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11:05  22 january  2021
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Game of Thrones ' Biggest Losers Were the Fans . The series finale was better than some Listen to our Game of Thrones podcast on iTunes and Spotify. Dany's Final Speech. Dreyfuss: That's another example, though, of them expecting a single line to justify a huge character and plot departure.

Game of Thrones is an epic fantasy series set in the fictional land of Westeros where a number of individuals and noble houses vie for control of the "Iron Throne" which rules over the realm. So far five books have been published in A Song of Ice and Fire with a planned two more yet to be published.

Many fans like the adventures of Ser Duncan the Tall (aka Dunk) and the young Aegon V Targaryen (aka Egg), who George RR Martin in told in a series of novellas started in 1999. The request for an adaptation was loud, but when it became known in 2017 that several "Game Of Thrones" spin-offs were being worked on, "Tales Of Dunk and Egg" was not among them. This has changed now.

Auf die Fans gehört: Noch eine © HBO Listen to the fans: Another "Game Of Thrones" series is being planned The new spin-off

As the industry magazine Variety reports exclusively, the broadcaster HBO is working on a "Dunk And Egg" adaptation as Series. In Germany, the first story in the series was published under the title “Der Heckenritter”, in the anthology “The Seventh Shrine”, the events take place about a century before “ Game Of Thrones ”.

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Additional spinoffs of the series were placed in development when HBO learned that "Thrones" would be ending, as the cable network -- like CNN, a unit of WarnerMedia -- sought to retain a Martin has periodically kept fans abreast of possible additions to the " Game of Thrones " mythology via his blog.

This article is a guide to new characters who appear exclusively in the TV series . Inherently, a large-scale TV adaptation of a series of novels, with dozens of characters and sometimes hundreds of background extras, will invent several characters who are "new".

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Video: HBO 2021 Preview OV (Filmstarts)

It is not yet known which makers and actors will be involved in it, but soon we should at least know who is writing the series. One thing is clear: HBO is very interested in expanding the “GoT” brand, including beyond the “ House Of The Dragon ” series planned for 2022.

Because the steaming service HBO Max (not previously available in Germany) needs strong exclusive titles to assert itself against the competition from Netflix and Disney +. As was shown again in 2020, it is above all the series that keep a service in conversation, whether it is currently " Bridgerton " on Netflix or " The Mandalorian " on Disney +.

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This recap of "The Night Lands" features a detailed section on each of the episodes scenes. Arya Stark squats by a stream in the Riverlands. She walks back to Yoren's party of Night's Watch recruits, relacing her britches.

"The Pointy End" is the eighth episode of the first season of Game of Thrones . It is the eighth episode of the series overall. It premiered on June 5, 2011. It was written by George R.R. Martin and directed by Daniel Minahan.

And the competition is working on “GoT” alternatives: The second season “ The Witcher ” on Netflix and the “ Lord of the Rings ” series on Amazon Prime Video are expected for the end of 2021.

Don't look too early

Although the pressure is great to produce new "Game Of Thrones" series, the " Tales Of Dunk And Egg " adaptation could still be canceled. This could happen before the cameras are running because a good story isn't being developed - or even after. In 2019, HBO stamped a "Game Of Thrones" prequel series starring Naomi Watts in a leading role, the pilot of which has already been filmed. They didn't believe that the project would meet their own quality standards.

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