Entertainment Three anecdotes on Presidents' meals, told by chef Guillaume Gomez

18:50  28 november  2020
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  I made stuffing using 3 recipes from celebrity chefs, and the best was also the easiest to make I tried stuffing recipes from famous chefs Ina Garten,Paula Deen, and Ree Drummond. Garten's stuffing was my favourite because of its complex flavour and easy preparation. Both Deen and Drummond's stuffing required the extra step of baking homemade cornbread. Visit Insider's homepage for more stories. With Thanksgiving just around the corner, it's time to start thinking about which dishes to include on this year's table. For many menus, stuffing is a must, but the countless recipes and techniques can make this Turkey Day staple feel overwhelming.

Guillaume Gomez . 61K likes. Chef . Contact Guillaume Gomez on Messenger. Dans 5 mois ce terrain vague aura été métamorphosé , grâce à vos dons, par la Fondation Ecole de Félix en un Institut d’Excellence Culinaire @ guillaume _ gomez _ 🇫🇷, le deuxième à Madagascar 🇲🇬 Il accueillera

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Dans les cuisines de l'Élysée depuis 23 ans, Guillaume Gomez a vu passer les présidents, les menus et des repas avec des grandes personnalités. Dans son dernier livre, © Europe 1 In the kitchens of the Élysée for 23 years, Guillaume Gomez has seen the presidents pass, the menus and meals with great personalities. In his latest book, "À La Table des Présidents", he tells the story of several presidential menus. The chef confides, at the microphone of Laurent Mariotte on Europe 1, Saturday, three anecdotes on the best meals of the presidents of the Fifth Republic.

The great chef Guillaume Gomez has been working at the Élysée since 1997. He served Jacques Chirac , Nicolas Sarkozy , François Hollande , Emmanuel Macron and was at the heart of their diplomatic meetings. He has also written the book À La Table des Présidents, published by Éditions du Recherches-Midi. From the meals of the Queen of England to the trip to the Jordanian desert of Jacques Chirac through the express meal between Nicolas Sarkozy and Barack Obama, he tells at the microphone of Laurent Mariotte in the program La Table des bons vivant, anecdotes on these iconic meals.

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In the latest edition of BMJ, an article suggests that well-known top Russian officials, including President Vladimir Putin, have developed a reduced right arm swing from KGB or weapons training.

Paranoid president : Putin has every dish inspected by a medically-qualified professional sampler, who The security obsessed Russian president Vladimir Putin has all of his dishes tested for poison, it The master chefs club will hold its annual meeting in Paris on Monday, and they will spend three

The Queen of England and her love for foie gras

In 1957, the Queen of England, Elizabeth II, then in her thirties, sits at the Presidents' table during a dinner gala. It is received by René Coty and on the menu that evening, there is foie gras. More precisely "a foie gras glazed with Sauternes jelly", details Guillaume Gomez. Since that dinner, when the Queen of England comes to France, she likes to eat foie gras. "She came back under Jacques Chirac. I was already there. I served it with duck foie gras and goose foie gras. She came back under François Hollande to eat duck foie gras again, under Nicolas Sarkozy, Emmanuel Macron every time, eat foie gras because it is really a dish that she appreciates, "says Guillaume Gomez at the microphone of Europe 1.

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All the Presidents ’ Meals . America’s laden tables used to wow queens and premiers. Trump has opened the State Dining Room up to less traditional meals , including the infamous fast food spread he offered to the national champion Clemson University football team amid the government shutdown on

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Chef Guillaume Gomez has also unveiled his tip for deceive. "I am part of the club 'of chefs' which brings together the chefs of heads of state founded by Gilles Bragard. We have what is called our blue phone of parallel diplomacy, so I called to find out the little extra that would make her happy. That's how we knew the Queen of England appreciated foie gras. "

While her son, Prince Charles, has decided to ban foie gras from her kitchens, the Queen of England "is on our side", blows the chef. "She is on the side of our producers and our breeders for this whole foie gras sector, to promote them. And we really need it, especially in this complicated period", he confides.

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  Saved by the Bell producers apologise to Selena Gomez Selena Gomez has received an apology from the producers of 'Saved by the Bell' after the show featured a joke about her kidney transplant.The 28-year-old star revealed in 2017 that she'd received a kidney transplant from actress Francia Raisa after being diagnosed with lupus, and the makers of the reboot have now apologised for making fun of the situation during episode six of the reboot.

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For Chirac, a Landes salad in the Jordanian desert

Another official menu gives a smile. During a visit to Amman, Jordan, between Jacques Chirac and King Hussein, a Landes salad was served. "When we spoke with the President and presented the menu to him, he replied 'Ah yes, very good. A salad of gizzards, a salad with foie gras with pleasure, a corrézienne salad. The Landes salad , it's a free interpretation of our cuisine because there is no recipe for Landes salad ", he says.

But for him, it's something else that makes this salad symbolic. "This is one of the last trips where the kitchen of the Élysée follows the President," he explains. "At the time, the heads of state were received by the authority of the country and returned the invitation to the French embassy. It was another way of doing diplomacy. Today, it is. is stopped for reasons of cost. Jacques Chirac has decided that if we return the invitation, it will be in France. "

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The express meal between Sarkozy and Obama

A meal tray delivery and only 15 minutes to eat. This is what happened during an official visit of the former President of the United States, Barack Obama, to France during the presidential term of Nicolas Sarkozy. "I also represent all those who work in communities. We have to adapt. That's the key word. We have no choice," explains the chef.

That day Barack Obama was present to commemorate the Normandy Landings of 1944. "They got a little late because they were meeting soldiers. The only time they could save time was on the meal, ”he says. Guillaume Gomez therefore prepared a meal tray with a starter, a main course and a dessert "with seasonal products". "And believe me, experience it for yourself. People said 15 minutes, we don't like it. Take a platter, stand in front of a starter, a main course, a dessert. In 15 minutes, you've finished them. ", assures the chief. However, the mystery will remain on the menu that was served to the two presidents.

A chef cooking elaborate meals with hotel room appliances has become a TikTok star — and even Gordon Ramsay is a fan .
Jago Randles, a chef from the UK, started a viral TikTok account called "Isolation Kitchen" while quarantining in a hotel room in Canada for two weeks. To save money and his sanity, he started cooking gourmet meals using hotel room appliances, from a coffee machine to a clothes iron. Randles made everything from fluffy pancakes with a blueberry compote to salmon with noodles and steamed bok choy. "That looks like some decent food - certainly some of the best food I've seen in any hotel," Gordon Ramsey said on his TikTok. Visit Insider's homepage for more stories.

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