Entertainment Michael Wendler: Sister Bettina: "That still hurts to this day"

02:40  29 october  2020
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Bettina Wulff is single again

 Bettina Wulff is single again Bettina Wulff (46) and Jan-Henrik Behnken have split up according to "Gala" . Behnken said on behalf of the two in a statement: "We confirm that we have separated amicably, remain on friendly terms with each other and ask for your understanding that we will not make any further statements to protect privacy." Wulff confirmed the separation of at "Bild": "Yes, it's true." © imago images / Future Image Bettina Wulff and Jan-Henrik Behnken at a premiere gala Here is the book "Different than though

The day I sprained my ancle (it still hurts to this day .) :( Olivia Paige. Загрузка

I don't like standing over the grave of a dead baby just to pretend to feel sadder than I do.I know its hard on my parents but I just wanna have a bday w/o being guilted by them. My mom gets quiet and cries a little whenever my sister is brought up and its turned up to 100 on my bday (she died the

The hit star has to take tough criticism again! Just a few days ago, Joel Weßels (16), the half-brother of Michael Wendler (48), said quite openly: "I am ashamed of my half-brother. What Michael has let go of on the Internet and continues to let go is absolutely mindless. "

gettyimages-453676004-4.jpg © Getty Images gettyimages-453676004-4.jpg

This clip caused a wave of indignation! In the video above we show you again how Wendler founded his DSDS-Aus .

Now there are heavy accusations again - this time from Michael's sister Bettina Skowronek (50)! In an interview, she gave intimate insights into her broken relationship with the music star and revealed why she is so immensely disappointed with Laura Müller's (20) husband.

Michael Wendler: Father Manfred: "He has no business at my grave"

 Michael Wendler: Father Manfred: Broken relationship: Singer Michael Wendler (48) and his father Manfred Weßels (73) have not been on good terms with each other for many years. In the past, the artist's father had already publicly doubted the authenticity of his son's relationship with Laura Müller (20, married Norberg). © imago images / nicepix.world, imago images / STAR-MEDIA Manfred Weßels After days of radio silence, Laura recently reported back on Instagram. How? You can find out in the video above.

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I'd offer a do- over if and when the birthday girl felt like it, and otherwise try to empathize in the moment: acknowledge that it was unfair and of course you're upset (but, hey, also you know better than to hurt someone else). I'd expect an apology from the candle-blower kid at some point in the near future.

He recently got back on Instagram! You can see the latest posting by Michael Wendler in the following video:

Bettina raises serious allegations against Michael Wendler

In an interview with the "Bild" newspaper, the 50-year-old said openly: "As children we got along well - at that time I would never have thought that he would cheat me like that. " What does she mean by that? Michael Wendler could no longer pay the running costs for his erotica shop in 1998 and therefore transferred the company to his sister. Years later, Bettina said to "Bild": "That was the worst decision of my life."

She added: "After a year the big bills came from all kinds of people that Michael hadn't paid." The result? Bettina stayed on , an alleged mountain of debt of around 350,000 euros. The successful pop star didn't seem to care, however, as the 50-year-old made clear: "Michael only said: 'That's okay, you don't have any money, they can't take anything away from you.' So I confronted him. "

Gülcan Kamps: Fans ask "What happened to your face?" and she reacts very cool

 Gülcan Kamps: Fans ask Is that really Gülcan Kamps (38), smiling into the camera? This is what fans of the presenter ask. The cheerful nature shared a photo of herself on Instagram, with which she actually wanted to draw attention to a new television project. Most recently, she made a name for herself when she submitted her application to DSDS successor to Michael Wendler (48) on Instagram. Gülcan did not want to reveal which show this is actually about.

REVENGE- Scaring my sister to death !!

I say somethin' that hurts you Actin' like I'm gone but we both in the same room I don't like to be wrong, which I know you relate to And I know I make you feel like you're at the end of your road That's when I look at you and tell you I'd be better alone. That's just the pride talkin', isn't it?

Michael Wendler's sister is shocked by his "cowardice"

In the meantime the siblings are said to have broken off all contact and no longer speak to each other. Bettina Skowronek therefore admitted emotionally to "Bild": "You least expect such cowardice from your own brother. That's why it still hurts today!"

She surprised with days of radio silence! In the video below you can see how Laura Müller spoke up after the whole scandal.

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