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18:45  03 december  2020
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match ball for FC Bayern and Klopp

 match ball for FC Bayern and Klopp On the fourth day of the Champions League, the first decisions will be made. SPORT1 checks who can advance early and who is threatened with early retirement. © Provided by sport1.de match ball for FC Bayern and Klopp Decision Time in the Champions League! Already this week, some teams can buy their ticket for the knockout phase, while others are already threatened with death. SPORT1 explains how it looks in the individual groups. Group A Group A is led by FC Bayern Munich with nine points.

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Before the game on Saturday against Mönchengladbach, Freiburg coach Christian Streich criticized two of his players for a specific misconduct that had already cost four points - and spoke about his mixed feelings about the current situation possible, loud and intense coaching from the sidelines.

Von ihnen wird mehr Standhaftigkeit gefordert: Roland Sallai und Jonathan Schmid. © imago images (2) More steadfastness is required of them: Roland Sallai and Jonathan Schmid.

The deflected goal in Augsburg, which prevented SC Freiburg from winning the second win of the season and caused the corresponding disappointment for the Breisgauers, has already been reported in detail. On closer inspection, however, the fact that the hit came about still provides something to talk about five days later - also from Christian Streich's point of view. If Ruben Vargas's shot hadn't flown into the Freiburg goal, there would have been a penalty.

prank and the problem in the control center

 prank and the problem in the control center record purchase Santamaria is still strangers to the Bundesliga, the long-time regular Höfler recently made a bitter error series, whose young representative Tempelmann was overwhelmed against Mainz. Christian Streich has to solve one of Freiburg's main problems in the control center. © Getty Images Christian Streich has been the head coach of SC Freiburg since December 2011.

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This statement by the referee team, published by FCA trainer Heiko Herrlich in the press conference after the game, was confirmed by Streich on Thursday. "It would have been a legitimate penalty," emphasized the 55-year-old and therefore criticized the behavior of his right-back Jonathan Schmid in this scene: "Since the handball rule has been the way it is, you have to take your hands away if you want to block and not leave it on the front of the body. "

According to Streich, there are two options in such situations: "You stand up and let the ball shoot you in the face or you are subject to the human reflex to turn away when something flies towards you. Then you should leave your hands off." There is, however, a way of not having to surrender to the reflex: "You consciously work against it from the inside out and say the ball goes straight to my face, but there is no goal. It doesn't have to go in the face, but it can , or it hits the chest or the stomach. "

Streich: "It was a mistake not to bring Cali to us"

 Streich: SC trainer Christian Streich demands more "physicality" from his players before the away game in Augsburg. The opponent has a player who, among other things, stands for it - and not only for that reason would have liked to see the prank again in Freiburg. © imago images Know each other from common years in Freiburg: Daniel Caligiuri and Christian Streich.

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"You deliberately work against it from the inside out and say the ball goes straight into my face, but there is no goal." - Streich's preferred variant,

Streich, requires his professionals to be more steadfast with the risk of being hit painfully by the ball. A matter of course in other sports such as ice hockey, where it is practically part of the code of honor to throw yourself into shots for your own team. The cracks on runners wear protective clothing, but run the significantly higher risk of being hit in the unprotected areas of their body by the much harder and faster fired puck. This behavior on the ice should even be viewed critically due to the higher health risk, while a soccer ball does not normally cause any great damage to the player's body.

In any case, the Freiburg coach formulated his criticism surprisingly clearly: "We didn't comply with Wolfsburg when Roland Sallai turned away (and deflected a Brekalo free-kick into the goal to make it 1-1, editor's note) and Not now. That costs four points. Other players in other teams don't do that either, but I'm not interested, I have no influence on that. " In the Freiburg case it is "very, very bitter, but everyone has to decide for themselves what to do, you can't force anyone," said Streich, "we have addressed it now and then." His verdict is unequivocal: "It's bad. You can take it when you score three goals in the front and one in the back, but that's not the case at the moment."

Eleven numbers for the 9th matchday of the Bundesliga

 Eleven numbers for the 9th matchday of the Bundesliga The German press agency has collected eleven numbers for the 9th matchday of the Bundesliga. © Swen Pförtner / dpa VfL Wolfsburg won three Bundesliga home games in a row for the first time in five years within one season. 3 - VfL Wolfsburg won three Bundesliga home games in a row for the first time in five years within one season. 5 - VfB Stuttgart also remained without a win in the fifth Bundesliga home game of this season, setting their negative record from the 93/94 season.

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Mixed feelings during loud coaching

Of course, Streich has no outside influence on the behavior in such fast-paced sequences, but generally already in the current situation without spectators in the stadiums. In the 1-1 draw in Augsburg, Streich guided his players from the sidelines almost continuously, asking them to follow up in the pressing or pointing out free-standing opponents. "That is positive, but I would be happy if I had to exert less influence. Obviously, regardless of whether it annoys one or the other, it is absolutely necessary at the moment."

Although the intensive coaching of his team, which started the season with some difficulties, is helping, it is not Streich's ideal state: "I actually want to do less because it should come from them and more should happen on the pitch." He thinks of loud coaching players like Thomas Müller and hopes that it will be better in the spring: "It was always like that in the youth. In September I chatted non-stop - that must have been terrible for many and in April it was all over three quarters less because it was internalized and the boys knew what to do. "

Schmid and Sallai should know that by now at the latest, if another shot comes flying towards them. Sallai, who was missing in Augsburg due to muscular problems, trained with the team again on Wednesday after a one-week break and, according to Streich, is an option for Saturday's game against Gladbach: "We have to see whether he has the overall maturity after the break Beginning to be able to play. "

DFB-Pokalduell Stuttgart-Freiburg on free TV .
The fans of VfB Stuttgart and SC Freiburg will also benefit from the postponement of the Leverkusen DFB-Pokal game. © imago images Reunion shortly before Christmas: Silas Wamangituka and Vincenzo Grifo (r.). Because the Leverkusen-based team before the DFB Federal Court has obtained a postponement of their second round duel with Eintracht Frankfurt from December 23rd to January 12th, the clash between Stuttgart and Freiburg will now take place on December 23rd at 6.30 p.m. and only at 8.45 p.m.

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