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02:15  25 november  2020
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Biden Must Chart a Bold Path in His Foreign Policy

  Biden Must Chart a Bold Path in His Foreign Policy His presidency may be the establishment’s last best chance to demonstrate that liberal internationalism is a superior strategy to populist nationalism. He must consider the strategic options generated by an ideologically diverse team, and he has to make big choices that are attuned to the politics of the moment, in the United States and around the world. Such a bold path is not one that a newly elected president with no foreign-policy experience could take. But he can.

My stepfather was saved from the Holocaust by an African-American GI: Joe Biden ' s secretary of state pick Tony Blinken says extraordinary story of survival is 'what America represents to the world'. Tony Blinken , Joe Biden ' s nomination to be secretary of state, praised his prominent diplomatic

In Tony Blinken , Joe Biden has said he has a "superstar." The president-elect' s pick to be His mother is a well-known patron of the arts and his stepfather is a famed lawyer and author, who survived the Biden expected to tap history -making pick , Janet Yellen, for Treasury Department. Biden will appear alongside Blinken and other key members of his national security cabinet Tuesday

Tony Blinken wearing a suit and tie: Tony Blinken is Biden's nominee to be secretary of state and comes from a prominent diplomatic family © Provided by Daily Mail Tony Blinken is Biden's nominee to be secretary of state and comes from a prominent diplomatic family

Tony Blinken, Joe Biden's nomination to be secretary of state, praised his prominent diplomatic family and paid tribute to his stepfather's surviving the Holocaust in his speech thanking the president-elect for the nomination.

Biden introduced his national security team in Wilmington on Tuesday as he prepares to transition to the White House in January.

He noted Blinken, one of his longtime advisers, comes from a family of 'immigrants and refugees' that include 'a Holocaust survivor who taught him to never take for granted the very idea of America as a place of possibilities.'

Biden to nominate Antony Blinken as US secretary of state

  Biden to nominate Antony Blinken as US secretary of state A ‘defender of global alliances’, Blinken says the US needs to take an active leadership role in the world.Bloomberg, The New York Times and several other news organisations reported on the plan to nominate Blinken on Monday, quoting anonymous sources close to the president-elect.

Antony Blinken , President-elect Joe Biden ' s pick for secretary of state, has worked with the former vice president for so long that one former State Department official said that "it' s difficult to know where one person' s policy vision ends and the other' s begins.".

Joe Biden has named Anthony Blinken – an advocate for isolating Russia, cozying up to China and intervening in Syria – as secretary of state, cementing a foreign policy built on military forays and multi-national motivations. Pres elect Biden to nominate Antony Blinken to be Sec State on Tuesday.

Blinken acknowledged the prominent diplomatic family that raised him. His paternal grandfather migrated from Kiev when it was under the control of Russia and his stepfather, prominent international attorney Sam Pisar, was a Holocaust survivor. His father and uncle served as U.S. ambassadors.

Tony Blinken, Leah Pisar, Samuel Pisar, Tony Blinken, Evan Ryan posing for the camera: MailOnline logo © Provided by Daily Mail MailOnline logo

'For my family, as for so many generations of Americans, America has literally been the last best hope in the world,' Blinken said in his remarks.

He thanked his father Donald, the former U.S. ambassador to Hungry, and his mother Judith Pisar, who was a major figure on the New York arts and social scene.

And then he told the story of his stepfather, Samuel Pisar, who advised American and French presidents in the 1960s and 1970s and was one of the youngest survivors of a Polish concentration camp.

Longtime Biden Aide Tony Blinken Will Be Secretary of State

  Longtime Biden Aide Tony Blinken Will Be Secretary of State Antony Blinken, a longtime aide to President-elect Joe Biden, will be secretary of state, the Biden transition announced on Monday. Blinken’s appointment signals the geopolitical course Biden intends to chart in office: a restoration of liberal multilateralism, recentering traditional U.S. allies whom President Donald Trump placed on the margins. The task before Blinken and the Biden foreign policy team is reminiscent of the one shouldered by Hillary Clinton in the first year of Barack Obama’s presidency, where Clinton sought to assure foreign allies that Obama would break from George W. Bush’s bellicose unilateralism.

