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18:15  04 november  2020
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States need billions to prepare for Covid-19 vaccines. The federal government isn’t helping.

  States need billions to prepare for Covid-19 vaccines. The federal government isn’t helping. Experts say local and state governments need more time and resources to scale up vaccination efforts.The final leg of the race, however, will be actually getting people vaccinated.

We are actually fine. We live in prosperity and have a significantly higher life expectancy than all generations before us. Child mortality is at an all-time low. This is made possible, among other things, by medical progress. Of course, this includes not only sophisticated hygiene and clean drinking water, but also vaccinations that have been specially developed to eradicate serious diseases. These diseases can have fatal physical consequences and also lead to death - especially with children.

camille-echols-facebook © Camille Echols / Facebook camille-echols-facebook There are vaccination opponents all over the world - with dire consequences

But not only in this country - even worldwide the number of vaccination opponents is increasing. Measles and Co. could be eradicated thanks to the vaccinations, no parent and no child would have to fear infection. However, according to the WHO, only 93 percent of residents in Germany currently have adequate measles vaccination. There are too few to eradicate the disease. That is why Germany is considered a problem country. Actually unbelievable. And measles is just one example of many. You can now also have your children vaccinated against chickenpox. But even against it, what is called anti-vaccination is reluctant. Because vaccinations supposedly trigger autism - nobody cares that this thesis was based on false facts and has long been refuted.

influenza vaccination - not free for everyone

 influenza vaccination - not free for everyone Like other vaccinations, the flu vaccination is controversial - but this winter it is particularly recommended due to the COVID-19 pandemic. For whom is the flu vaccination free of charge and which health insurance companies cover part of the costs? An overview. © Provided by Finanz.net Ralph Orlowski / Getty Images On the official website of the German health insurances it says: "The flu vaccination should prevent the real flu or attenuate it in the course.

Camille Echol's daughter had to pay for the consequences of this refusal. And she suffered terribly. Camille therefore posted a moving post on Facebook in which she appealed to the common sense of her fellow human beings - and made it clear to them what consequences their actions or non-actions can have:

"So far, I've been very interested in social networks held back on the anti-vaccination movement. I've read a lot of know-it-all memes saying, 'Why should my unvaccinated children be a danger to your vaccinated children when you are so sure that vaccinations work? ”

THEREFORE : There are people who can't get live vaccines like my daughter. She had a kidney transplant when she was two years old. She got a chickenpox vaccine, but no longer the follow-up vaccine. Her immune system was suppressed and instead of immune to the virus it would be sick. "

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To the emergency room for chickenpox

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"This weekend she had contact with a child who had chickenpox and now we are in the emergency room. Tests will be carried out, she will be injected with antibodies and then we will have to see what the specialist does for infectious diseases. The incubation period for chickenpox is seven to 21 days. So despite our best efforts, she could still get sick within three weeks. And that means being automatically admitted to the hospital to give her antivirals. So she could get away with it get very, very sick.

Please, if you are the one who thinks your child will get autism from vaccinations, PLEASE educate yourself. There isn't a single independently peer-reviewed study that has come to this conclusion. And people Choosing not to vaccinate puts children like my daughter at risk. She's been through SO much. And now would have e can be prevented. "

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Related post on Facebook

Shared on Facebook How the network reacts

As usual with this topic, the reactions were mixed. In addition to many encouraging and grateful comments, Carol had to endure a few hateful comments and insults from anti-vaccination opponents. So she decided to revise her post, answer "the most common questions" from commentators and clarify a few things again. For example, that she was trained in pediatric medicine and therefore has a good idea of ​​the subject of vaccination. She also insisted on a clear statement that the anti-vaccination attitude has even led to the comeback of diseases that have already been eradicated.

Camille's annoyance is understandable in any case, because nobody likes to see their child suffer unnecessarily. And the problem with vaccination opponents in particular is that their refusal to provide health care exposes other children who are either too young to be vaccinated or, as with Camille's daughter, cannot get a vaccination due to health conditions, to a danger to life and limb.

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