Entertainment Chrissy Teigen Reflects on 'Brutal' 2 Months After Pregnancy Loss

01:41  28 november  2020
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John Legend keeps comfortable as he goes on solo grocery run in LA

  John Legend keeps comfortable as he goes on solo grocery run in LA The 41-year-old singer sported a LOVE box logo hoodie while on a solo grocery run at Bristol Farms in Beverly Hills on Tuesday morning. © Provided by Daily Mail Pride: John Legend sported a LOVE box logo hoodie while on a solo grocery run at Bristol Farms in Beverly Hills on Tuesday morning He teamed his own merchandise with a pair of black skinny jeans and matching leather sneakers. John made sure to wear protection as he sported a black cloth face mask. The Ordinary People hitmaker made quite the run as he pushed out a cart full of grocery before heading home to wife  Chrissy Teigen and their two kids.

Chrissy Teigen opened up about how she is healing two months after her and John Legend’s pregnancy loss — details. “When I’m old and grey, I will look back on the last two months as being brutal , exhausting, sad, physically challenging, mentally painful bitches of a couple months.

When Chrissy Teigen shared on social media Wednesday that she and John Legend suffered a pregnancy loss , more than 7 million people responded on Instagram. In replies, stars and fans alike shared their condolences and echoed Teigen 's heartbreak, but some also used the comments section

Chrissy Teigen posing for the camera © Toni Anne Barson/WireImage

Chrissy Teigen is looking back at the extremely tough times she's experienced after she suffered a devastating pregnancy loss in September at 20 weeks.

On Friday, the Cravings author shared an un-glamorous picture of herself all bundled up on her couch, covering almost her entire face with a black scarf, sunglasses and a furry hat. In a hopeful message, Teigen said that despite the painful time, she was starting to look on the bright side of things.

"When I'm old and grey, I will look back on the last two months as being brutal, exhausting, sad, physically challenging, mentally painful bit**es of a couple months," she writes. "But I refuse to not find humor in both the rage-fits and the outfits. I already see the leaves as orange instead of grey, realized the sky is indeed blue and not black and horn honks on my forced morning walks only bring me to my knees half the time. I can make it up my stairs only stopping once or twice instead of every other, and can get out of the bathtub all by myself as long as I have the promise john will dry me off. anyhow the point is, f*******k, I think it's happening ❤️.

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It’s been nearly two months since Chrissy Teigen and John Legend revealed their heartbreaking news: At 20 weeks pregnant , Teigen suffered pregnancy Teigen , who’s well known for her witty and frequent social media posts, opened up to her fans and followers about why she hasn’t been as

October is Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness Month . On the first day of October, Chrissy Teigen shared an Instagram with photos and thoughts “Hoping that Chrissy Tiegan [sic] and John Legend will reevaluate their thoughts on abortion after their heartbreaking experience,” tweeted Errol Webber

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On Tuesday, Teigen and her husband, John Legend, appeared on Good Morning America and candidly discussed being so open about their pregnancy loss. Legend admitted he was initially apprehensive about Teigen's decision to take photos of them with their late son, Jack, which she later shared on Instagram.

"She felt like really, that one of the ways we would carry on Jack's memory was taking pictures of that moment. I was, like, worried, I was like, 'I don't want to, like, commemorate this pain,'" he noted. "But the crazy thing about having a miscarriage, is you don't walk away with anything, you have this emptiness -- and we wanted to take the photos so that we had something to remember."

"I didn't know that we could experience this grief and also share it, but when we did, it really meant so much to so many people," he also said. "And it was such a powerful experience for me to learn that. I'm just grateful that my wife was courageous enough to do it."

EXC Mario Falcone weighs in on sister Giovanna's I'm A Celeb stint

  EXC Mario Falcone weighs in on sister Giovanna's I'm A Celeb stint The former TOWIE star, 32, spoke exclusively to MailOnline about I'm A Celeb, and noted that he has taken issue with 'immature' EastEnders star Shane RichieSo naturally, her brother Mario Falcone has been tuning in avidly and while he delightedly affirmed that she is 'smashing it' he did admit he is struggling to watch certain moments with his sibling and her campmates.

Now pregnant with her second baby, Chrissy Teigen asked Twitter for tips on dealing with a common pregnancy side effect: headaches. Apparently Teigen isn’t alone in this: Fans shared their own stories and weighed in with a wide range of remedies, including a cup of coffee, essential oils

Chrissy Teigen expressed her heartbreak on losing her baby in a rare The American model, television personality and cookbook author announced complications in her pregnancy had led to the loss of her baby boy, Jack October is International Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness month .

Meanwhile, Teigen said of the extremely intimate photos, "I don't care if you were offended or disgusted. I understand it could be that way for people."

Earlier this month, Legend talked to ET about the support he and Teigen have received since opening up about their pregnancy loss.

"We've heard from so many people who have gone through it too and it's been encouraging to be getting so much love and support from so many people who have experienced similar things," he said. "Chrissy sharing what she shared has also been helpful for other people who are going through it and may go through it in the future. So thank you."

Watch the video below for more.

John Legend on Receiving 'Encouraging' Support After Chrissy Teigen's Pregnancy Loss (Exclusive)

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