President-elect Joe Biden is expected to formally announce foreign policy veteran Antony Blinken as his nominee for secretary of state on Tuesday. Blinken served as deputy secretary of state in the Obama administration. CBS News State Department reporter Christina Ruffini joins CBSN' s "Red

Mr Blinken also shared the same video to Twitter at the time, and wrote: “This school year, some kids will have new classmates: refugees. Subscribe to Independent Premium to bookmark this article. Want to bookmark your favourite articles and stories to read or reference later?

'My late step-father, Samuel Pisar, was one of 900 children in his school in Bialystok, Poland, but the only one to survive the Holocaust after four years in concentration camps,' Blinken said.

'At the end of the war, he made a break from a death march into the Bavarian woods. From his hiding place, he heard the rumbling sound of a tank. Instead of an Iron Cross, he saw a 5- pointed White Star.'

'He ran to the tank. The hatch opened. An African American GI looked down at him. He fell to his knees and said the only three words he knew in English that his mother had taught him: God Bless America. The GI lifted him into the tank, into America, into freedom.'

Blinken's half-sister Leah Pisar has said that soldier's name was Sgt. Bill Ellington, who served in the 761st Tank Battalion, which was made up of mostly black soldiers and known as the Black Panthers. Jackie Robinson belonged to that battalion

Possible US cabinet: Joe Biden relies on experience

 Possible US cabinet: Joe Biden relies on experience Joe Biden promised early in the election campaign that he would take the diversity of US society into account when putting together his cabinet: "My government will look like America." Speculation about possible candidates for important ministries have existed for weeks, and some personal details have now been determined. © ap Joe Biden Biden's candidates for ministerial posts must all be approved by the Senate.

“ Tony Blinken is a superstar and that’ s not hyperbole,” Biden said. The vice president joked that “I came from oblivion,” said Pisar, Blinken ’ s stepfather . Sent to a labor camp at 13, he survived When Tony Blinken interviewed for the exclusive Dalton school as a kindergartener, the teacher asked him

Biden ' s transition team announced Tony Blinken will be Secretary of State. The Jewish son of a Holocaust survivor previously served in Obama government. Rashida Tlaib has been accused of anti-Semitism in her response to Joe Biden ' s decision to select Tony Blinken as his Secretary of State.

Samuel Pisar died in 2015. His father was killed by the Gestapo during World War II and his mother and sister died at Auschwitz. He wrote a memoir, “Of Blood and Hope,” about how he survived the Nazis.

Blinken concluded his family's story with the words: 'That's what America represents to the world, however imperfectly.'

Biden's nominee to lead the State Department grew up in New York and in Paris, graduating from Harvard and Columbia Law School. He moved to Paris after his parents divorced and his mother married Pisar.

Joe Biden's Team Unlikely to Take Hard Line on North Korea, South's Media Says

  Joe Biden's Team Unlikely to Take Hard Line on North Korea, South's Media Says Biden will nominate Anthony Blinken to be secretary of state and Jake Sullivan as national security adviser.The biggest job is secretary of state, which multiple news organizations and prominent Biden allies suggested Monday would be going to Obama alumnus Anthony Blinken. The national security adviser role is going to Jake Sullivan, a long-time Biden ally and former senior policy adviser to Hillary Clinton.

He speaks fluent French and plays in a Parisian jazz band. He has two singles, Lip Service and Patience, that are currently on Spotify. He also has a producer credit on the movie 'The Addiction' starring Lili Taylor and Christopher Walken.

Blinken met his future wife, Evan Ryan, in 1995 when he was working in the Clinton White House as a speechwriter on the National Security Council, and she was a scheduler for then-first lady Hillary Clinton.

He has long ties go Biden going back to the president-elect's days in the Senate where Blinken served as the Democratic staff director of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, which Biden chaired.

Blinken was deputy secretary of state and deputy national security adviser during the Obama administration.

In the early years of the Obama administration, Blinken was then-Vice President Biden´s national security adviser before he moved to the State Department to serve as deputy to then-Secretary of State John Kerry.

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Biden team to face immediate decisions on global hotspots .
US President-elect Joe Biden's foreign policy team has entered the stage with calls to return to international cooperation and democratic values after Donald Trump's chaotic four years. But Biden's team is also likely to temper the rhetoric. Secretary of State-designate Antony Blinken has said that the United States will be vocal on human rights and other concerns but also find areas in which it can work with Beijing, such as fighting pandemics and climate change.

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