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10:15  31 october  2020
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Young people have a stake in our future. Let them vote.

  Young people have a stake in our future. Let them vote. 75 million American citizens can’t vote in this election. What if we changed that?In the last year, there’ve been encouraging signs that we might rethink this. Democratic candidate Andrew Yang argued for a voting age of 16, and a bill proposing a voting age of 16 died in the US House in March 2019 with a majority of Democratic representatives supporting it.

People often don ’ t like to hear I can’t because they think it means I won’t. Saying 'I can’t' suggests that you’re not willing to do what it takes to get the job done. If you really can’t do something because you truly lack the necessary skills, you need to offer an alternative solution.

A. Most people who spend a holiday travelling take a camera with them and photograph anything But mobile phones don ’ t produce many radio waves. Still children should be especially careful about Parents say that young people are safer with mobiles than without them. But, while parents said they

It would take a lot of time to look at all the chess games that an international research team has just evaluated for a new study. The scientists analyzed 24,000 professional games, consisting of around 1.6 million moves that chess professionals made between 1890 and 2014.

The researchers from Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland pursued two goals: They wanted to know how the

intelligence of the players developed in the course of their lives; and they wanted to find out how the cognitive abilities of the early chess professionals differed from those of their peers. To determine this, they compared, for example, a 30-year-old player from 1900 with a 30-year-old player from 1980 or 2014.

A key FDA vaccine committee declined to vote on a Covid-19 vaccine

  A key FDA vaccine committee declined to vote on a Covid-19 vaccine The decision to wait for more evidence means it’s very unlikely a Covid-19 vaccine will see any form of approval before Election Day.The Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee was convened to go over the early results of Covid-19 vaccine clinical trials, the benchmarks to approve a vaccine candidate, and how to maintain safety throughout the process. However, no decisions are on the agenda.

'Good communicator really listen to people and take in what is said . They maintain eye contact and have a relaxed body language, but they seldom interrupt and stop people talking. If they don ' t understand and want to clarify something, they wait for a suitable opportunity.

If we don ’ t _ on electricity, there will be power cuts. economics. ПОМОГИТЕ СРОЧНО УМОЛЯЮЮ ПРОШУ Exercise 2 Complete the table using the following list of words representing people ’s hobbies. cards, board games, DIY … (do it yourself), chess, jogging, hunting

Chess is perfect for this type of intelligence research. "We used data from games in professional chess tournaments because chess is a prime example of a cognitively complex task," says Uwe Sunde from the Ludwig Maximilians University in Munich. The German is co-author

of study , which has just been published in the “Proceedings” of the US “National Academy of Sciences”. At what age did the players make particularly clever moves?

To find out how cleverly the chess players acted then and now, the researchers compared their real moves - all of which had been neatly recorded - with the "optimal" ones suggested by a chess computer in each individual case. They looked: When did the players' moves deviate from the ideal solution of the computer? And how often did the pros act as cleverly as the computer suggested?

The odd friends: The young liberal and the elderly conservative

  The odd friends: The young liberal and the elderly conservative How a 30-something Democrat and a 90-something Republican built a friendship based on curiosity, empathy and respect.Richard flashed a gap-toothed grin at the waitress. “Hon, can you bring us one of them baskets? With extra biscuits?” he asked. He knows I like biscuits better than cornbread. At 92 with his sweet smile and wispy white hair, Richard’s “Hons” and “Sweeties” lack the demeaning quality they might have with a younger man in a position of power. Still, I studied the waitress’s face. I started to tell Richard not all women like being called “Hon,” but the waitress’s expression softened into bemusement.

‘There are lots of people who say some of their best business-school friends come from their study Most of the proposals were impractical, but ‘‘we all felt like we could say anything to each other Our data-saturated age enables us to examine our work habits and office quirks with a scrutiny that our

If you are emotionally intelligent , you love meeting new people and learning new things. If you can plan and achieve goals without being distracted by emotions you are more intelligent than - Next time someone criticizes your handwriting, simply nod, say “I am sorry you don ’ t get it” and triumph on

With the help of a mathematical model, the scientists succeeded in creating a precise course of performance for each player. This enabled them to see at what age their “test subjects” made particularly clever moves, at what phase of life their abilities improved and at what age their cognitive abilities declined. What they were also able to determine was how the average level of player intelligence had developed over the course of the 125 years examined.

From around the age of 35 we don't get any more intelligent

Two things that the researchers discovered are particularly exciting. First: The human cognitive abilities are obviously age-dependent. First of all, we keep getting smarter; then, around the age of 35, the development of our cognition stagnates. Second: The players of a certain age - let's take the 30-year-olds as an example - are more intelligent today than the 30-year-olds 120, 80 or 15 years ago. In relation to the general public, this means that we are cognitively better today than our peers in the past.

The Weekly Planet: The Secret Political Power of Fossil Fuels

  The Weekly Planet: The Secret Political Power of Fossil Fuels Coal and fracking don’t work like other declining industries, and that matters for Democrats.A decade ago, the American coal industry began to die. From 2011 to 2016, more than 39,000 jobs eroded away. At a scientific conference last year, I met a group of researchers at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich who were curious about how this had affected American politics and, most pointedly, Donald Trump’s razor-thin victory in Rust Belt states.

Many of them served as army generals and navy admirals, defending Russian borders in different wars and battles. Among the most famous ones were Field Another reason the show has been running for so long is that there is no main storyline, it is very much episodic, each episode telling a story of a

Some people opine that senior people can still have productive and active lives and the following essay will discuss how they can have positive contributions to the society. For instance, politicians, teachers, researchers , historian, doctors often need time to produce their best output.

But why is it that today's 30-year-olds have better cognitive abilities than 30-year-olds 100 years ago? The researchers have a plausible explanation for this. "The conditions under which people grow up today have a decisive influence on the development of their cognitive abilities," says economist Uwe Sunde. These modern conditions naturally also include the rapidly developing digital technologies. To cope with them, modern humans are forced to keep up cognitively. No generation of our ancestors was ever required to perform to this extent.

Whether it goes on and on, whether people are becoming more and more intelligent - your model cannot predict that, says Uwe Sunde. He also points out a weakness of his study: it stems from the fact that chess professionals traditionally end their careers around the age of 50, they do not take part in competitions for the rest of their lives.

The fact that the data does not cover the entire life span of the “test persons” could lead to a bias of the result. If it were different, the players would have participated in the chess tournaments their entire lives and the researchers would have been able to evaluate all of these games - then the average intelligence curve would probably have dropped even more in the end, says Uwe Sunde.

  Ab diesem Lebensalter werden Menschen nicht mehr intelligenter — sagen Forscher © Provided by Business Insider Germany Mann spielt Schach © ConvertKit / Unsplash Man playing chess

PSG: Florenzi, the good Parisian pick for the European developer .
© Panoramic Finding a starting right-back at a lower cost? Following the departure of Thomas Meunier (Dortmund), this was one of Leonardo’s priority assignments during the offseason. But with limited resources, there is no question of tracking a player like Achraf Hakimi, who left Real Madrid for Inter Milan for € 40m, or of targeting a player like Benjamin Pavard. The Parisian sporting director therefore focused on his favorite hunting ground, Italy.

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