Entertainment prank and the problem in the control center

13:40  25 november  2020
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Biden can do 3 things on day one to unwind Trump’s war on reproductive health

  Biden can do 3 things on day one to unwind Trump’s war on reproductive health And he doesn’t need Congress.

Hilarious. 2:10 to skip a lot of the intro and get into the story. Prank called poison control centre on my friend in the 8th grade got into trouble with

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record purchase Santamaria is still strangers to the Bundesliga, the long-time regular Höfler recently made a bitter error series, whose young representative Tempelmann was overwhelmed against Mainz. Christian Streich has to solve one of Freiburg's main problems in the control center.

Christian Streich ist seit Dezember 2011 Cheftrainer des SC Freiburg. © Getty Images Christian Streich has been the head coach of SC Freiburg since December 2011.

The SC paid ten million euros for Baptiste Santamaria in the summer to cover the departures of Robin Koch (Leeds United, played center-back and six at SC) and Mike Frantz (Hanover, played only rarely in 2019/2020) as well as the continued absence of Janik Haberer (fibula fracture and syndesmotic tear) in the central midfield with the commitment of a new potential regular employee. After a promising debut against Wolfsburg and a few good approaches, it can be said after seven appearances: The Frenchman is still strangers to the Bundesliga.

The ethics of deliberately infecting volunteers with Covid-19 to test vaccines

  The ethics of deliberately infecting volunteers with Covid-19 to test vaccines Scientists will soon launch a “human challenge trial.” Here’s why that’s so controversial.They’re young. They’re healthy. And they want scientists to give them a candidate vaccine and then deliberately expose them to the coronavirus, so we can all find out faster whether the vaccine is effective.

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Nevertheless, sporting director Klemens Hartenbach said last week in kicker: "He is still in the process of integrating and getting used to German football, has already shown good ball safety except in Berlin. We are glad that he is with us." The unexpectedly severe drop in performance of long-time regular Nicolas Höfler, who is supposed to form the double six with Santamaria, did not and is not helping to stabilize summer access.

Hartenbach is "completely convinced of this duo"

"It's a shame that Chicco Höfler has made a few mistakes so far," said Hartenbach before the weekend: "Nevertheless, we are completely convinced of this duo on the six". That is the basic line-up. Nevertheless, it was essential and long overdue for von Streich not to nominate Höfler, whom he held in high esteem, for the first time for the starting line-up against Mainz in order to show his teammates that the principle of performance also applies to established regular players.

Conspiracy theories, explained

  Conspiracy theories, explained Americans are embracing dangerous conspiratorial beliefs, from QAnon to coronavirus denial.“It was our special thing,” Eleanor, now an elementary school teacher who requested that Vox not use her real name to protect her privacy, told me.

The swipe up (to get to control center ) is NOT working!!! It just shows me all my open apps . control center is no where to be found. Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button and the Home button together for at least ten seconds, until the Apple logo appears.

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The substitute solution Lino Tempelmann turned out to be a mistake against Mainz. The 21-year-old, who had previously shown a decent performance in Leipzig in the unfamiliar 3-5-2 system as the third central midfielder in front of Santamaria and Höfler, was simply overwhelmed against the strong and fast attacking players of the guests and did not even get into the One-on-one fights and was often let down by colleagues on top of that. He seemed too slow. However, since Tempelmann has the third-best top speed in the squad behind Christian Günter (34.92) and Woo-Yeong Jeong (34.25) with 33.04 km / h, it was mainly due to a lack of speed and experience in positional play.

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Tempelmann didn't use his chance against Mainz

What made Streich take this personal measure? "Tempelmann played well in Leipzig and it was about time that Chicco was out, because we are looking for a way that he can find his way back to his old strength," explained the coach and said: "The second half was the first Step in the right direction when Chicco played again. " Although Höfler again made unnecessary mistakes (pass into the side without distress, resting his chest on the opponent, which resulted in a dangerous switching situation), the desolate SC appearance in the first 45 minutes after the break with him as an organizing element on the six became better and more structured . However, that was also due to Mainz, which did not invest much with the 3-0 lead in the back.

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In Augsburg, from the start, there are again a lot of signs of the Höfler / Santamaria duo. It has a lot to do with the alternatives. Tempelmann earned his chances in training, but especially those against Mainz in the sand. Recently, Streich was not satisfied with the training performance of Yannik Keitel (20), who was well positioned in the six-man race at the start of the season and called U21.

The third youngster, Carlo Boukhalfa (21), is still officially at home with the U23, trains with the professionals and has already made good test matches, but doesn't seem to be in shape for the SC in the current difficult situation in the Bundesliga to help.

Abrashi hardly plays a role at the moment

One comes to the same conclusion when looking at Amir Abrashi's (30) season statistics. The veteran has already completed 56 Bundesliga appearances and has repeatedly proven his worth for the team as a "chain dog" equipped with duel poison, but has only had two joker minutes and two other cadre nominations since the summer. In order to gain match practice, Abrashi was allowed to be on the road with Albania's national team in October and November. The fact that the club voluntarily renounced Abrashi after the international match phase due to the mandatory quarantine in the home games against Bremen and Mainz says a lot about his current role in the deployment planning of the coaching team.

So what is left for prank and Co.? The hope that Höfler and Santamaria will improve quickly and, at least with a delay, become the planned, reliable anchor tandem for the currently lurching team.

Address the problem, not the symptoms: Why we shouldn’t entirely blame the Woodville Pizza guy for SA’s lockdown .
South Australia's outbreak illustrates the problem of insecure and low-paid work, and the moral jeopardy it forces on people.The drama, estimated to have cost the state’s economy $100 million, came down to pizza. Specifically, fears the state’s outbreak of COVID-19 was an especially virulent strain transmissible by pizza boxes.

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