Entertainment H&M is now showing how modern the ugly trend hairstyle from Netflix's “The Queen's Gambit” can look like.

10:25  21 november  2020
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In this photo with Kate Middleton, the Queen is breaking a longstanding tradition.

 In this photo with Kate Middleton, the Queen is breaking a longstanding tradition. Social Distancing may have prevented Queen Elisabeth II from following the tradition of the Royal Family memorial service on Sunday. Members of the Royal Family gathered at the Cenotaph, a war memorial in London, to honor those who lost their lives in the war. Prince William, Prince Edward and Princess Anne were among those who laid wreaths at the cenotaph while the Queen, Kate Middleton and Camilla watched the service from the balconies of the State Department.

And now , costumes from “ The Queen ’ s Gambit ” can be viewed on a virtual exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum, which worked with Netflix to offer a closer The bad news, however, is that none of these glamorous Queen ’ s Gambit costumes are available in stores. Ms. Binder made them all specifically

The Queen ’ s Gambit is a completely invented story and there isn’t a single real chess player among the American challenger’ s opponents. As in the Netflix story, he drove his opponent to tears: “Matches with Fischer were nervous and tense. I think Fischer even cried after a game at that time

Anyone who has seen the Netflix series “The Queen's Gambit” will almost certainly have three wishes: 1) To be able to play chess . 2) Get a perfectly curved eyeliner. And 3) to grab scissors and hair color and miss out on the trend hairstyle from main character Beth Harmon.

Admittedly, the short Bob with micro-fringe in orange-red is not exactly the most discreet hairstyle that you can choose. With such hair you definitely stand out.

„Das Damengambit“: H&M macht die hässliche Trend-Frisur modern PR © PR “The lady's gambit”: H&M makes the ugly trend hairstyle modern PR

You could even go so far as to describe the extremely accurate cut of bangs and tips in the prince iron heart memory look as ugly - although the Short hairstyle scores at least retro-wise.

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Netflix hit " The Queen ' s Gambit " is raising chess' profile in a big way. Chess grandmasters Garry Kasparov and Judit Polgar speak to Christiane Amanpour about the popularity of the show . NOW PLAYING: Trending .

JUST WATCHED. The Queen ' s Gambit : How a Netflix show is increasing the popularity of chess. (CNN) The success of Netflix ' s latest hit show has taken even one of the men behind the series by Kasparov says the success of " The Queen ' s Gambit " will only further boost the game's global appeal.

“The Queen's Gambit”: H&M makes the ugly trendy hairstyle modern.

Playing chess is quite a challenge. And we don't even want to talk about the perfectly curved eyeliner ... But the trend hairstyle of leading actress Elizabeth "Beth" Harmon, you can have it missed at the hairdresser.

The look à la “The Queen's Gambit” can look super stylish and modern. How that is currently shown by none other than our favorite Swedes from H&M .

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When choosing a model for the current winter collection, they seem to have been influenced by Netflix and have decided on a model that also has a short bob -Wears hairstyle and combines this with micro bangs.

„Das Damengambit“: H&M macht die hässliche Trend-Frisur modern PR © PR "The Ladies' Gambit": H&M makes the ugly trend hairstyle modern PR

Only: The cut of the trend hairstyle is significantly more casual and therefore more modern than that of Beth Harmon aka actress Anya Taylor-Joy.

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Image via Netflix It wasn’t totally planned that I would watch The Queen ’ s Gambit so soon after I finished March Comes in Like a Lion. I am now two years sober, but I have struggled with depression all my life, where alcohol acted as an accelerant device that fed the machine.

The queen ' s gambit . followed by @chloepirrie & @janinaelkin During the Cold War era an orphaned chess prodigy struggles with addiction ●OCTOBER 23 @thequeensgambitnetflix www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https

Instead of a strict Micro-Pony with accurately trimmed tips, the model from H&M wears her short pony slightly frayed and less compact.

The hair at chin length also looks less massive thanks to a fringed and uneven cut, which gives the trend hairstyle a cool lightness.

And: Especially now in winter, the trend hairstyle à la “The Ladies Gambit” is ideal. Not only because it comforts us that we will probably never become professionals at playing chess, but rather because it is the ideal length for hats and scarves.

The hair is long enough to be visible under the hat, but at the same time it is short enough to avoid tangled hair under the scarf in the neck. With this we simply checkmate the winter cold.

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New data shows how Netflix's 'The Queen's Gambit' has grown into a word-of-mouth hit since its release .
Netflix's "The Queen's Gambit" rose continuously in audience demand in its first month of release, according to data from Parrot Analytics. At its peak demand on November 20, "The Queen's Gambit" was over 20 times more in demand than the average series in the US. Chess-set sales also soared 125% in the US in the weeks after the series debuted, according to The New York Times. Netflix said on Monday that "The Queen's Gambit" was its biggest limited series yet. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories.

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