7.69%.

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Let’s take a look at the company and why the Vection share price is up today.

What does Vection Technologies do?

The software company has developed a technology called FrameS. It takes previously created models from software such as CAD or others and provides an immersive experience for up to six remote users. Applications include interior design, design review of industrial projects, exhibiting products remotely, and even training.

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Should you invest in Vection Technologies ( ASX : VR 1 )? Mediocre balance sheet with weak fundamentals. Last updated 2020/10/ 11 10:47. How has Vection Technologies's share price performed over time and what events caused price changes?

VR 1 Price at posting: 11 .5¢ Sentiment: Buy Disclosure: Held. I nearly bought another 150000 at 11 .5c today .. but I’m stretched too thin in other plays and didn’t want to liquidate other profits.. Still I should’ve held my 3m shares when this came up on my radar at 1.2c lol..

The company also develops Mindesk, the first native virtual reality interface for Solidworks. This is one of the most widely used mechanical CAD software packages in the world. It is used by more than 6 million users worldwide, primarily for industrial design. The software allows designers to quickly sketch out ideas, experiment with features and dimensions, and produce models and detailed drawings.

Mindesk then allows users and engineers to interact with the design in a virtual world. It is useful for engineers, designers and customers. The applications include industrial design, electronics designs, customer reviews of housing plans and a range of others.

Why is the Vection share price moving?

The company’s share price has been moving since the partnership announcement with Nuovamacut. This has the biggest designer community in the Italian territory. Nuovamacut  has more than $68 million in annual revenue and 160 employees across 9 offices. In addition, it distributes Solidworks software to 8,600 company clients and 26,000 users. Its diverse client portfolio includes sectors ranging from industrial machinery, engineering and construction to aerospace and education.

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A look at the shareholders of Vection Technologies Limited ( ASX : VR 1 ) can tell us which group is Our most recent data indicates that insiders own some shares in Vection Technologies Limited. That's why lock- up expiration dates can be days on which stocks like Nikola experience heavy selling

For example, the Vection Technologies Ltd. ( ASX : VR 1 ) share price is down 15% in the last year. View our latest analysis for Vection Technologies. Vection Technologies isn't currently profitable, so The carmaker took the wraps off a major operational and management shake- up on its CEO's first

The agreement represents an opportunity for Vection to accelerate market share growth for its virtual reality software, Mindesk. It aligns with the company’s goal to achieve strong annual recurring revenue growth. Although Vection Technologies advised that the financial impact of the agreement was not determinable, the company did say it anticipated the partnership to be “material for the company”.

This comes after a number of additional announcements that underscore the momentum behind the company. For example, it recently announced the global launch of its first Dell Technologies powered Virtual Reality integrated solution for enterprise, VRONE. Another recent announcement focused on the acceptance into the Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ: MSFT) Hololens 2 program.

Vection Technologies will collaborate with the Autodesk Technology Centers and the Microsoft Mixed Reality team for the integration of the Mindesk software with the Microsoft Hololens 2 device.

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Vection Achieves Govt Funding Milestone and Secures .6M. l think this is about to move up , priced down atm. VR 1 Price at posting: 5.8¢ Sentiment: Buy Disclosure: Held. Vection Technologies ( ASX : VR 1 ) - Gianmarco Biagi | StockPal. VR 1 Price at posting: 5.9¢ Sentiment: Buy

Why so quiet? Today 's news begs the question: if this truly is the HIV breakthrough Biotron claims While the 13 per cent increase to the company's share price today is still impressive, particularly given the struggling ASX , the Vection Technologies ( ASX : VR 1 ) shares soar on Facebook program news.

The company already provides VR and AR capabilities to clients including Lamborghini, Maserati, Volvo and Philip Morris, servicing luxury brands with virtual showrooms for customers.

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Returns as of 6th October 2020

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