Entertainment VIDEO. Juliette photographs breasts “that belong to women, not stereotypes”

10:50  23 november  2020
10:50  23 november  2020 Source:   ouest-france.fr

The Many Lives of Adrienne Rich

  The Many Lives of Adrienne Rich Praised by W. H. Auden as neat and modest, she vowed to be passionate and radical instead.The simplest story about those goals—and it’s not wrong—presents an obedient daughter and a young mother, rewarded early for talent, radicalized in middle age. Adrienne’s father, Arnold, was a prestigious pathologist at Johns Hopkins University and a WASP-passing Jewish man. An “absolute authority” in his own home, as Rich wrote, Arnold required his wife, Helen, to wear the black crepe dress he designed for her, day after day, year after year.

Juliette Bauge, photographe indépendante à Rennes. © Joël Le Gall / Ouest-France Juliette Bauge, freelance photographer in Rennes.

Freelance photographer from Rennes, Juliette Bauge, 26, has worked with her lens on female breasts. To talk about breast cancer but also to break societal stereotypes on the breast.

This job has really allowed me to meet women who are very different from each other. To learn from them but also from me. It was exciting, Juliette Bauge said. At 26 years old, this Rennaise has just settled down as freelance photographer after having graduated last year. I started out on my own and I do a lot of portraits, family or wedding photos. She loves to capture and immortalize human expressions.

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Juliette Bauge a photographié une trentaine de poitrines de femmes de 18 à 75 ans. © Juliette Bauge / Ouest-France Juliette Bauge has photographed around thirty breasts of women aged 18 to 75.

On the occasion of Pink October, I realized that I didn't know much about about breast cancer . Who are these women who are affected, how do they experience it? Juliette Bauge then decides to put her lens at the service of these questions. So that we don't talk about it until October. She goes to work.

Social media call

So I made a social media call. I was looking for women with breast cancer who would allow me to photograph their breasts and tell me about their disease. About forty accepted and I met them one by one at my home to explain my approach to them. Women aged 18 to 75. With each one, I talked a lot. It may not be easy to accept that a stranger photograph your breasts. Just the chest without staging and without the faces. And above all, from discussion to discussion, the photographer's field of investigation will evolve.

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Our breasts are linked to motherhood, sexuality and femininity and they are not just breasts like those of men. And a lot of women complex on their breasts because they do not fit the stereotypes of society. The image of a perfect breast that is swollen and able to defy the laws of gravity. Except that when we look at ourselves in the mirror, we don't recognize that chest and we tell ourselves that we are not normal. Hence her photo gallery of 40 different breasts to show the diversity. They are all beautiful and normal and there is nothing wrong with that.

The eyes of others

Another reflection: Obviously our breasts belong to us but they also belong to society in general. Women will not dare to go out without a bra because they are embarrassed that looks are placed on their nipples. Or not to put on a neckline there again because of the looks. Others will pad their bra so as not to show too small a breast ...

Here again, the company imposes its gaze and its standards. With her photos, she wants to break these clichés. And strangely, it's still an almost taboo subject. I wanted to post my work on social media but it was refused. It's assimilated to sexuality!

Le P’tit rennais , for whom she collaborates, has agreed to publish her photos. But the photographer would also like to be able to exhibit them in a general public place to encourage debate and reflection

Lara Bingle dons a chic cardigan for a photoshoot in the park with son .
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